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  1. What do we expect the final USD Chinese gross for Godzilla vs Kong to be at this point?
  2. I really hope this has a 40M 5-day. I truly don't see how this could possibly gross 20M 5-day as Deadline seems to suggest. Hell Variety stated 3-day it would gross 23M
  3. Just saw GvK and holy cow the action sequences were awesome. Godzilla is so badass in this. Humans are very expendable and didn't care for any. But it wasn't annoying or cringe worthy like KOTM was in my opinion. I would say G14 is probably better but can't definitively tell you as I haven't seen the movie in a while
  4. For comparison what were the OD totals for Godzilla KOTM?
  5. They could pull a Birds of Prey where they just show some tiny sneak peek in front of a Warner Bros. movie, in this case Joker.
  6. Are you referring to DP? If so, I clearly insinuated that the fact it’ll do just 50 million more than it’s production budget is catastrophic
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