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  1. Here's the thing whenever I see people say this.....for me as an 80s kid there was a hell of alot more to Eddie's standup and, Murphy as a performer, than the homophobic/misogynistic bits that raised eyebrows even back then. If we were talking about Andrew Dice Clay statements such as yours would make sense because offensive gags were pretty much all the Diceman had to offer back in his heyday yet we're talking about one of the greatest and beloved comedians of all time. I was a Beastie Boys fan similarly from the back in the day and I, and clearly many others, remained a fan even when the group became more 'woke' (before it was even a word) with their material and viewpoints. The point is Eddie Murphy, by all accounts, is a far different man than that leather suited guy on the stage of the Felt Forum back in 86/87 when RAW was recorded and I would expect a new special to display that however 'watered' down it is.
  2. Mulan is my pick for DOM and WW next year. Those trailer views suggest to me that potentially it could steal WW 84's thunder in the way BP did with AIW last year domestically.
  3. Yeah it's not a superhero movie but it wouldn't surprise me if Disney possibly has another BLACK PANTHER on it's hands.
  4. It got cheers at my EG screening to...which makes me wonder if TLK fails to is there any chance TROS could outgrosses EG DOM?
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