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  1. Went to see Frozen 2 with my little sister today and the theater was Star Wars/Endgame level packed with lots of adults in the audience too. What becomes popular in my country is always so random and unexpected
  2. "People hating TLJ" and "TLJ deflating interest in the franchise" aren't mutually inclusive either, like I personally liked it but after seeing it I didn't really have any interest to see how the story would continue, and that seems to have been a common reaction with both people who hated and who loved it. TLJ was so detached from the series and didn't really have a "hook" that would raise anticipation for sequels and I think that's one of the many reasons why there's dwindling interest in the new Star Wars films. All this has obviously been talked to death though. I don't think TROS' performance is a catastrophe but if the trend continues it will be a problem for Disney. I'm not sure how they can restore the brand to a cultural force it was. At this rate my avatar is going to be an accurate depiction of Baby Yoda the only savior. Also, "meh" at Cats' performance, I was hoping for either better or worse reception. All-around pretty mediocre weekend
  3. It's funny that it's performing weaker than TLJ in the most markets but randomly set opening day record in my country. I guess it's up to us to save the international box office, who needs China when you have Finland!
  4. This looks absolutely incredible, reminds my of why Nolan is despite his flaws one my favorite directors
  5. Ah well there goes my "Cats is going to have better reviews that TROS" prediction. At least my girl Taylor and her song is seemingly getting praised
  6. I haven't visited this site much after Endgame and commented even less because i've been too busy with school and work but now I'm back for the real greatest cinematic event of our lifetime: Cats (dir. Tom Hooper)!
  7. My self-control failed and i read the spoilers. It's honestly impressive how they seem to have managed to piss off pretty much everyone, OT fans, PT fans, reylos, anti-reylos, Rey fans, Finn fans, people who liked TFA, people who liked TLJ, critics. Most fans who have seen it seem to be disappointed. Curious what the more casual fans like myself will think.
  8. That trailer... You know what I'm truly speechless, I don't think I will ever get Taylor's jiggling cat tits out of my head and everyone else looks even more like nightmare fuel
  9. I like the song a lot! Not my favorite but it's beautiful and while I'm first to admit Taylor isn't exactly Whitney Houston I think she sounds great in this one. It's better song than this probably terrible furry-bait movie deserves Also, I don't want to derail this thread any further but it's absolutely hilarious to act like she isn't one of the most successful and influential artists of all time. She has shaped modern country and pop music, broken literally hundreds of records, won ridiculously many awards and pretty much made many people's careers (like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes). During the last election she almost turned Tennessee blue. So many artists and people in the industry including probably your faves are taking after her. I doesn't matter whether you like her or not, these are just simple facts. But anyways, can't wait to see this clusterfuck
  10. After seeing Joker I instanly knew it would have a great wom in Europe, but these numbers are still crazy. Like I know my country is obsessed with Batman mythos and loves this type of movies but the fact it technically increased on the second weekend and could outgross Endgame (?) is kind of hilarious. Interesting to see will it continue dropping softly.
  11. I'm not quite sure what to think but I think I liked it? If you can "like" this type of movie. I know I would have been absolutely obsessed with it when I was an angsty 14-years-old. Phoenix was phenomenal and should get an oscar nomination, it was visually stunning and the score is instantly one of my favorites in recent years. I didn't personally feel that it was misogynist or validated alt-right/incels whatever but I can understand the concerns that it demonizes mental illness. Surprisingly I found Arthur sympathetic throughout the entire movie, even in the end. I thought that even though the setting and events are obviously unrealistic it was still rather realistic depiction of alienation and social exclusion and Arthur resembles many troubled people I have known and worked with. Surprisingly my mom who isn't into comic books movies and usually hates anything violent liked it more than me (even though she said it was the bleakest movie she's ever seen) and the audience was very quiet and invested. I think this is going to have a great wom here and elsewhere in Europe because we love both angsty violent movies and anything Batman related. I think the main reason why I didn't fully love Joker that it feels confused and unfocused, like the creators couldn't decide what they want to say, or do they even want to say anything. Like in some ways it really does come across as vindictive power fantasy for bitter people and you feel almost satisfied towards the end. On the other hand it feels like a preachy cautionary tale. Arthur himself says something along the lines of that he isn't political, he "believes in nothing". Still the filmmakers seem to be trying to say something about politics, inequality, mental illness, our culture... except they really don't. Ultimately the whole movie feels somewhat shallow and empty because of it. This is a movie about nothing. Because it can't decide whether to be entirely nihilistic or not it doesn't entirely work, at least not for me. But still I was thoroughly entertained and even a little bit moved so I guess it works well enough. Maybe it's fitting that Joker movie is just like the character: entertaining, confused and chaotic, nasty but weirdly likeable, ambiguous and coming with multiple choice.
  12. Lmao @ those Goldfinch numbers, I thought it was the friday number at first and even that would have been bad. It doesn't surprise me that the movie sucks considering that going by interviews the director seemed to completely miss the message and all the subtext in the book. And just because Goldfinch was a best seller doesn't mean that readers were clamoring for a movie adoption in the first place. Surprisingly low cinemascore for Hustlers since it's supposed to be a crowdpleaser. Maybe the misleading marketing? I guess some Lizzo and Cardi B fans were disappointed that they don't have much screentime and some were expecting a more lighthearted and low-brow movie.
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