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  1. Inflation adjusted, market expansion simulation, ER adjusted? Anyway Titanic is the biggest movie of all time, I don't think there's even a debate about it? It sold like a bizillion tickets more than any other film Avatar's numbers are bonkers too but that's not the point Extrapolation and wishful thinking aren't wise methods of estimating sequel success imo. Staying grounded, I don't see any realistic way that A2 makes less than 1.5b. But 4b? That's literally fool's paradise. Maybe A2 can take a jab at A:EG but in all honestly I'm doubtful about it. If the franchise builds momentum over multiple films maybe the conclusion of the series will climb to the top but that's many years away. One thing's for sure however. The MCU is king. There's indeed a chance that an Avatar sequel will surpass Endgame but I believe the film to dethrone Endgame will be another MCU film. Their momentum is like, insane rn. It will be years before another Avengers film comes out. And these years will be packed by MCU content and buildup. If we're 5-6 years away from an Avengers film there'll already be some nostalgia for the series by that time, Idk, the current state of things puts the MCU in a far better position than the Avatar Franchise. Maybe this will change come 2021, maybe not. Time will tell
  2. I don't really understand what the beef is about though At first I just assumed it was Avatar vs Avengers for the n1 spot but now that that's settled what are y'all arguing about?
  3. Star Wars' fanbase is a double edge sword They get ultra hyped really quickly and go full on hater mode just as fast But that Christmas of 2015 was just unforgettable. TFA man, I loved watching every single day of its run unfold before my own eyes
  4. Ok guys We've got around 7704 million people on earth We dust half, so 3852 million are left Applying high school math, 7704 choose 3852= 1.24x10^2317 This means there are that many (x1million) dusting combinations: For comparison it's believed that in our universe we have a total of 1082 atoms I'm pretty confident that 5 people from Peter's environment being dusted isn't "convenient"
  5. When the teaser first dropped I had the feeling that something was a bit off I don't know why but in the last few days I've developed a vastly different gut feeling, I think the stars will align for this movie 700+ ?
  6. Not wanting to be pessimistic but with those new numbers we're getting, EG's gonna need some superb late legs to reach 900-910 mn
  7. My predictions: Monday: 10.7 Tuesday: 13.8 Wednesday: 9.2 Thursday: 9 Weekdays: 42.7 Friday: 19.3 Saturday: 31 Sunday: 20.7 Weekend: 71 I think those are very realistic and would put Endgame at 735mn on day 17, which is 7 million behind TFA's total on the corresponding day. After this day TFA legs started fading and it managed a 1.26 multiplier from its 17 day total for 936mn total. IW's 17th day put it at 548mn and with a 1.24 additional multiplier it finished with 678mn. So this is basically the point where Christmas magic wears out. A very, very reasonable 1.25 additional multiplier for EG puts it at 919mn. So if my 3rd week prediction is any accurate, a very realistic range for EG is 908-929mn. Maybe a great Spider-man boost manages to push it over TFA? Unlikely but I wouldn't say impossible.
  8. A group of friends of mine who literally watch one movie a year and that's 100% summer or Christmas told me we should watch Endgame. lol Reading the group chat messages they decided they'll go next weekend because "The theater's gonna be a slaughterhouse this weekend" You people should chill. It's gonna have great legs MCU fans are all ecstatic about this movie and are all 100% seeing it again Casuals really like it, everybody's saying how blown away the were Indifferent people are all so curious because of the hype and peer pressure, many have seen it or will see it in the future. I only have one friend who doesn't wanna see Endgame.
  9. If EG follows IW's 2nd weekend percentages it makes 43.7 friday, 64.85 saturday and 50.91 for a total of 159.46, bringing its domestic tally to 633.35 This is almost 39% higher than IW's gross after 2 weekends and 17.3% higher than TFA's It would need exactly 307mn more to beat TFA Just for reference, TFA made 396mn after its 2nd weekend and IW made 227mn. If EG keeps performing 39% higher than IW it'll end up with 315mn for a total of 949mn, which breaks the record. Maybe my math is wrong though I;m in a rush
  10. "Maoyan presales for Endgame suggest a huge comeback, even bigger than expected, Wednesday presales could go as high as Friday presales and Tuesday presales are up by more than 100% from Monday, should end over Sunday presales with ease. $600M seem very likely to me the giving presales."
  11. Endgame will probably beat Avatar's domestic by the end of its third weekend if we get ~140mn 2nd weekend and ~95mn 3rd weekend + good holds on weekends. Any BO expert wanna evaluate how probable this estimation is?
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