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  1. Ive mentioned it before, but I can only imagine financial depts of the studios for films like bw and "tentpole" movies this year really trying to anticipate whether its better to do film only, stream only or stream/film opening. Its moving parts financially as studios try to figure how to best get the movie out and watching their various city/state/province rules and how they change and what opens up and doesnt. Trackers for the various studios have to be definitely making their paycheque right now, because they know if they make a call and the studios take that action and they blow because things changed, theyre going to be on a hotseat.
  2. I didn't know about 100 buck difference. That's definitely more of a deal. Up here Cineplex/Famous Players ect are pretty much all under one umbrella, save for some independents, but we don't have that competing theatre chains anymore, which is a loss for us competition is good. Not surprised about the "no outside food". Alot of those workers in the theatres pretty much rely on the concessions to pay their paycheck. And I totally get that comment about being with...."other" unknown people as it were. Suggests to me either Regal doesn't care and/or they can't maybe afford it (I know the theatres have taken a hit, but which of regal or cinemark is closer to the brink I wonder economics wise) Still 100 buck! I do wonder if our theatres up here will look at the PWP model when (whenever that is) they open up again.
  3. 20 people at 250 bucks... works out to...what 12 bucks a person? And thats us funds. Up here 12 bucks is about an average price (Canadian dollars), but 12 bucks US works out to I think 15.00 a person (which is pretty norm for Imax stuff) which would make our watch party 312.00 for 20 people. Esp during this time when lots of people have lost jobs/hours/have trouble paying rent, you'd think Regal might tad that back a bit for some good PR. Just find it fascinating the diff between classics and new films is over double in price. Wow
  4. Just a further update for those remotely interested in Toronto Canada numbers, it's looking like we are going to get even MORE stuff locking down in future, so yea if I would to hazard a personal guess on my speculation, we are lucky if we are looking at late June before we might see even some movie movement. Its bad right now.
  5. Thanks! As I mentioned to Porthos, be interesting to see if PWP actually becomes a thing people keep doing post pandemic and keep it going (no doubt the theatres will definitely try to push it)
  6. Thanks for the info And with studios wanting to look at the stream/opening day combo, theatres I can see definitely going to want to see if they can use that PWP as a way of recouping some of those costs, and if its profitable all the better. Be interesting to see if people keep up the PWP or not when it all settles down.
  7. Just a general question. Were PWP's that prevalent pre-covid? I only started seeing them recently referred to on the forums. I just am wondering if these will mainly be a covid period thing, or whether we could see PWPs have an effect post Covid when theatres are back to allowing full attendance (whenever that may be).
  8. Thank you for location count! Helps me to understand how many screens are currently "open" and whats on said screens.
  9. As I understand from what I've read, sounds like all chains have certain theatres open, possibly depending on state rules. I know Regal has put out a roadmap of what theatres are open now and when others will open, Im guessing other chains may have similar roadmap either now or in future. Im reading a lot of "Oh wow zilla vs kong is open in "x" city, I wish my city would open up soon" type of comments here and elsewhere.
  10. Nice roadmap for people to see when their area theatre will reopen.
  11. Looking ahead: Disney doing the stream/theatre combo for Black Widow. Needless to say, theatres aren't happy. I know back last year there was discussion on some forums like reddit that "Mulan is one thing, but no way Disney would stream Black Widow first day" Theatres can threaten to not show films, that just improves Disney's leverage with the viewer though, because that will increase more scarce viewings, leading more people to watch it on Disney Plus, which is what Disney really wants IMO.
  12. Ill be interested to see not just this film but next few films going forward. Im wondering how much of Zilla/Kong is people wanting to see if for the actual film and how many people are going out to the theatres just because they can and they're really want to experience the movie going experience they've been denied so long. I think it will be fascinating to watch to see the next few movie openings if the numbers keep consistent and/or theres a drop off as moving going becomes "normal" again (though with limited seating for the forseeable future I certainly see a lot of full screens and sellouts due to simple reduced seating.
  13. Just following up with a depressing bit of news, more a confirmation really. Ontario is going into full Lockdown (Lockdown 3: Chain it all down), for 4 weeks. Theatres will be shut until at least early the least. I look forward to everyone else who can post numbers, as I gaze wistfully and wait until Ontario can get its act together.
  14. Fourth...we are just starting our third.....sigh....
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