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  1. Thank her for what exactly? If it wasn't for Robbies ego - the vanity project that is Bird Of Pray would have never happened. Instead we would be getting the superior Gotham City Sirens. But she knows that Harley can't compete with Poison ivy and Catwoman.
  2. Angelina Godlie is a movie star. She kinda botched her reputation by barley doing any movies. But she's still a draw globally imo.
  3. https://www.the-numbers.com/weekly-video-sales-chart I don't understand why this movie is performing similarly to TLJ on home media.
  4. I enjoy videos like that. I'm always up to hear someone elses opinion even if it differs from my own. They do undercut a lot of heavy moments for sure. I doesn't kill the movies for me since there are still scenes that deliver the emotional aspect. The dusting scene, the Iron Man funeral, Civil War in general, come to mind. I feel like they are weaker in the solo movies. Eg. Captain Marvel, while I enjoyed it, was a mess in that regard. There's not a lot of emotion from Carol when she realizes hat her entire life has been a lie and that she's been killing innocents. I'd like to think that something like that would carry more weight.
  5. I love the MCU but they need to stop undercutting serious moments with jokes. I cringed through out the entire Thor arch in End Game. His pain was real and instead of treating it as such it was used as a punchline. I'm surprised they didn't crack a joke during Iron Mans funeral lol.
  6. It's about context. One is about strippers stealing money from asshole wall street scum. The other is drawing parallels to mentally ill, incel, school shooter white men. One of these is a bigger problem in today's society. Anyway I haven't seen either movie so I don't know what they are about. I need to form my own opinion. If the Joker is indeed promoting degenerate behaviour then I see why some might have the problem with it. However if it's framing it as something bad and something that shouldn't be done then thats a different story.
  7. Yes. Please find me the one that says that robbing men is female empowerment. Yeah, man. Who needs Peter parker getting dusted when you can have Black Widow calling herself an infertile monster. Eh? Emotional overload.
  8. 110 million is still a blockbuster sized promotion. Far to much for something like ASIB. It managing to crawl past Venom in the US with a similar promotional campaign isn't impressive. I'd also argue that it received more promotion domestically than Venom - but I cant prove that. PA's Deadpool 2 - 135 million Doctor Strange - 139 million Moana - 135 million Aquaman - 148 million Fantastic Beasts - 145 million The Jungle Book - 158 million wonder woman, gotg 2, jumanji 2, thor ragnarok all had around 150 million PA's. The fact that ASIB is even close to some of these movies shows what a massive push the movie had - not to mention all the re-expansions and the re-release.
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