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  1. Pandora is iconic. Just take a trip to Animal Kingdom and you will see this for yourself.
  2. Yeah I trust Charlie's judgment, but I will hope Marvel Saturday shocks us again.
  3. I do think they overdid it a little with the fanservice, but they had the audience eating from the palm of their hand. One of the biggest pop-offs of the night was from Tobey just pulling down his collar.
  4. My showing was actually like this multiple times through the movie. Never seen anything like that in real-life. Also this was the most packed I've seen a theatre since Harry Potter 8. Wall-to-wall people at the concession stands and (somehow) the ticket kiosks, with lines going out the door. Also, anecdotally, according to the people sitting on my left and right it was "The best movie I've ever seen" and "The greatest moment of my life." So I'd say early wom is looking pretty good.
  5. Well that’s gonna be a shitshow considering many of the showings are already sold out. How do they choose which 50% get to keep their tickets? Thanos style? Or do they refund all of the tickets and create a mad dash of people trying to re-buy?
  6. Yeah, but seriously the title should be changed. Every time I see the thread I think it’s been delayed again.
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