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  1. At least this ensures there’ll be no IT3 (you know some WB exec would think about it if IT grosses more than first one)
  2. In 2027 Titanic will outgross Avengers6
  3. I am sorry, I thought this is endgame box office thread, no “things efialtes76 cares about”
  4. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $858,238,683 30.7% + Foreign: $1,937,901,401 69.3% = Worldwide: $2,796,140,084 100k DOM and 120k OS for $220k WW
  5. I have just invented new stupid metric - most admissions divided by number of years in release (we all know winner of that one)
  6. no he didn't, he bought ticket for Alita and sneaked into screening of Cpt Marvel. And bragged about it on this very forum
  7. unless there's some unreported gross in Thailand or wherever it's a pipedrem. It'll crawl to maybe 2.798 (it's 2.796 now)
  8. Fern Gully, Pocahontas, Dancing with the Wolves, Aliens (mech suit)... yeah...
  9. maybe if you were big disney shareholder you could get that info like Steve Jobs' widow
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