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  1. Does it still have markets left?
  2. Is 700 M possible?
  3. Excuse me, but why are you telling me this? Why me? And what's with this "if you don't like it" bitching of yours? I NEVER told you to stop talking about it. You are barking up the wrong tree.
  4. Well there has been trolling, that's why. I don't come here anymore because there's almost nothing to talk about. I have the feeling that I can't even talk about the movie after I see it on November 16.
  5. A 01 N 02 N 03 N 04 N 05 N 06 Y 07 N 08 Y 09 N 10 Y 11 Y 12 Y 13 Y 14 N 15 N B 01 12.65 M 02 950 K 03 $2750 C 01 BOO: A MADEA HALLOWEEN 03 GEOSTORM 05 BLADE RUNNER 2049 08 IT 10 THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US 12 KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE
  6. By the way, I just find it sad that we can't talk much about this movie. Even speculating on what the run time is is an issue. lol If that is what you want, just close the thread.

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