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  1. It seems Frozen 2 drop 50% show on this weekend FSS (infor from someone one Corpse page) ........... An animated movie which can work well on holiday and day off, is going to enjoy the fresh air of holiday for the first time since it release 1 month ago.. Lets cut it show time 50% F2: am I a joke to you
  2. 12.5% drop for F2 in comparing to last week.
  3. South Korea and China are doing really well this time while Japan .....
  4. @Arendelle Legion how is it doing today so far? And there are going to be 2 blockbuster local release on this weekend?
  5. This week is final exam week in Japan, and also in South Korea? But maybe true because in my country (also in Asia), this week is final exam week too.
  6. Saturday presale: Frozen 2 is ahead of Jumanji 3 so far and seems to only behind the 3 new releases
  7. Tomorrow is 14th Dec Sat, discount ticket for Toho theather chain? Can it make today deflated a little bit?
  8. Thus seems to have good hold (Based on number from usual locations at 2pm local time).
  9. If there is just best original song winner, is it enough for boost?
  10. 24th Dec is Tue, 25th is Wed, 26th is Thu. Can we expect these days strong movie bussiness?
  11. Some websites say that from Mid Dec, winter vacation (school holiday) starts in SK. Lets hope some late legs will kick in.
  12. I just used google to do some search. Some websites say schools are off (winter break) from around christmas day (24th-25th Dec till 7th Jan). Yes and it overslaps with New Year vacation or Bank holiday. But there are some websites (in my mother language) say school can be off till 14th Jan ?? So, we have 21th Dec sat 22th Dec sun, then 23th Dec mon (normal day), then start from 24th Dec Tue, winter break somehow can happen...
  13. Just checked the calendar. If so, then from 23th to 29th Dec, schools are off? Then the following week is new year week.... so this is almost 2 weeks.... can function like Spring break?
  14. -45% looks bad imo .... Don't know if it can fall in the same range with Avatar/Endgame...
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