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  1. Right here buddy. How have we been silenced when Cameron is just getting started? Avatar 1 was just the warm up round
  2. lol you serious? that's some analysis... What is China? They love re-releases over there, and T2 wasn't re-released there (because R rated I guess?) Titanic made what, 150mn from China alone on the 3d re-release? And isn't A2 one of the most hyped up movie in China according to the rating on Maoyan? Get some marketing going for A2, re-release A1 and EG's record is gone faster than Thanos can snap his fingers. There sure is a lot of untapped potential for A1 over there with how the country was severely lacking in theater screens back in 2009.
  3. I think Cameron said he rather not have Sarah Connor at all than have her recast, so I was sort of applying the same logic with John. But you bring up good points, honestly don't know what's their thinking on the character.
  4. Alita is definitely building a solid cult following. If even Landau is starting to notice, you can be damn sure Cameron is aware. Who knows what can happen if it does really well in digital / blu-ray. The will is definitely there to continue the story
  5. A lot of people are definitely due for a re-visit of Avatar. On one hand, I sort of get the hate. On the other, I think a lot people don't realize grand-scale spectacle is rarely done this well. I appreciate Avatar much more now than when I saw it in theaters. As for Alita, well it's certainly not worst than Rey (not sure what are your thoughts on that considering your Star Wars avatar). They might not go into details, but the explanation is clearly there. I think the Bourne Identity type shit kinda works where her training instinctively comes back to her as she encounters danger. Of course, the movie is a hacked down version of what Cameron had in mind. I love Rob Rodriguez but they probably couldn't trust him with a $250 million 3 hour epic. What they gave him was still quite something considering his 2 last movies were pretty much bombs (I still want to see Machete Kills in Space though). So yeah the character development definitely suffered a bit, but the movie had still enough engaging set pieces that I'm definitely rooting for a sequel. Give me that a million times over another Venom or Aquaman (or dare I say, Captain Marvel) which we're all getting for sure.
  6. I'll give you my take. With Arnold Linda and Cameron's name together you got a good nostalgia factor going on. The only question mark is John Connor. They made such a big deal out of him in 1 & 2 and now he's just sort of gone? I haven't tried to find the leaks so I don't know what they are going for, but it's a shame what happened with Furlong. They need a better trailer too. I've seen Deadpool and I know Miller can direct a good action scene, I'm sure there's better stuff in there to show. After the mixed reaction they received on the first one, they'll want to impress at the next Comic-Con. And please show more than 1 second of Arnold, this guy can always restore a bit of goodwill to the franchise. Cameron didn't want to get involved if they didn't bring back Arnold and I think he was right about that, they will need him. If you look at other franchises that aren't doing well lately (MIB, X-Men for example), they didn't bring back the actors people care about. Who do you want to see in an X-Men movie? Hugh Jackman, not there. Who do you want to see in a MIB movie? Tommy and Will Smith, both not there. Genisys didn't do incredible, but still did better than those other 2 because they at least had Arnie. And I like what Cameron said about making it a tight more streamlined thriller rather than a grandiose story that goes all over the place a la Genisys. That can help recapture the feeling of the earlier movies. Last thing, they won't have as many competition as those other movies that failed. So yeah, 100m domestic is definitely in play, as long as they play their cards right.
  7. Take it from a Cameron fan: Favreau has already topped Avatar. He just made the most creatively bankrupt expensive tech demo ever.
  8. I guess last week's numbers were a little underreported eh? Well done Marvel
  9. Did I ever argued Avatar would've made 12 times more? No. But let's do the math for fun: considering Avatar made 200m with 5000 screens, 12x more would put it at 2.4 billions. No it would not make that, but even a fraction of that would still be massive. Of course there's a question of demand filling up more quickly rather than making the gross bigger, but then you also have to consider the walk-in audience and the availability of theater screens. How many tickets were lost because viewers went to something else because they couldn't get a seat for Avatar? And then consider that even entire cities weren't equipped to play Avatar. How many gave up just because they would have to travel hours just to see the movie? The increase in theater screens in China has been so massive it's clearly not just a question of demand getting satisfied more quickly. It's an increase of 1100% from Avatar in the biggest foreign market by a wide margin, and a population of 1.386 billion. It's like Endgame had been given a couple of extra countries for its run. There's no point in trying to downplay this, it is an absolutely massive change in the box office landscape.
  10. what about 5 though? I guess this is the one that makes 5 billion 😉 I never said any of those movies will be the sensation A1 was though. But nothing will change what that first movie did Here's something that can be counted: China in 2009 --> 5000 theater screens China in 2019 --> 60 000 theater screens Now you're going to tell me that just because the exact number of extra admission this would have generated can't be counted, it shouldn't even be brought up, but I think it's a dishonest way of looking at things. And I would argue that admissions can't really be counted anyway, those are just estimates.
  11. remember what Gavin said about how looking at factors selectively is pretty stupid I'm open to discuss all of them
  12. "inflated 3d tickets" well this is to the credit of the movie, they sold it as an experience you had to see in 3d, of course it sold more 3d tickets and made more money out of it All this talk about Europe ER... the only point I was making is that Avatar still torches Endgame in Europe even if you adjust with ER. I mean shit it's making 2-3 times more in several countries, ER isn't gonna save you there buddy, don't even need to adjust for inflation.
  13. Of course a movie is the product of its time, but it's not ONLY that. Making broad statements like that without any nuance isn't any better then looking at "factors selectively". Comparing Endgame to Avatar is NOT the same as comparing Avatar with Gone With the Wind, there's a world of difference between the two. Of course people who bring up GWTW often do it as a troll and aren't interested in any honest discussion. Of course there's a ton factors that will affect a run like Avatar or a run like Endgame, but the idea is to bring the most relevant ones to the table. If someone thinks an important factor is getting omitted, they add it to the table. That's how discussion works... and it's part of the exercise of looking at box office numbers. I don't see how it is "meaningless". I mean I get it, some Marvel fans would prefer to only look at the gross numbers coldly without thoughts or analysis, because that's the only way Endgame could potentially come out on top. Anyway enough of that, back to the main topic: is Endgame even getting 1m overseas this weekend?
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