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  1. Yeah it doesn't really matter whether they are stars now, after the release of Eternals and becoming part of Marvel aka the biggest star there is, they will be
  2. I think we just define the word "star" differently, some people considering only the most popular, top of a-list actors as stars and some like me think that you only need to be succesful and well known to be that. I would definitely consider at least Salma Hayek and Richard Madden as pretty big stars, Salma is very popular in Europe and Latin America and has been a sex symbol since 90s and Richard Madden's popularity and recognition has blown up after Bodyguard. Just because they are less big than Angelina doesn't mean they aren't stars as well.
  3. I see that while I was asleep everything was on fire the world has descended into madness, beautiful Perhaps this is just my blind undying love and loyalty for Idris and Taylor speaking and I'm going crazy as well but I gathered my courage and watched the trailer again and... it was not quite as bad as the first time? Say what you want but at least it doesn't look anything we've seen before. I could maybe see it working in a really bizarre way if they upgrade cgi over the next six months (strong emphasis on the word maybe). They certainly have made everyone aware of this movie now - my little brother who doesn't watch anything else other than an occasional cbm or horror movie texted me this morning and asked do I know this is a thing (he knows I'm a Taylor fan) and have I seen the trailer. Yeah dude, trust me, I very much know it is a thing and I've seen it. I may never recover. Again, I'm probably going crazy and will regret saying this but I'm having a weird foreboding feeling that this won't turn out half as bad as it looks now. I'm making an ill-advised prediction right now: this will actually be hugely successful, more so than The Greatest Showman, GA will like, it will get better reviews than Lion King, it will get nominated for at least technical awards and Tom fucking Hooper will probably get nominated for the best director again because there is no justice in this wold. If I'm wrong I promise to endlessly drag myself for this in every situation.
  4. You're joking but from quickly checking tumblr and twitter my fellow swifties are genuinely thirsting for cat!taylor already and with zero shame too smh. #disappointedbutnotsurprised
  5. I guess I have to admit he's occasionally funny. I think much of the hate towards Corden comes more from his personality, like he is apparently really full of himself and kissing famous people's ass but treats everyone who isn't celeb like trash, advocated a lower pay for late night writers etc. There are lots of stories of him being a douche like that one where he was on the plane with heaphones on and ignored a woman and her crying baby for the whole flight, but when they landed it turned out they were actually his own wife and baby lol
  6. I mean Taylor has done very little acting, most of it years ago and never in a leading role like this so it's difficult to say how it's gonna go. I think she was bad in Valentine's day (but everyone was bad in that movie) but good in CSI and SNL and her stage presence and acting in music videos is always great. I'm probably biased being a fan but I think there's potential there, we'll see. Corden is genuinely terrible though and I will never understand how he has a career.
  7. You know what? Fuck it, I'm unironically excited for this, even if it's terrible it's still gonna be be one of the most unique and experimental movies in recent memory. Like every single thing I see makes it sound even more bizarre in interesting way. I love the cast (except Corden, fuck that guy) and how earnestly they take this. I also love how much Taylor has developed as a dancer, I noticed it already during Rep tour, she was never as bad as twitter liked to pretend but she's genuinely pretty damn good these days. I don't know how any of this is gonna work but sign me the fuck up!
  8. There's rumours she's releasing a promo single this week so it's definitely possibility. If she does I wonder is it a song from her album unconnected to Cats or something she wrote for the movie👀. Maybe it's too early to release anything from the movie though
  9. It's coming! Finally! Can't wait to watch internet implode Confused but very intrigued (and slighty scared) how everyone involved with this film keep saying that "it's not cgi" like what is it going to be then if they're not wearing actual furry cat suits? What is this mystical non-cgi cgi? This is literally my most most awaited movie of the year after Endgame... I have no idea what to expect other than that betting against Taylor Swift is the music industry equivalent of betting against James Cameron and she will have the last laugh
  10. I don't think that negative reviews themselves matter to most viewers but what I find somewhat worrisome is many critics calling it boring and unemotional because those are things the audiences actually care about. Although it wouldn't be the first time critics and casual viewers disagree and even if they feel the same it will still probably be only slightly less massive than expected and and Disney will have to settle for the measly BatB numbers.
  11. I have to confess this is literally me... Like I have complained for the past 3 years or so how unnecessary, mediocre and uncreative these live action remakes are but now watching this teaser my first thought was "well this looks cool and all but it also doesn't look my Mulan". I'm happy that they are trying something different and I'm trying to approach it with open mind but I feel like they removed or downplayed the best parts of the original movie (music, Mushu and his relationship with Mulan, her comrades, humor, apparently Shang too (?)). And the rest of the movie seems to still otherwise follow the same beats so why take away those parts? I'm also not very impressed with Mulan's actress. I'm trying to not judge too harshly from a little teaser and some interviews though, maybe it will be great and I will eat my words.
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