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  1. IT's multipler gives IT2 241m. Should miss 240m imo.
  2. yikes At this rate, it may not be able to pass 200m
  3. maybe miss-used words but you get what I mean. Blaming Disney is just lazy. Focus on why GA isn't interested in what you make, right?
  4. Whenever a movie flops, Disney is to blame. This is shazam, gotm, pikapika, etc all over again. Is it so difficult for other studios to make movies that GA is interested in?
  5. It got 7.8 on Maoyan and China's first Saturday actually dropped from Friday. Both are never seen in CBMs in China. I think this shows the problems in Shazam's production that lacks in international appeals.
  6. I wouldn't call Pixar kids movies. Frozon is the biggest kid's movie. You set the aim too high for Shazam.
  7. In the recent ten years, WB is so disappointing in building their big IPs. Can't they just learn from Disney and Universal?
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