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  1. Ahh right, a 21 movie build-up... so THAT'S why "Quantum of Solace" broke all records. 🤦‍♂️
  2. The "it's only down to fanboys" angle looks plain stupid to me. Surely no fanbase in the world can drive a movie to $2 billion, never mind nearer $3 billion. If it could, then wouldn't Harry Potter, Star Wars, Hunger Games, Batman, even bloody Pickachu all gross $2 billion every movie?!
  3. Additional scenes in Endgame? There aren't any. Maybe I'm misinterpreting the question? The Avengers Endgame playing now is exactly the same as opening day, not a Special Edition or extended version. All it has as "bonus content" after the end credits is a short Tribute to Stan Lee video, a short unfinished live action / animatic Hulk deleted scene, and the very first scene of FFH as a teaser for that movie. I think that was all.
  4. Looking at performance of past Spider-Man franchises, FFH not grossing considerably less than HC would be a win, right?
  5. An Avatar re-release before A2 would not be a good move IMO. Better let A2 emerge into the glow of A1's reputation, rather than re-release A1 shortly before and risk today's 3D jaded generation slating it on social media (because genuine event that it was in 2010, without the punch of 3D-like-we'd-never-seen-before, Avatar is not that great a movie). There's little to gain from a re-release (a few million on the A1 gross) and a lot to lose (potentially many millions knocked off the A2 gross if the anticipation bubble is punctured by a lukewarm A1 response). Do some double features the year after A2 would be my approach to putting A1 back in cinemas. YMMV. 😉 Anyway, I've not been terribly confident on AE surmounting Avatar, not because of any deficiency in Endgame but because movies seem to have to make their money so quickly these days. And yet in only three months Endgame looks certain to get the record. That's the astounding thing IMO, not just getting the record but the speed at which it will get it.
  6. I remember back to when Roger Moore was the new Bond, and I don't honestly think Brosnan is in the same league as Craig in terms of public image / fame / adulation as Bond. Not even close. And personally yes I would put DC's portrayal in the bracket of iconic 21st century movie characters. The movies' level of financial success is unlike any Bond since Connery's heyday, the participation in the London Olympics put the character/actor in front of a massive audience, and his wider popularity (i.e. women love him!) is also unlike any Bond since Connery. Longevity has got to count for something here too; RDJ was Iron Man for 11 years, Craig's 007 will span 14 years (longer if you count from when he was cast until whenever his replacement is announced). Craig will effectively end up being the encumbent James Bond for close to 20 years. And Rog wasn't in Connery's shadow for long, if at all. By 1977, Bond was absolutely his. 🍸 🔫 😎 In years to come the RDJ / Iron Man portrayal may come to be even more fondly remembered than it is today, as the kids of the last decade grow up and get nostalgic about when Tony Stark was still alive. 😢
  7. He'd let Downey make the actual announcement. He would revel in it. 😉 With the digital release a week later, it would be a great time to get the huge publicity of becoming the #1 movie. Although the DVD release is a couple of weeks or so beyond that too, so really anytime in the next five weeks is a good time to take the title. (And no, there isn't a bad time, but before the home media release would be especially useful!)
  8. I see mentions of OS final grosses on movies eventually turning out to be higher than initially thought (when the results are simply being reported week-to-week during release). If this is a genuine effect, would it be possible with some special effort from Disney's accountants to get a true up-to-date WW total that adds some of those missing millions in a more timely manner? I ask because two weeks from now the Avengers cast reassemble with Feige for a Marvel panel at SDCC and it would a hell of a time to make a surprise announcement that the WW gross had hit $2788M. Remotely possible, or not really feasible?
  9. Oh yeah my mistake. I've pushed around too many numbers today. 😄 Target looks so easy now. 😂
  10. Isn't that single day's US gross exactly 1/1000th of the target for the entire worldwide run for Endgame to become #1 all-time? Extrapolate from that, stat fans! 😁
  11. Which proves that some fluctuation doesn't mean a franchise is over; Die Another Day is widely held to be the worst Bond movie, and it was followed by Casino Royale, which many would say is the best. When one MCU movie makes less than another (even a LOT less than another), the series can just keep rolling along. Lose some followers, gain others. The MCU is now so established with the younger generation that it has an inbuilt audience for decades to come, just as the Star Wars movies of the 70s and 80s captured a generation in the US and UK. The Marvel impact is apparently far greater, as it is strong worldwide. Horrifying as it may be to some people, this franchise isn't going anywhere for a LONG time! 😄
  12. As one person leaves a stage in life, someone else grows into it. If the product stays consistent, it needn't fade. The Bond series is approaching 60 years old; a lot of the original audience are long dead! 😢
  13. Why does the title of this thread never change? "1664.2 M worldwide" is so last month. 😄
  14. A role for Shang-Chi is possible. The characters operated in similar worlds; Black Widow was in Russian intelligence then US intelligence, Shang-Chi defected to the UK and worked for British intelligence. The character's backstory may get Americanised in the details, but an appearance would still be a neat set up for his own movie the following year. A director has been assigned to Shang Chi so he could be in on the casting process for a Black Widow role. Black Widow vs Fu Manchu (Shang Chi's father) would be a hell of a storyline! 😮 Somehow though I doubt such a stereotypical evil Oriental crimelord would appeal to Marvel producers. 😁
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