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  1. Jimbo swallowed a soap hahaha....there there honey... i will buy you erotic magazines xD TTVOMJ
  2. 3/4 of people left the cinema before your so called cliffhanger that has NOTHING to do with the MCU... the only difference this will make is that sony will lose face until spider man reenters the MCU after their allready announced schedule which lacks spiderman anyway... or look at it this way-movies arent like comics and closures are welcomed by GA... film franchises are inherently difficult to sustain and the closest ones to break that tradition ARE superheroes, james bond and sw... losing spiderman means they lost maybe 2 years of relevance and marvel has at least 15 years worth of crazy material at their disposal after they aquired x men and ff.. and lets not forget endgame and what it did to the world TTVOMJ
  3. Look people! Definiton of average... Proof: mentioning Venom and ITSV in the same sentence TTVOMJ
  4. When can we expect early numbers again you amazing indian man you? ^^ It2? Joker? Frozen2? Skywalker? All of them and only them? XD TTVOMJ
  5. Their tent poles* .. you are slipping jimbo 😕 how is rl treating you this amazing summer? XD Ps: are you really thinking 4 billion dollars for avedar 2? Whats the catch? Is jim really doing no glasses 3d?:o btw this isnt a joke, i have huge respect for cameron and it pains me to see him missrepresented(bad fans and wrong choice as his best movie- avedar) TTVOMJ
  6. Go back to that hate thread.. you are repeating yourselves and it seems like an evil oliver twist 😕 i wanted this movie and it looks like planet did too... try to belittle my taste and i will offer a 1 on 1 twitch stream where you will walk away wanting a live action remake of everything you ever said online TTVOMJ
  7. They are trying to reach a BO milestone and we are on a box office forum... Cmon?o.O TTVOMJ
  8. I will try to explain this with an example... as a kid i saw every action movie and we literally counted each blows in fist fights, every high roundkick, every good looking explosion.. we were rigorous in this regard and BLIND to its actual quality.. as time passed i started to notice how each film/genre fitted into its historic continuity.. art copies life, life copies art, art copies art and life copies life... after switching to hardcore horrors/thrillers even psycho looks mundane, but to people who never seen anything like it before(same with citizen kane for the people of that era) it must have felt how seeing braveheart/rotk/t2/titanic felt for us.. a GAMECHANGER... now to give some due credit to individual judgmental thinking some classics age better than others... carpenter's the thing is immortal, goonies too, but ARE THEY? is it just me who saw them just in that right moment and is nostalgia playing tricks on me? To answer that we have to go back to ben hur, lawrence of arabia, the third man, paths of glory etc. Those are perfect as they are even tho i havent seen them before they became "old" or quaint looking.. there are examples in between/up to debate as well ofc... so that leaves us in an ungratefull spot to always step back and take a look at the big picture... Edit: what was gamechanging in citizen kane for its era? Rosebud- "Its not about the money" TTVOMJ
  9. Just imagine watching this guy's afternoon 0.0 look at all the work done o.O wtf is this? Geek tragedy? I bet this news actually improved his day .... why cant people like him display same level of creativity somewhere that matters? Or in public with a huge sign so we dont have to hunt him down with rat poison or face lotions... 😕here be numbers.. not who is n1... avatar rerelease will probably help avatar retake the why the lack of oxygen?0.0 imagine they add eternity or living tribunal? Silver surfer? Galactus? Doesnt that improve the hype for future? Isnt that a good thing while we also get, you know---MORE NUMBERS!?:/ and it gets JC pumping.. I see this as an absolute win! *.* TTVOMJ
  10. Made you look! ^^hihihihi Cant explain to everyone everything, but other children might learn by watching the beauty of underlining and seeing evil cowardly repetition squirm^^ Hihi TTVOMJ
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