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  1. No! We need F&F and M:I crossover (I don't care it's from different studios)
  2. MN moves occasionally a bit, but OD doesn't
  3. it moves like the movie is out already, wtf? MN 91.6 OD 112.5
  4. Someone wake Charlie up, or do the summary
  5. You need to compare it with Venom - 91% on RT - 1.3B WW Shazam - 29% on RT - sub 200M WW I guess... 🙂
  6. JimiQ

    Tuesday Numbers - Early Estimates

    Should’ve put it against Avatar 3 as counter-programming edit: 2 will be 2020, 3 is 2021
  7. Isn't maoyan frozen again? I have it at 105.46 for a few hours now (I refreshed the site multiple times and it shows the same number in app on my phone)
  8. JimiQ

    Tuesday Numbers - Early Estimates

    Will that count as a re-release of IW and thus apply to it's BO run? (I guess not, but one can hope IW surpasses TFA due to this )
  9. Yeah, it can be anything... kid, wife, dad, personal health
  10. I personally haven’t seen anything, but I don’t wanna know even reactions to leak

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