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  1. Enjoyed it a lot. The nighttime shots especially were beautiful, and I loved the score. I respect the craft of it, but I think the movie would have been better if they dropped the one-shot thing. I feel Mendes could have still won his Oscar with a more "Revenant" style. My least favorite parts of the film were connecting scenes, and blurry camera pans which could have been better served by some cuts if they didn't have to keep up the charade.
  2. I think Joker has a good shot at BP. It got noms in categories where I felt the movie was mediocre-weak (screenplay, cinematography, editing), seems like something the PGAs would go for (big profit), and Twitter backlash does not equal Academy backlash (Green Book).
  3. It was sweeping every award so people went in expecting one of the greatest movies of all time and were disappointed. Although for me it lived up to the hype, and is one of my favorite movies.
  4. It's not like these (or the Oscars) are in any way a measure of quality... So I'm rooting for Joker, to see the ensuing shitshow.
  5. Well I have some crow to eat. This was my favorite of the sequel trilogy. The worst-made movie, but the best Star Wars movie of the three. This and TFA together actually make some kind of sense, but half of the movie was just reversing and replacing everything that happened in TLJ which made it rushed, bloated and convoluted. Still, this was the first one I actually felt something from the characters (Ben and Rey), and expanded the lore. I would actually be interested to see more from Rey after this which I would not have said before. B-
  6. There's one ironclad reason why Parasite won't win BP. It's the best film of the year.
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