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  1. New things are always risky and it can go either way. But Wall Street really like it so far.
  2. I guess Disney cares more about what Wall Street think than what China think. Both very important tho.
  3. why not postpone it to the Eternals' release date after the vaccine is out. I understand Disney has to put out something this year and there is Mulan.
  4. Some people's jealousy is very unhealthy at this point.
  5. Seattle People won't go out for movies for at least a few weeks
  6. If the drop of ticket and viewer numbers indicates film industry is dying, can we also say music and TV industries are dying too?
  7. Finally. I was waiting for someone blaming Disney for BOP's failure
  8. @DlAMONDZ claimed that the film industry is a dying industry. Based on what???
  9. Dying as in global BO just hit an all-time high last year?
  10. Bop only got second place on its OD in Korean. Wouldn't blame the virus for its underperforming there
  11. So when we talk about prod budget, do we take account of this incentive? I know we used to directly quote reports from deadline, variety, forbes, etc
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