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  1. I called zootopia a big hit.. but i rarely judge total numbers in advance unless its a huge movie, so i cant say i even thought about a billion(if i did it wouldnt be out of the question, just ahead in time).. it had great domestic legs, but shame it "only" made 75m ow since that turned into "only" 340m... it deserved more! the messages are spectacular... diversity/going against your own 'nature'/ intellect/prejudice/ inclusion/complacency/family _can_ be average... TTVOMJ
  2. Just imagine watching this guy's afternoon 0.0 look at all the work done o.O wtf is this? Geek tragedy? I bet this news actually improved his day .... why cant people like him display same level of creativity somewhere that matters? Or in public with a huge sign so we dont have to hunt him down with rat poison or face lotions... 😕here be numbers.. not who is n1... avatar rerelease will probably help avatar retake the spot..so why the lack of oxygen?0.0 imagine they add eternity or living tribunal? Silver surfer? Galactus? Doesnt that improve the hype for future? Isnt that a good thing while we also get, you know---MORE NUMBERS!?:/ and it gets JC pumping.. I see this as an absolute win! *.* TTVOMJ
  3. Made you look! ^^hihihihi Cant explain to everyone everything, but other children might learn by watching the beauty of underlining and seeing evil cowardly repetition squirm^^ Hihi TTVOMJ
  4. Nothing flies over my head.. my hands are too fast and i would catch it.... but here we are xD Edit: my bad.. this is about aladdin being an orphan and having "scary white teeth"...gotcha xD TTVOMJ
  5. I disagree and to picture it i can safely say i forgot what was the argument xD so much for epic IM impact.. but that is beside the point.. these are just opinions.. whatever the numbers end up being so much has happened since then that its hard to clearly call IM having any impact at all..my opinion and your opinion are only opinions BECAUSE these things are unquantifiable...and are accidentaly opposite ends of the spectrum.. if they were facts sure np..but you said _for sure_ which just didnt sit well with me^^ i am sure you meant the same(high probability or something), but just wasnt thinking too much about it:) TTVOMJ
  6. How on earth will you know something unquantifiable like this _for sure_?xD TTVOMJ
  7. Thats spartacus btw.. Nolan is a thief! I co stared in a short film in 2008 thats posted on my fb in which that spinner thing is how the film closes... and now this!.. i call tenet little joint butts on which i stick my boogers so to annoy my best half ^^ geez chris This is what i got when searching for nolan disbelief 😕 TTVOMJ
  8. So was he.. but with a bit more vivisec....oops! vivid.. Umm... yeah... xD TTVOMJ
  9. Numbers! Who cares who is on top? Just give as biggest numberzzz... this isnt godfather site... we are not here for merit.. if minions 2 becomes n1 ww its not like it isnt too late for the world xD it will just give as a hell of a bo run to follow^^ noone can take away avatar/titanic time.. i was there xD its mine!!! Unforgattable...so stop clinging. Elsa said let it go.. who are we to argue? TTVOMJ
  10. Oh... but thats the issue.. if you only have hindsight... thats bad... you can have variations.. just not complete misses... i missed mine for aladdin.. but not by that much... my prediction upon news regarding its release were batb+... come 2019 they were 150m 4d and refused to fall below 120m.. hoping for 130m... sometimes its just stubborness/ego or even blindness/out of touch with reality that keeps you from succeeding TTVOMJ
  11. If you are not cheering for it to fail then i was wrong and i apologize.. also.. i started tracking box office on my automatic phone each tuesday back in 1995.. so i have exp dont worry xD experience when it comes to box office dont mean much(i aint a prophet)... all my experience has only led me on so far.. and its just a hunch... then life introduces you to places like bom, bop, the-numbers, different analysis, deadline.. then people like asgardians, deep wang, menor, porthos and most of the people here show up..sorry if i forgot to mention any of the bot pillars.. then you realize it all adds up bit by bit, but never a full picture.. just that hunch getting smoother.. but there is always that itch.. and even tho i never expected ffh to reach 400m and i still dont, going just by ps is a nono.. why? Experience tells me so...not alot of 6 day comps/2019 summer LOL can swing both ways/ EG halo/ BIG live action draught might cause thirst?/ tom holand zendaya shipping-twittersphere/ some sequel bump/clues to bigger MCU picture... so that is why based on my experience i think you should update yours^^ but just up to a hunch.. you can still have it your ways.. i am in no way positive about this because my _true_ barometar is how much i want to see a film..compare this to endgame? A joke TTVOMJ
  12. That is such a wrong judgment i cant see any redemption... is it a bad bandvagon... lack of different perspective... the only thing that could redeem you or anyone else who thought that would be if you expected 35-40% lesser gross.. since even now the effects of its true potential are visible/squandered... too bad .. and sad:/ not that its a great movie(its just ok).. but we could have had 1 more 2019 1b+ earner(still possible, but it could have gone to 1.3b) if people on the internet and press that follows them(vicious positive feedback loop) had better things to do than oblige monday afternoon bore and feelfeels 😕 learn something from this.. gauge yourself by mistakes and those strange feelings that arise when saying something out of place.. those are red flags TTVOMJ
  13. Pathetic to cheer for a random movies failure when surrounded by people who like box office numbers.. TTVOMJ
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