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  1. I don't deny that sci-fi is having a hard time these days when superhero movies steal all the spotlight, I just don't see why you were making a distinction between original IP and adaption. The GA doesn't see the difference for most of those IPs
  2. at this point this thing has been so blown out of proportion it can only disappoint
  3. I haven't followed this whole snyder cut thing, and I think that movie is beyond saving, but what's the hurt in releasing it? Studios release alternative cuts all the time. Does it even exist? What's the controversy here?
  4. Does it change anything? The Wachowskis tried with Cloud Atlas (adaptation) and Jupiter Ascending (original) and both bombed equally as hard. Those sci-fi movies that are based on existing IPs generally aren't even well known enough by the GA for it to matter at the box office. Alita was based on a existing IP but it's niche enough that it probably made 0 difference at the box office.
  5. 8 year gap between the Batman movies 7 year gap between the Star Trek movies 4 year gap between Terminator movies Also redeeming a franchise that isn't superhero related in 2019 is something else You're talking about movies from 10 / 14 years ago
  6. Lol metacritic are you serious? We've already explained it to you, some movies get flooded by troll reviews from people who haven't even seen the film. Metacritic is especially vulnerable to this. Captain Marvel has 3.5/10. I didn't particularity like that movie but everyone knows 3.5 isn't right and that movie made a billion.
  7. there is a number of things in TDF that makes it much worst for these people than anything that was in Fury Road. Can't go into it without spoilers, but it isn't the same
  8. You haven't been paying attention, it was the exact opposite for Alita. Captain Marvel was the target, and Alita was mostly approved by those same people. They are are stupid, but what triggers them is slightly more nuanced than just female hero = bad. the best tell is the metacritic score: CM has about the same as TDF (3.5/10 !) While Alita is at 8.6/10 (it was even stronger at release.) Alita also had a ridiculously high RT score (pre-verified era). And TDF is at 86% positive on the verified RT, that 3.4/10 on Meta clearly shows the movie is getting targeted by some angry dudes Bottom line is, user scores are user scores and they are far from reliable. Especially when a movie gets "targeted".
  9. okay first of all I'm comparing DP to TDF, not Genisys. And DP has 5.6 on imdb. The movie was universally shit on bit critics and fans. Secondly Dark Fate was always going to have negative user scores, you know because the angry internet mob don't like "woke" movies. Pretty sure 90% of those people voting haven't seen it... 3rd - There's no question the reception is more positive than Genisys, if you factor in critics. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't getting said nearly as much that it was the best one since T2. Besides that movie hit around 90m. It's still not good but TDF below 60? Common that's not happening
  10. Okay I'm not going to say it looks good but TDF not hitting 60m is just crazy talk. Dark Phoenix managed 65 with absolute shit WOM, and released in a terrible spot. Terminator is a broken but still well known IP, and enough positive is getting said about the movie, it won't collapse that much.
  11. I don't think they went 3D for that one (surprising for something that has James Cameron's name on it). Going to see it in IMAX.
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