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  1. I guess Parasite could reach $48m by Sunday.
  2. He sometimes tells weird things. I remember he said last week that Parasite was most likely to be under $20m in total. But it has already made $16.5m and will surpass $18m by next weekend.
  3. They're decreasing theaters faster than I thought. And It seems ERCboxofice thinks Parasite is very likely to fail to reach $20m domestically but how can it be possible? It will have reached $16m this weekend already. And it will benefit from 2 month's awards season. I think $20m domestic total is locked.
  4. 603 is the widest release for a foreign language film in recent 4 years, if we don't count The Farewell.
  5. Well, Parasite's number is not as good as I expected. It's a limit of foreign language film, I think.
  6. This is a slightly lower number than expected. I guess it's because some Thursday numbers is counted as Friday numbers, like the last week? I hope it will jump big with Canadian opening.
  7. So Parasite's number should be at least $360k 3-day and $120k PTA. and $120k PTA makes it the 10th highest PTA of all time among the live-action pictures at least....
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