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  1. I feel like you guys are trying to argue me out of the idea anonymous executives aren't really Disney Princes and I'm sorry but I don't think I was behaving ridiculously in light of the last five or so years of entertainment, politics, and nationalism venn-diagramming... Disney is the same company that fired James Gunn for 10 year old tweets because right-wing activists brigaded him... The idea there's a single anonymous guy there still twitchy about all of that, enough to mention it at a screening.... that's not very "out there" to me, at all... People are giving the benefit of the doubt to an unnamed man for no other reason than he works at Disney and therefore couldn't be a smidge cowardly about right-wing backlash... I don't agree with that.
  2. Logan isn't based on Old Man Logan. It has nothing to do with it aside from the fact Logan is old and he drives somewhere.
  3. They don't necessarily have to be pro-Hitler.... rather, they just have to be sensitive enough to see someone making fun of Hitler as a roundabout way of associating them WITH Hitler, and being "outraged" at the association... It's not so much that they're out there sticking up for Hitler's honor, but rather they dislike the idea that Hitler is being used satirically in a way that makes them feel bad and guilty... and they can't deal with that... The President tweeted a movie out of existence because he heard about it from people doing that very thing in response to "The Hunt" without having seen it... and it's still "ridiculous" to assume a single anonymous executive at Disney wasn't a little bit worried about angry right wing backlash to a left-wing satire starring Hitler, directed by the guy making the next Thor?
  4. We're pretty much there... I still don't know why I'm the representative for this reaction. I wasn't alone by a long shot, and it should say something about the tenor of the country... AND the general perception of executives at major corporations... that a report about an anonymous executive worried about someone making fun of Hitler would immediately lead for some people to believe this anonymous executive was nervous about right wingers being offended enough to turn it into a social media thing.... More than a few companies have had to deal with bad faith brigading, after all. I guess it's possible the anonymous executive was worried people would be upset at making Hitler a comedic figure but I think that ship probably sailed back in 1960 with the Producers... I think it's maybe a little more naive to believe anonymous executives are always trying to do the right thing for the right reasons as opposed to protecting and maximizing investments to ensure stockholders are happy and their jobs are secure... and frequently that means "Both sides"-ing things and playing the middle to ensure you're not sacrificing the redder, more racist-leaning dollar if you don't have to...
  5. I don't think it's that obvious at all, considering the number of corporations featuring executives who very obviously value... to a considerable extent... the way racist money spends. That I would have assumed... as did more than a few other people in here, not sure why I got singled out here... an anonymous executive was worried about somehow offending right-wingers to the point they lose money on their product, isn't very far-fetched at all. It happens all the time here. Look at the NFL, for example.
  6. HBO Max is probably the only other new streaming network that's got a shot of securing a good foothold in this new-old bundled package cable.... I mean streaming... future. People will hang onto Amazon Prime because it basically exists as a bonus for people who like free shipping. That's how it started, and despite stuff like Mrs. Maisel and Jack Ryan, that's mostly how people still see it... It doesn't help it's always had an ugly UI and usually its apps across whatever platforms that aren't Fire Stick are all laggy pains to operate. Netflix will survive for awhile because it's basically become synonymous with streaming... People talk about watching things on Netflix even when they're not actually ON Netflix... so it'll ride that for awhile yet... It could still go down like Blockbuster did when Netflix rose up.... but it's not going anywhere, and the competition will help it focus up and stop making its weird mediocre decisions like it has been the past couple of years... Disney +/Hulu/ESPN - I don't think Disney+ by itself is serious competition to Netflix, at $7 a month most people will consider it an add-on to their monthly bill. But its that bundle that's going to seriously hit Netflix... The whole Disney library, all those TV shows from ABC's network and subsidiaries, The Marvel library, the Star Wars library... and then all the stuff on Hulu, all the Fox stuff, all the TV shows from Fox, FX, FXX, the complete Simpsons... That's not even getting into the sports, which might not be top tier NFL/NBA stuff but there's a lot of decent stuff on there that people will roll with as a value-added proposition.... Describing Disney+ as just Marvel and Star Wars stuff is really shortsighted. Hulu is a big part of why they bought Fox and it's not going anywhere. HBO Max is going to have a very deep bench as well. Anything Warners or New Line in the film catalog is going there, and that's a LOT of stuff... TCM's programming will go there... Have they said whether or not Criterion Channel is getting bundled in there as part of the monthly price? All of the DC stuff, including the Animated Series... all the Looney Tunes stuff... Cartoon Network/Adult Swim/Crunchyroll... Warners' produced-and-owned TV shows... The BBC deal... I'd bet that CBS All Access goes away or becomes something completely different once Viacom re-merges with them... As it is, it's basically just the Star Trek channel, so maybe they just spin that off on its own, who knows....I don't think Comcast/Universal's streaming network will do anything of note and it'll quietly just become some Xfinity channel that adds $10 to your internet bill and they'll license all their stuff back out to those networks again (probably Hulu)... Apple is dead already, I think. Quibi is headed the same way... So the real question is whether the studios with their cable-bundle practices can, combined, muscle Netflix out of their top spot. HBO Max will cost a few dollars more than Netflix, Disney/Hulu/ESPN will cost about the same.... It'll be a question of "Would I rather have the WB, Fox, Disney, and Criterion libraries available whenever I want for about $40 a month, or hang onto Netflix because of Stranger Things...."
