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  1. Record breaking shit aside, it just seems like the most no-brainer re-release ever. 10 years anniversary, highest grossing movie for about 10 years, sequels coming, movie known primarily as a theater experience, what else do you need? It just seems weird to even consider it wouldn't get re-released in some capacity in theaters. Cameron has said again how he's all about the big screen, I feel like it would be some kind of gut punch to have it barred from theaters and kept exclusively for a streaming service.
  2. just like in the movie, the snap didn't have any real stakes and will be reverted once Avatar re-releases
  3. If Cameron asks for something it's not like Disney will just say "NO". They both have an interest in maintaining a good business relationship with each other. Cameron can't just leave Disney and Disney cannot just fire Cameron without them both suffering heavy loses, Sure with the current arrangement Disney makes the call, but it's not like Cameron doesn't have any weight in this kind of decision, he owns the IP after all and ideally you want to keep happy someone who's handling a boatload of your cash. I think some of you like to fantasize that Disney is holding Cameron on a leash like a dog, but I don't think that's exactly how it works.
  4. at least 60k https://www.econotimes.com/Alita-Battle-Angel-2-release-date-cast-plot-60000-fans-petition-to-see-sequel-movie-1562843 It might be silly, but little things like this lead me to believe the movie might find a sizable audience in the long run. Not everyone likes the movie, but the ones that do really love it. But like you said there's a great deal we don't know, there just isn't enough data or the data there is is largely imprecise. What bothers me is the arrogant people thinking they most definitely know what will be the outcome despite the lack of precise data
  5. Not quite triple, but ok close enough... Like Alita, Tomb Raider made a large portion of its gross from China, in the end it didn't make its money back from its theatrical run. It's also doing worst than Alita on home release. Plus the fact that basically no one likes that movie or is asking for a sequel. Its got worst reviews than Alita and all across the board bad audience scores which doesn't bode well for its longevity. But here we are with a confirmed sequel, I doubt anyone here would have been very positive about its chances to get one. My guess is its relying on getting carried by a successful video game franchise, but other than that it didn't have much going for it
  6. Holy shit I remember watching the first episode out of curiosity thinking he had directed it, but it was actually the last one. I wasn't seeing Cameron at all in that episode and I couldn't believe he had directed it. I just watched the last one and now I see it, that looks like something he directed, much tighter than the other episode I watched (also the highest rated episode of both seasons on imdb), but probably his weakest effort as a director (not counting Piranha). Cameron is only Cameron when he does everything and takes his time to apply his perfectionism everywhere, a last-ditch effort to save a TV show ain't it. The show did have a pretty successful first season though, so it's not like his first foray into television was a complete failure either.
  7. Star Wars fans are probably much more at war with themselves than with Cameron fans
  8. oh don't make me cry, you know there's about 90% of the people on this forum just dying to watch Terminator fail
  9. You can easily argue that both movies are part of the same plot. Again all of this is semantics and editorial decisions. You could also easily call them Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Avengers: Infinity War Part II and no one would be confused and say that it's "wrong" (except maybe you). Listen this is cinema not algebra. There are no black & white answers to this not matter how hard you try to convince yourself
  10. If you think there is a right and wrong answer to this, I'm curious to know how you explain what makes The Godfather a part I / part II / part III situation but not your Avengers movie.
  11. Here's the reality: there is no authority or definition on what makes a "part 1 and a part 2" movie. It doesn't mean anything and both answers are valid. Are they 2 different movies? Yes technically they are. Are they part of the same larger story? Yes they are. It's just an editorial decision to give them different titles. I think this "debate" isn't the real debate, it's simply a symptom of other questions about those movies. Do they stand on their own? Does Endgame diminishes the stakes of what happens in IW? etc.
  12. All of this is semantics. What does it matter if they call it part 1 & 2 or not? The point is the story was never meant to end with IW. Endgame simply doesn't make sense without IW and Endgame basically undoes everything that happened in IW. These movies are very much inseparable The only thing is they have their own movie title, but you might as well have called them Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Avengers: Infinity War Part II. The problem is that it's a dead giveaway that what you're about to see in part 1 isn't definitive, so giving them their own movie titles makes sense. But it's essentially the same long movie
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