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  1. Do we have yesterday's OS numbers including China?
  2. Back in 09/10 I followed Avatar's run on BOM old forum and was rooting for it to go as high as it could, now I want EG to crush it, it's possible to root for one BO run and years later rooting for another run to do better. In my experience the most memorable BO run was ROTK run in 03/04, first movie to cross 1B after Titanic, tied with the same number of Oscars.
  3. So in case of Disney movies, the multiplexes get 35% and Disney get's the rest? Good weekend then for the owners of screens, on top of overpriced beverages and food they earn a ton of money. The 65% for Disney is after taxes or 65% of the total ticket price? Weekends like these pay for te cost of equipment of one theater room, lol
  4. I went to see how many Imax screens in continental Spain and they have only 3 too, I tought there would be alot more, that explains why there were some spanish families on my session, they come to the Ikea and stay to see a movie too, lol
  5. Biggest debut ever in Portugal, of the 3 Imax screens in the country all of them were sold out, the one in Lisbon had to schedule extra sessions for 09:40 Sunday morning. Saw it Thursday on 2D screen then on saturday on IMAX, the first time I saw an Imax movie.
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