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  1. After seeing Joker I instanly knew it would have a great wom in Europe, but these numbers are still crazy. Like I know my country is obsessed with Batman mythos and loves this type of movies but the fact it technically increased on the second weekend and could outgross Endgame (?) is kind of hilarious. Interesting to see will it continue dropping softly.
  2. I'm not quite sure what to think but I think I liked it? If you can "like" this type of movie. I know I would have been absolutely obsessed with it when I was an angsty 14-years-old. Phoenix was phenomenal and should get an oscar nomination, it was visually stunning and the score is instantly one of my favorites in recent years. I didn't personally feel that it was misogynist or validated alt-right/incels whatever but I can understand the concerns that it demonizes mental illness. Surprisingly I found Arthur sympathetic throughout the entire movie, even in the end. I thought that even though the setting and events are obviously unrealistic it was still rather realistic depiction of alienation and social exclusion and Arthur resembles many troubled people I have known and worked with. Surprisingly my mom who isn't into comic books movies and usually hates anything violent liked it more than me (even though she said it was the bleakest movie she's ever seen) and the audience was very quiet and invested. I think this is going to have a great wom here and elsewhere in Europe because we love both angsty violent movies and anything Batman related. I think the main reason why I didn't fully love Joker that it feels confused and unfocused, like the creators couldn't decide what they want to say, or do they even want to say anything. Like in some ways it really does come across as vindictive power fantasy for bitter people and you feel almost satisfied towards the end. On the other hand it feels like a preachy cautionary tale. Arthur himself says something along the lines of that he isn't political, he "believes in nothing". Still the filmmakers seem to be trying to say something about politics, inequality, mental illness, our culture... except they really don't. Ultimately the whole movie feels somewhat shallow and empty because of it. This is a movie about nothing. Because it can't decide whether to be entirely nihilistic or not it doesn't entirely work, at least not for me. But still I was thoroughly entertained and even a little bit moved so I guess it works well enough. Maybe it's fitting that Joker movie is just like the character: entertaining, confused and chaotic, nasty but weirdly likeable, ambiguous and coming with multiple choice.
  3. Lmao @ those Goldfinch numbers, I thought it was the friday number at first and even that would have been bad. It doesn't surprise me that the movie sucks considering that going by interviews the director seemed to completely miss the message and all the subtext in the book. And just because Goldfinch was a best seller doesn't mean that readers were clamoring for a movie adoption in the first place. Surprisingly low cinemascore for Hustlers since it's supposed to be a crowdpleaser. Maybe the misleading marketing? I guess some Lizzo and Cardi B fans were disappointed that they don't have much screentime and some were expecting a more lighthearted and low-brow movie.
  4. If you're referring to my post I didn't mean that only those people will like it, just that they will co-opt it like they did with Fight club/Clockwork orange/Pewdiepie/Rammstein etc etc and that it's frustrating. I've already seen many right-wingers with Phoenix's Joker as a twitter handle. It's not the movie's fault necessary, those people will fixate on anything. Like I said I'm very excited for this movie and I don't have any opinion yet since I haven't seen it, I'm not making any judgments
  5. Pleasantly surprised that it's getting so good reviews, including from critics whose opinions I trust. I'm officially hyped now! Although I'm already tired beforehand knowing that all the right-wing losers, incels and edgelords are gonna be obsessed with it and think it endorses their worldviews regardless whatever the creators' intentions were
  6. That's one amazing trailer! I continue being very curious but skeptical. Joaquin Phoenix is one of the greatest actors alive and will probably get an oscar nom and Robert De Niro's involvement is interesting, but I don't know can a Todd Phillips movie be genuinely good and complex. As a comic fan I'm also not enthusiastic about this "this is not a regular cbm, this is real art!" narrative that surrounds the whole project. I haven't read the spoilers/plot summary but I have seen lots of people complaining that it's problematic and validates incels, but we''ll see. I feel like this movie has potential to be both an instant classic or absolutely terrible pretentious misfire. It's funny how Joker is one the best comic book villains but has become so overused and misused over the years that his appearances are often just annoying now. That's why I initially just sighed when I heard they're making a Joker movie but I'm hoping maybe it could actually be something new and interesting. I also hope that WB have learned from their mistakes and will keep doing more of these offbeat DC films rather than just trying to chase Marvel's success with the shared universe and big events.
  7. I just knew something like this was gonna happen soon or later... well at least all the fanboy drama will be entertaining
  8. Yeah it doesn't really matter whether they are stars now, after the release of Eternals and becoming part of Marvel aka the biggest star there is, they will be
  9. I think we just define the word "star" differently, some people considering only the most popular, top of a-list actors as stars and some like me think that you only need to be succesful and well known to be that. I would definitely consider at least Salma Hayek and Richard Madden as pretty big stars, Salma is very popular in Europe and Latin America and has been a sex symbol since 90s and Richard Madden's popularity and recognition has blown up after Bodyguard. Just because they are less big than Angelina doesn't mean they aren't stars as well.
  10. I see that while I was asleep everything was on fire the world has descended into madness, beautiful Perhaps this is just my blind undying love and loyalty for Idris and Taylor speaking and I'm going crazy as well but I gathered my courage and watched the trailer again and... it was not quite as bad as the first time? Say what you want but at least it doesn't look anything we've seen before. I could maybe see it working in a really bizarre way if they upgrade cgi over the next six months (strong emphasis on the word maybe). They certainly have made everyone aware of this movie now - my little brother who doesn't watch anything else other than an occasional cbm or horror movie texted me this morning and asked do I know this is a thing (he knows I'm a Taylor fan) and have I seen the trailer. Yeah dude, trust me, I very much know it is a thing and I've seen it. I may never recover. Again, I'm probably going crazy and will regret saying this but I'm having a weird foreboding feeling that this won't turn out half as bad as it looks now. I'm making an ill-advised prediction right now: this will actually be hugely successful, more so than The Greatest Showman, GA will like, it will get better reviews than Lion King, it will get nominated for at least technical awards and Tom fucking Hooper will probably get nominated for the best director again because there is no justice in this wold. If I'm wrong I promise to endlessly drag myself for this in every situation.
  11. You're joking but from quickly checking tumblr and twitter my fellow swifties are genuinely thirsting for cat!taylor already and with zero shame too smh. #disappointedbutnotsurprised
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