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  1. Kinda annoyed it sold out so fast at NYFF. Why can an online viewing sell out in the first place?
  2. Well I thought TLOU2 was fantastic. I do fully understand why people would hate the story if they saw it as bullet points on Reddit and out of context clips, but put together it really works for me. My only real complaints with the game are the length of some of the gameplay sections. @lorddemaxus Yeah people coming up with the most simplistic interpretation of the game possible, and then calling it simplistic is pretty funny.
  3. I actually made that recipe with the brands from my local Korean supermarket. Was pretty good.
  4. I watched 1917 again and I liked it a lot less. Too many long, blurry, boring shots of people walking around which could have been cut if not for the slavish devotion to its gimmick. Too much style over substance. (And this was still my second favorite of the nominees lol) So in other words, it winning BP would make perfect sense.
  5. Yeah. People still can't get over their wrong Captain Marvel predictions, so this is the current excuse. At least its a step up from "Disney bought the tickets"
  6. For Your Consideration: Portrait of a Lady on Fire Best Actress (Adèle Haenel) Best Cinematography (Claire Mathon) Best Original Screenplay (Céline Sciamma) Best Director (Céline Sciamma) Best Foreign Film Best Picture
  7. I hated the first half of this. Found it boring and disjointed. I don't know if the parallel timelines were from the book, but I found it very sloppily done. For example, the juxtaposition made Beth's death scene a laugher rather than a cryer. Then from Laurie's confession onward, I actually quite enjoyed it. Pugh, Chalamet, and Ronan's performances carried this, and I liked the meta ending.
  8. Enjoyed it a lot. The nighttime shots especially were beautiful, and I loved the score. I respect the craft of it, but I think the movie would have been better if they dropped the one-shot thing. I feel Mendes could have still won his Oscar with a more "Revenant" style. My least favorite parts of the film were connecting scenes, and blurry camera pans which could have been better served by some cuts if they didn't have to keep up the charade.
  9. I think Joker has a good shot at BP. It got noms in categories where I felt the movie was mediocre-weak (screenplay, cinematography, editing), seems like something the PGAs would go for (big profit), and Twitter backlash does not equal Academy backlash (Green Book).
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