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  1. Well, these awful remakes don’t deserve more than 20 % on RT. The fact that most of them cleared over 50 should tell you something.
  2. Only here for the song. Lana... you’re doing amazing sweetie. Once Upon a Dream and Young & Beautiful were amazing.
  3. Mario movie flopping for a second time will be a kii. Nintendo is so stupid for picking them. Should have made the movie themselves. Have y’all seen smash brothers CG trailers?????
  4. Illumination flop era is coming....
  5. Aladdin? Broke out to less than BATB. Aladdin 1992 was a much bigger hit than the original BATB. It was the second biggest Disney animated film right behind TLK.
  6. Detective Pikachu had lack of screens WW. Not just in China. Most cinemas preferred to play endgame instead of it during opening weekend. (The problem was the pre sale were low so most theaters don’t know what to expect...) But the sales did ramp up close to release date. By next weekend, John wick came out. So it didn’t really have much premium screens if at all really. It also had no imax release because of endgame.
  7. Pikachu had no imax screens and had to share most screen time with endgame. Domestic and overseas. Pikachu later got released in imax only in japan. (2 weeks ago). It didn’t even open with imax shows due to Disney contracts with cinemas. Both Shazam and Godzilla have most premium screens all to themselves.
  8. Cinematic universe is happening. Anna ou💃 DP2, Red & Blue, Mewtwo origin story were rumored last year.
  9. Saw booksmart. It was not funny at all. There was like one genuinely funny scene that actually reminds me of mean girls. The rest are unnecessarily vulgar, dumb and cringey. There’s fuck, vagina, lesbian, drugs jokes every three seconds of the movie. It’s flopping?
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