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  1. Jimbo swallowed a soap hahaha....there there honey... i will buy you erotic magazines xD TTVOMJ
  2. The only writing on the wall is what i feel.. and i felt endgame would break all time record back in 2012 when arguing with ex on who thanos is/his relevance... before that i said avatar would break it a year before first footage appeared... i screamed sparta!!!!! 2 years before march 2007.... first pic of gandalf(1999 or 2000)) on the way to mount charadras turned my head upside down and i started to notice fantasy... so why am i saying this? Because tfa was expected and anticipated(old crew/10year gap/holiday epic space invented by lotr-producers are blind for not going for it like dogs)as a nostalgia fuel pump with those desert shots... tlj was a sequel to a non event since ford AND carrie fisher were barely holding their guns in it and were non essential... they then passed the torch as they should but its still same old same old... EXCEPT tlj "middle finger"... you really think grandmothers that saw black panther and tfa would show up for sequels of ANYTHING? FORGET IT!.. tlk had no replay value as little girls that drive them didnt feel encouraged enough to sing beyonces boring album while the movie felt exaclty as it should have... i was 50 50 on it... if girls like the songs it would have reached 700m/2b... NOW INFINITY WAR 2B? so? Thats the only tv show in cinema.. what did you expect for finale? Are you serious? Some might like something but people LOVE these characters.. there is no lukewarm like sw... lukewarm=no attachment... epic holiday film last year=aquaman... epic holiday film this year is sw=big bucks... or look at it this way.. they ALL should have made less and WOULD HAVE...outside it...that winter cinema feel is the new summer .. TTVOMJ
  3. Saying eg had better legs than cw and boasting with it is like trying to boast with a tie break against a person in a wheelchair... regarding r1... he was trying to say just because no negativity occured in r1 post mortem that it doesnt mean its as positive as tlj upper echelons of likebility... example: some hate the watchmen, but to me its unforgettable(strong feelings-up there with tdk, unbreakable, deadpool, batman, gotg)... then you get something i "just" liked like captain marvel and just because watchmen didnt instil equillibrium it doesnt mean it doesnt need fierce defense when compared with CM.. example on example: while i am not crazy about silence of the lambs i COMPLETELY bow to its worth... i am crazy about zodiac and CAN understand why some would find its running time troublesome... neither of these 2 movies had people saying "why did they ruin _insert insert insert_?" Is it because of expectations(comics/franchise) and why/when did expectations become the worst part of post 2000s character development?(internet) On a scale of 1 to 100 the ones who like something 100 need to adjust to reality and spread the love if they dont want disappointment tearing them apart... on that scale i have movies at 90(i only dislike christian movies)... sw at 65(compared to lotr/godfather/mcu which are like 66)...so you can see, that difference allows my feelings to sink in as they should.. learn to let go... TTVOMJ
  4. I read the comment section backwards.. like japanese comics and as soon as i entered a comfortable table of contents i knew instantly it was porthos ❤️ (unlike myself who dont allow capital letters hehehe)...such a warm/representative/contributive presence here... i noticed you are a sw fan and if it makes you feel any better my alien gf, who is also an admin like you used to be, but on a waterfasting group on fb AND she also writes fabulously like yourself xD...well me and her we LOVED tlj... we saw it in theater 3 times and we were stocked about the idea of kylo and rey hitting it off... cliche when it works IS the most powerfull strategically placed drama element next to music (xD will farell reference) so go for it lucasfilm and show us new horizons by breaking the expected mold.. if you throw in something that some portion of 7billion people thought of before, went bananas and "smeared" by irrelevant attempts, trust us there are some of us who wont budge in the face of average population weighing average things and putting it on pedestals for others to nudge... xD call everything its rightfull name and you become an immovable object.. just like it used to be in the 90's before everyone got a "voice" xD Go Porthos!! (Damn i gave you a capital letter xD) TTVOMJ
  5. 3/4 of people left the cinema before your so called cliffhanger that has NOTHING to do with the MCU... the only difference this will make is that sony will lose face until spider man reenters the MCU after their allready announced schedule which lacks spiderman anyway... or look at it this way-movies arent like comics and closures are welcomed by GA... film franchises are inherently difficult to sustain and the closest ones to break that tradition ARE superheroes, james bond and sw... losing spiderman means they lost maybe 2 years of relevance and marvel has at least 15 years worth of crazy material at their disposal after they aquired x men and ff.. and lets not forget endgame and what it did to the world TTVOMJ
  6. Noone replied to you regarding venoms quality.. it was to cameropopadon... nice try tho TTVOMJ
  7. Answer the questions... xD of all the passive agressive people here your lion king appearances solidified you as the king of weeping hahaha TTVOMJ
  8. Hindsight tells us you are right, but feige working for free does take time and time IS money..having said that if i was disney i would do anything to have him and that is why i think this whole thing is going to pass without casualties.. TTVOMJ
  9. "Just"? Who appointed you with that kid avatar to judge what is "only" or "just"? An asshole is an asshole.. not tolerable... TTVOMJ
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