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  1. They could pull a Birds of Prey where they just show some tiny sneak peek in front of a Warner Bros. movie, in this case Joker.
  2. Are you referring to DP? If so, I clearly insinuated that the fact it’ll do just 50 million more than it’s production budget is catastrophic
  3. DP will probably gross just 50 million more than its production budget. Now that’s something MIB can certainly laugh at
  4. For sure. I remember I was in a 2D showing and getting really hyped up for the Mothra theme to kick in (since I’ve already seen the movie prior to it and so I knew when it was going to cue in) and boy was it low and underwhelming.
  5. Except for doing 2 major mistakes: Killing the best character and deliberately cutting away from the action set pieces. He should’ve let those two battles go on for a tiny bit as a “snack” for the audience.
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