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  1. maybe if you were big disney shareholder you could get that info like Steve Jobs' widow
  2. Couldn't it be off-screen? We are looking at Thanos as he is about the make the snap (meanwhile Tony goes through "shit" as you call it ) and then Thanos realises he hasn't got the stones and Tony snaps
  3. PM with 30 entries sent, this is sneak preview of first 10 1. Infinity War 2. Endgame 3. The Avengers 4. Spider-man 2 5. Dark Knight 6. Ragnarok 7. Homecoming 8. Iron man 9. Winter soldier 10. Civil war
  4. actually $364m on ~$55m budget is success nearly on par with Venom ($856m on $100m budget)
  5. Except this movie is about a different Joker - one that never was in comic books.
  6. I'd like to address the 30% first-dollar gross participation of QT, Leo and Brad - according to this article https://slate.com/culture/2006/01/how-the-studios-compensate-the-most-powerful-movie-stars.html?via=gdpr-consent it really isn't first-dollar gross but adjusted-gross. So, if the movie makes $400m split in 130-270, revenue is then 130*0,55+270*0,40 ~ $180m. And I think the 30% comes from this (also from other streams later - VOD, physical, streaming), so studio earns ~ $126m, plenty to cover $90m budget and uses VOD/physical/streaming to cover marketing. So IF this earns $400m, we could call it medium success
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