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  1. Moderation required in a thread full of fanboys. Whoever could have seen that coming.
  2. My dude, this is a fictional character we are talking about. Fictional characters come and go all the time. If people think Tony showing up for a cameo ruins his death and character, that's on them.
  3. If Avatar becomes super successful in China again, will the government put a stop to it like they did last time? Like pull it from theaters?
  4. I just wish a full on blockbuster superhero movie without any of those typical Oscar movie attributes would win Best Picture for once. Sadly, it looks like that'll never happen.
  5. https://deadline.com/2019/09/saturn-awards-2019-winners-list-jon-favreau-kevin-feige-stan-lee-1202734450/amp/ RDJ to cameo in Black Widow.
  6. I still remember many members on here were confident Pikachu would break out and crush Endgame's legs.
  7. MCU Classics Avengers(2012)/Infinity War/Endgame Black Panther GOTG Maybe Iron Man? 4-5 of the MCU movies becoming classic blockbusters is pretty damn good.
  8. I just realized it passed the first Avengers. Damn, time flies by so fast. I wonder if it'll stay in the top 10 for 10 years?
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