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  1. Saw it yesterday and it was fantastic, though I don’t think I’d have the fortitude to watch it again. Similar to JoJo Rabbit in that regard. Thank goodness I saw Knives Out in between the two of them, so there was some levity in the mix. All three of them, I’d recommend.
  2. They both look great. They both have talent. And this ridiculousness has nothing to do with the weekend numbers.
  3. Fun playing with you too! Wakanda Forever!
  4. Well, that was fun! Good luck to everyone still in the game!
  5. The Part I / Part II thing is discussed in a Collider retrospective this week:
  6. And we can praise one woman without unfairly dragging another. Madonna is the most consistently successful female pop artist of all time. Most records sold, biggest touring artist, and first ballot Hall of Famer. Trying to make the case that Madonna doesn’t have talent or, of all things, longevity, is absurd. Taylor Swift will be quite happy if she lasts half as long as Madonna, and she’d be the first one to say so, I’m sure. Not that this has much relevance to the weekend thread, so I’ll tie it in by saying none of the week’s releases are likely to leave an impact on pop cultu
  7. I’m not even a fan, but the fact that her album already has the best selling week of the year after one day and will be the biggest opening since the last time she put out an album proves she’s continuing to operate on a completely different level than the rest of the industry. The only person who can move more units than her is Adele. Given that she’s written everything she’s ever released, as well as big hits for other artists, it’s ridiculous to claim she has no talent to fall back on. She could retire from performing and still have a massive career as a songwriter for other ar
  8. I didn’t forget, but after seeing the numbers come in, I’m kinda wishing I had!
  9. My son and I went to see Good Boys today and are planning to go see Once Upon a Time, Ready or Not, the Spider-Man expansion, and Scary Stories, at the very least, over the next two weeks. This is after many years of going to the movies for big event films only. What changed? We just bought the Regal Unlimited passes. In NYC, a movie ticket is at least $15. Two movies in, and we will be getting every one after that for 50 cents a ticket. You are 100% right. You cannot expect people to pay the same amount of money for vastly different experiences. Tiered pricing is
  10. I’ve already provided a link earlier in the thread. You’re using discredited Rotten Tomatoes audience scores to promote your latest conspiracy theory about Disney buying reviews. The only reason we’re even talking about it in this thread is because you attempted to support your completely insupportable claim that Disney does this, because “look at the difference between critics and audience ratings!!!” It’s transparent. It’s tiresome. It’s disingenuous.
  11. They didn’t see the movie. And you know this. You’re being disingenuous.
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