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  1. I didn’t forget, but after seeing the numbers come in, I’m kinda wishing I had!
  2. My son and I went to see Good Boys today and are planning to go see Once Upon a Time, Ready or Not, the Spider-Man expansion, and Scary Stories, at the very least, over the next two weeks. This is after many years of going to the movies for big event films only. What changed? We just bought the Regal Unlimited passes. In NYC, a movie ticket is at least $15. Two movies in, and we will be getting every one after that for 50 cents a ticket. You are 100% right. You cannot expect people to pay the same amount of money for vastly different experiences. Tiered pricing is another great solution, especially since not everyone is going to go to the movies frequently enough to justify a subscription.
  3. I’ve already provided a link earlier in the thread. You’re using discredited Rotten Tomatoes audience scores to promote your latest conspiracy theory about Disney buying reviews. The only reason we’re even talking about it in this thread is because you attempted to support your completely insupportable claim that Disney does this, because “look at the difference between critics and audience ratings!!!” It’s transparent. It’s tiresome. It’s disingenuous.
  4. They didn’t see the movie. And you know this. You’re being disingenuous.
  5. The fact that Rotten Tomatoes confirmed the attack and adjusted its policies in the wake of it, as have other sites which allow for fan ratings/reviews. The review bombing isn’t an open question up for debate. It is confirmed to have happened and is an ongoing issue for films perceived to have a feminist or anti-racist agenda, and the confirmation has come from those who run the sites themselves. Thankfully, procedures have been put into place to minimize the impact of this and have movies reviewed by those verified to have seen it, or at least purchased tickets for it.
  6. I wonder if there reexpansions will become more common. The trend of movies staying out of the way of the biggest tent poles has this weird after effect of those tent poles having their legs cut off by dramatic screen losses caused by too many new movies releasing at one time. When many of those movies inevitably flop, theaters are maybe better off bringing back the tent poles with some new footage.
  7. Dear God, do they talk like that! One of the most entertaining things about working in a school is when kids that age get in trouble for using foul language, usually in a way that reveals they don’t quite understand what the words mean!
  8. Pointing to a negative rant by someone who isn’t an alt right troll does not disqualify the fact that The Last Jedi was bombed by alt right trolls. https://www.theverge.com/2019/3/7/18254548/film-review-sites-captain-marvel-bombing-changes-rotten-tomatoes-letterboxd
  9. Disney manipulates the critics!!! (Yet rotten ratings for summer tent poles The Lion King and Aladdin.) Disney fudges the box office!!! (Yet Dumbo, Solo, Nutcracker, Christopher Robin take a bath.) This growing insistence on conspiracy theories to explain away facts that threaten one’s worldview is corrosive and cheapens meaningful dialogue. If Avatar 2 breaks box office records and scores with critics while being distributed by Disney, I am sure you’ll be the first one to call the reviews bought and the box office fudged...
  10. From what I’ve read, the movie criticizes toxic masculinity far more than embracing it. The age of the kids has a lot to do with that, because they simply aren’t old enough to indulge in what they’re being exposed to. That all seemed obvious from the trailer, too. One of the main reasons I wanted to see it, so I am glad the reviews came in strongly.
  11. 2.795b isn’t a big deal, even though no other movie in history has grossed it. Here’s a hot take for you: if Avatar 2 “only” grosses 2 billion in 2021...it is still a big deal. That’s rarefied box office air. 4 billion would destroy all records. I’d never bet against Cameron, but that’s a heavy lift for a sequel that is one of four announced sequels releasing two years apart. If these movies engross the public the way LOTR/Potter/MCU did, I’d imagine it’s the finale that is the best bet for breaking records.
  12. It’s the top grossing Spider-Man worldwide and has improved over its predecessor domestically and worldwide by a good margin. What more was it expected to do?
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