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  1. Which is why long game with disney interests me. Do family with disney plus start saying " we can wait a few months it will be on disney plus" for movies. That might hurt them in film, but if they go the route of high quality films direct to disney plus with a premium subscription, less focus on theatres for them Its a lot of hypotheticals thats why im intrigued to see how they manage it
  2. so apparently box office admissions slid to 1.24 billion in 2019 lowest since 2005. If/ b.o admissions slide below 1 billion a year, is that when studios and or theatre chains start panicking? Just odd seeing such huge sales numbers and seeing that less people are spending more money to go to theatres.
  3. So as i get back into tracking, ill just do same as usual, if my reg seat isnt showing seat count it will be noted as seat count N/A Usually where i am the regular seats only have significant numbers when premiere screens are getting full so it shouldnt affect numbers TOO much ( i hope) Thanks to all for feedback and comments on the issue much appreciated!
  4. This interests me is i think it will have a good opening with gans of ss and robbi as harley fans. What i am interested is the legs. Im not sure its tomatoes score will be an issue, but how the wom is.i think wom will really determine success or failure. This is also r rated is it not? Going aftet a "under 25, demo means youre going after an 18 to 25 demo on a r rated movie
  5. These are reg screens which have had reserved in past at those theatres. Tried the log in, same result. Wonder if they just are removing reservations from non marquee ( imax ect) seating.
  6. Okay so i dont know if any other canadian trackers noting this. Since Cine announcement taking over Cineplex, im no longer getting seat availability for reg screens like i did before. I can get imax, vip, avx ect, but reg screens no longer have ability to check seats sold. Anyone else finding this? It means tracking id be doing is only aforementioned screen types
  7. I know in ontario here we are getting snowfall watches/warnings today though weekend. I definitely see theatres taking a hit due to weather
  8. Only Dolittle Toronto showing so far doesnt even have reserved seats! This is yonge dundas. Thats....not a good omen?
  9. Still no Dolittle listings up here. Not seeing much publicity either. Everything im reading suggests this movie may not be well recieved
  10. Bop will porlly be about 2 weeks before up here. Mulan might besame. Onward im not sure about.
  11. Thats my thinking too. The fact its going to take past new yearscday to get a billion is certainly going to get disney talking.
  12. It will make a billion but i have to wonder if disney is a tad disappointed ( funny as it sounds) they just bulit a theme park segment dedicated to the trilogy and even with rise of the resistance ride (which has its had problems) disney needs this to work. Theyve got a space ship themed hotel on the go and related. I think at the end of the day disney was really pushing for a much bigger take for trilogy. Its by no means a failure but all the investment in the current trilogy and the reception they might be wondering what next. It wouldnt surprise me with success of mandalorian and if the obi and other series potential success if the star wars theme park gets revamped into more of an OT ish theme. Ive read rumors that the next saga was going tp go knights of old republic. I wonder if thats still a thing.
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