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  1. @Fullbuster Endgame through the Friday (21/7/2019) Latin America: $275.5M https://www.boxofficepro.com/breaking-avengers-endgame-surpasses-avatar-as-1-global-release-of-all-time/
  2. Vietnam: F&F:H&S just broke record for Thursday night with 14B in lc (Endgame 13B), lets see if it can pass Endgame final number 285B. https://m.facebook.com/cgvcinemavietnam/photos/a.414600945624/10157664303525625/?type=3&source=48 Top 10 All Time in lc (Italic is local movie) 1.Endgame 285.4B 2.Cua Lại Vợ Bầu 191.8B 3.Infinity War 188.5B 4. Furie (Hai Phượng) 185B 5.Em Chưa 18 171B 6.Kong:Skull Island. 169B 7.Fast and Furious 8. 158B 8.Fast and Furious 7. 147B 9. Far From Home 111B (update till 29/07/2019) 10.Siêu Sao Siêu Ngố. 108.7B EDIT: I just updated Far From Home number And it seems that the 14B for F&F:H&S was from the whole Thursday, not only Thursday night while Endgame 13B was only from Thursday night from 7.00PM. So it is pretty much that F&F can not catch 285B of Endgame, let alone hit 200B...
  3. Before the re release, EG number = 2753.5, right? So we have 2793-2753.5= 39.5, but not all of this 39.5 comes from the re release, there is still small fraction comes from the original version. Anyone know how much the re release has gained?
  4. Disney has to re-release in those countries which not yet received the re-release, in order to ensure the $2.8B
  5. Disney recently has been underestimating Endgame whole weekends, Last week, the actual up 25%, this week the actual up 26.3%. 11 11 Avengers: Endgame BV $1,514,741 -28.0% 985 -458 $1,538 $854,531,934
  6. This weekend: 11 11 Avengers: Endgame BV $1,514,741 -28.0% 985 -458 $1,538 $854,531,934
  7. But this 2789.2m is only still this Friday, expect it will be higher when the estimate for this weekend comes.
  8. Last sunday is 1929.6m, but that 1929.6m is still estimate until this week, not yet actual. I wonder what is this 1934.1m
  9. So the yesterday the 470k was from disney or comscore (and the actual 437k) ? And the 350k today?
  10. I appriciate your work but wasn't the actual yesterday = 437k and your number earlier = 470k...
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