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  1. ikr they just to need to pick up their campaign where it was left with some extra budget. very curious about what are the "three full campaigns"
  2. They did two campaigns at most. They didn't even finish the first one before the pandemic happened. And the second one is a continued campaign which costs way less.
  3. Bond has a much higher overseas. Worldwide it should double Dune's BO. It has a better profit.
  4. I don't know what source indicates 301m. Trades say its production budget is 250m, and Bond has a much higher overseas BO.
  5. Congratulations to Dune actors but I think you explained to the wrong person. I understand where Dune's money went.
  6. That is up to the general audience to decide, not up to you or me...
  7. I consider both in a similar situation: small but hardcore fanbase while general audience don't have much interest.
  8. Venom should have bigger fanbase than Shang Chi, who was unknown to many.
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