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  1. Parasite is going to expand its sites to 300+ in its second week. Will it be easy to pass 1m+?
  2. Parasite is much more dark, gloomy, bitter film than Aladdin, which is a easy choice for family audience to see. And Aladdin’s final number is not that sure, I think.
  3. To pass avatar, EG must keep about 2.55m lead to IW. EG is 2.66m ahead now. One thing to worry about is EG is loosing screens faster than expected. May EG show good hold this week.
  4. I hope EG will be boosted on saturday but I wonder it will outnumber IW's saturday number(348k).
  5. Tuesday EG’s cgv presale: 36,000 Today cgv presale: 38,000 so Friday number seems to come to around 160,000.
  6. Big drop but it's okay because it dropped softer than IW at the same period and still outnumbers IW. Theoretically there is no problem for EG to pass Avatar as long as it keeps outnumbers IW at least for another week.
  7. Yeah, but I'm still expecting that CGV will release IMAX 2D for EG at the end of its run. In fact there are a few theaters that show IMAX 2D, but I'm waiting for Yongsan CGV IMAX, which has the largest screen in SK.
  8. One more thing I’m interested in is EG’s IMAX number. So far: Avatar 9.74b won (641,884 admissions) Interstellar 9.69b won (844,474) Infinity war 8.33b won (493,398) as of Sunday EG has grossed 5.54b won (331,150). ------------- Oops, dots were in wrong position.
  9. You’re right that IW’s Monday was ‘nominated holiday’ for Children’s Day. But I have no idea why IW showed larger drop than that of EG last year, given that EG’s numbers have been larger 😅 All I can guess is that IW was relatively frontloaded on Saturday because that day was the actual Children’s Day (?)
  10. Nearly 600k will be really good. I think, to pass Avatar, EG’s outpacing IW in daily numbers should last at least by the upcoming weekend. So I hope weekday numbers after Monday will be mid or high 100k.
  11. Today's field sales look superb. The pattern is relatively flattened thanks to Children's Day and its substitution holiday tomorrow.
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