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  1. 2683 after Saturday, 2740-2750 after Sunday? If so, can it add 250 more for the rest of it run?
  2. What is the current gross of Pikachu and EG recently? Thank you.
  3. According to the report of Box Office Mojo, it is $38.8M after Thursday, not $39.16M... Did they miss something?
  4. I dont know too. Assuming today is 60 and it will drop 30% on tomorrow, then this weekend = 28+60+42 = 130 = 19.05 in dollar
  5. Does the final number of $46M look possible?
  6. It seems nice but I worry that Mojo will apply the new ER in calculating the whole gross of EG from the beginning, not only from now.
  7. So Mojo will calculate the whole gross of EG from the start (not from today) based on the new ER? Thats suck.
  8. In short, the boxofficemojo website will use the number sent to them from the studios to calculate the final total gross of the movie? I just want that.
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