  7. This is also a really good example of marketing at work, and industry politics meaning more than the content of the films being produced... none of these lists are really built on anything but speculation, because nobody making the lists has seen any of the work in question... This is how VICE got all its nominations last year, for example...
  8. The Disney bundles is what's going to really hurt Netflix, not Disney+ itself... Disney+ being that cheap makes it possible for the bundles to also be cheap, and that's what's going to be the big shakeup in streaming... up until now everyone's been licensing stuff and pouring money into original productions to make their streaming platform look attractive enough to MAYBE be an additional monthly cost next to Netflix.... What Disney is trying to do is suggest that the $13 you're spending on Netflix could maybe better be spent on Disney, Hulu, and ESPN. That's three separate streaming platforms, all with very different content, for the same price as Netflix, with a huge back catalog... And the back catalog is almost as important as the original new stuff, especially considering that for all the billions Netflix spends on new product, some of its biggest performers are all licensed TV shows from before streaming really took off.... That's what's going to get people to maybe say "enough of Netflix..." because at that point the value proposition starts to look evened out... There's a ton of stuff on Netflix you'll never, ever, ever watch because it's all garbage looking and exists almost solely to clutter up the menu and nothing else... That stuff will still be on Disney/Hulu/ESPN, sure, but it'll probably be a little less of it. And the rest of it is almost all stuff most people will want to watch... it's not as vast a catalog as Netflix's, but it seems to be better curated, and people will respond to that.... they'll feel like they're getting more value for their money... three networks instead of just one, with a higher percentage of stuff they're likely to regularly watch... editing to add: to keep it somewhat on-topic, did the odds for Obi-Wan showing up in Episode 9 as a force ghost just go up?
  9. I would say odds are pretty high it's R2-D2, and not only that, we're probably going to see why he has a handy-dandy lightsaber ejection kit in the top of his helmet for Return of the Jedi...
  10. Even if your suggestion proved accurate, and I don't think it would... why would they spend the money to lose even more money on a bad movie that has no spot in their future plans and can only reflect poorly on their current situation if they didn't have to?
  11. It's a Feige movie now... and he reportedly doesn't want this.... And even if it is a "Fox" movie, the fact Disney owns it now means it's Disney. If Feige signs off on finishing and paying to release it would make it Marvel. The "Fox" distinction is branding, and nothing more... And it wouldn't protect them from the losses this thing is guaranteed to incur, either...
  12. Universal just shelved a completely finished movie because the president tweeted about it a bunch... yet it's somehow impossible for people to believe Disney.... who is almost singelhandedly propping the entire industry up on the back of its record profits.... might shelve an X-Men spinoff that isn't even finished and would cost them likely another 10-20 million just to dribble out on their streaming service, and more if they wanted it to go out theatrically? The director isn't available... The stars aren't available.... Nothing is scheduled.... and the people in charge of the property don't like what they have... Why SHOULD this come out? IF it does, it will be announced as Disney and Marvel Studio's first X-Men movie... and it's guaranteed to suck... and to lose money... Why would anyone want this scenario to become reality?
  13. Stephen Daldry was making an Obi-Wan movie. The trades reported he was hired to make that happen... same as Mangold making a Boba Fett/Bounty Hunters movie, I believe.... The rumor ever since both those projects got shut down in the wake of the Lord/Miller firings has been both projects would end up being combined into a Mos Eisley-set TV show for Disney Plus...
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