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  1. Oh yeah my mistake. I've pushed around too many numbers today. 😄 Target looks so easy now. 😂
  2. Isn't that single day's US gross exactly 1/1000th of the target for the entire worldwide run for Endgame to become #1 all-time? Extrapolate from that, stat fans! 😁
  3. Which proves that some fluctuation doesn't mean a franchise is over; Die Another Day is widely held to be the worst Bond movie, and it was followed by Casino Royale, which many would say is the best. When one MCU movie makes less than another (even a LOT less than another), the series can just keep rolling along. Lose some followers, gain others. The MCU is now so established with the younger generation that it has an inbuilt audience for decades to come, just as the Star Wars movies of the 70s and 80s captured a generation in the US and UK. The Marvel impact is apparently far greater, as it is strong worldwide. Horrifying as it may be to some people, this franchise isn't going anywhere for a LONG time! 😄
  4. As one person leaves a stage in life, someone else grows into it. If the product stays consistent, it needn't fade. The Bond series is approaching 60 years old; a lot of the original audience are long dead! 😢
  5. Why does the title of this thread never change? "1664.2 M worldwide" is so last month. 😄
  6. I guess the 1st to 2nd might be heavy because the movie opened Wed night, making the 1st "weekend" pretty long! Then the 2nd to 3rd might be heavy because the 2nd weekend was a holiday Monday, allowing Sunday nights to be stronger. Also, yesterday was the end of the Premier League season so many people would not be drawn away from their TVs for any reason. 😁
  7. Any parents / older siblings who want kids out of the house in summer will find the option of sending them to see Endgame a godsend; four hours peace!
  8. There's Bond too outside of the Disney properties, the original big-budget blockbusters! Even the disappointing Spectre made almost $900M WW and Skyfall was well over $1billion. That was 7 years ago too, and with ZERO boost from 3D showings. If they get the villain and story right, and Furious drops a little from the last one, Bond 25 could be the #1 WW movie next year. Skyfall was only second to The Avengers in 2012, so perhaps OO7 coming out on top wouldn't be so crazy in a generally weak 2020. Black Widow might feel some effect as well, what with following only one month after Bond, but whether up or down I couldn't say! 😁
  9. I'm not a gamer at all so this is just an impression, but isn't a movie of a game inherently an inferior experience? Expecting Pokemon players to all turn out for a Pikachu movie is like expecting everyone who went to see Avengers Endgame to all watch Agents of SHIELD.
  10. I assume this movie will make tens of millions more from home media and TV sales on top of whatever comes in at the box office, so might an apparently low gross still be just fine for the studio to be happy? Maybe what is really at play over the next couple of weeks is not whether Pikachu 2 happens or not, but what kind of budget will Pikachu 2 get?
  11. When the producers and director are familiar with a 3 hour cut which is then trimmed to 2hr12, they can feel the new version is really tight, a barebones version. But that's only by comparison; someone coming to the film cold might feel the "tight" edit really drags! If this is the new version of Destroy All Monsters... well, that movie was 89 minutes! 132 for a remake makes me think "really? why?" but maybe I just like my monsters in high density doses! 😄
  12. What are the chances there will be 10 to 15 minutes spent building the human characters during the first hour that could easily be cut? (Unless it's tiny princesses singing to Mothra, then it stays in 😍). Good luck to them at 132 minutes, it might all be brilliant, but this is a fledgling franchise and IMO they should err on the side of caution at this stage rather than self-indulgence, otherwise they risk doing serious harm (again, see Solo!).
  13. This movie should be an absolute riot of enjoyable madness, but what worries me is that the runtime is 132 minutes. Why so long? 100 minutes should be plenty for this kind of movie. The danger is it drags in places, diluting the overall impact, and then critics and early audiences leave feeling more "meh" than "wow!" (this is what screwed Solo IMO but that's another story 🤦‍♂️).
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