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  1. Because of the trade war effect Till Thursday 1 usd dollar = 6.74 from yesterday, 1 dollar = 6.82 yuan So what happens to total gross According to today exchange rate 4 billion Chinese yuan is only 587 million usd. A loss around 6 usd dollar What does it mean to final total
  2. The first picture is 8 bit video game and 2nd picture is 4 letter or date = 6 So my guess is 8.4 or 8.6
  3. I watched yesterday midnight screening. The first 2 hours was pretty average and sjo arc and scene was outright borin for me,. I least cared abt her. But last 30 - 40 mins was quite epic which made it enjoyable. I was disappointed when I heard that iron man was dying but visual it felt right and ended well. Comin to captain, it was bad ending which completely disrespect previous films. The movie has huge plot hole and time travel concept was done pretty poorly. Finally, due to last act it gave me False satisfication that the movie was good. After thinking more, I felt it was pretty average. I can't wait to watch again the 3rdact again in YouTube but not the whole movie again in theatre. Infinity war had a better repeat value and it was better
  4. Just finished watching movie, it is crowd pleasing movie and epic It can not be viewed as stand alone movie. It has lot of reference to previous movies which makes it enjoyable. I do not think it will cross tfa and avatar record. But I am sure it will be be 2nd in domestic and ww. I am out
  5. My show starts in 11 hours an 50 mins. Watching here in Germany. Will post my opinion when done in spoiler thread. Only 2nd cbm to have might midnight screening in last 8 years, the previous one was dark Knight rises
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