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  1. I mean it needs miracle for 200, but for 150? Or it is go big or go home case? 110 or 200, not in between?
  2. Okay, so at 3h45'pm local time: Saturday gross is +50% from friday (7291) Sunday presale is around 45% of saturday presale
  3. I only pray it can have 3x leg to finish in the $90M range..... dont know if that can happen....
  4. If F2 OW is around $30M here, it needs to pull around x3-3.2 legs to finish in the $90M range. IW opened with $39M OW, had x2.25 legs. Endgame opened with $47.6M, had x2.2 legs. What are the egg score for these two? Hope F2 wont be as much frontload as these two.
  5. Frozen: 874 (Int) - 249 (Japan) - 76 (South Korea) - 49 (China) = 500 Toy Story 4: 639 (Int) - 93 (Japan) - 24 (South Korea) - 29 (China) = 493
  6. The first one only has Let It Go which can be considered to compete with this one while this one whole album is amazing. And Show Yourself is amazing and already has Let It Go vibe in it.
  7. Just looked back at Aladdin.... RT: Critics score is 57% while the audience score is 94%.... The audience basically gave a middle finger into the critics.
  8. But in my case, I never look at the critics score before decide to go to watch a movie. I often look at the audience score and 60%-70% believe it. 0%-10% believe critics score
  9. Lets wait for tomorrow when Disney releases all the songs of this movie, maybe it will help the legs?? Edit: I already got the whole album. It is amazing.
  10. It seems Frozen 2 song Japanese version will be released next week.
  11. How much presale for a movie to ensure that it will be successful and make lots of money?
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