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  1. Megaplex Theatres reopens tomorrow. 50 seat limit and automatic 3 seat buffer between each group.
  2. I doubt movie theaters are dead. But this fall will not be an indicator either way. Many people will probably still wait for a vaccine. We should wait until a vaccine is out for any real conclusions on the state of theaters. Anything else, even by so called experts, is just speculation imo.
  3. I echo George. My list is so fluid. Lots of bunches that are basically just coin tosses The Last Jedi Empire Strikes Back Rogue One A New Hope Return of the Jedi The Clone Wars series(2008) The Rise of Skywalker The Force Awakens KOTOR 2 KOTOR The Mandalorian Jedi: Fallen Order Rebels Revenge of the Sith Solo Battlefront 2(2017) Battlefront 2(2005) The Clone Wars(2003) The Phantom Menace Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Republic Commando Resistance Attack of the Clones The Clone Wars movie Galactic Battlegrounds
  4. Don’t think this has been posted https://www.dallasnews.com/food/restaurant-news/2020/05/08/mark-cuban-hires-secret-shoppers-to-investigate-safety-protocols-at-dallas-area-restaurants-and-stores/
  5. Somewhere in the middle. It varies by state to state. Some states report people tested, some report specimens tested.
  6. I was falling asleep while watching Rogue One yesterday. Guess that means I hate it now.
  7. Top Star Wars characters countdown. I’d like to do top 100, but top 50 might be more realistic, so I’ll tentatively stick to that. Voting July 13th to August 5th. Reveal August 7-9.
  8. I’ve just realized that Qui-Gon tried to calm down Jar Jar with the Force when they were being chased by monsters and made him pass out 😂. And that’s why Obi-Wan says “You overdid it.” Idk how that’s gone over my head the countless times I’ve watched TPM, but that makes it so much more funny.
  9. The only problem with this data is that it doesn’t take increased testing into account. Here in Utah we’ve been testing more and more people these past two weeks, and over that same stretch, the percent of confirmed cases vs total people tested has been trending downward. April 16th, we were at 2683 positives/49678 total tested. 5.4%. Today we’re at 4495/105778. 4.2%. We’re moving from a “high risk” phase to a “moderate risk” phase, which means stuff will start opening up under strict guidelines. I personally think we should wait at least another 2-3 weeks, but the data has been trending in the right direction.
  10. Alabama had a pretty big negative dump. Almost 19,000 new results reported. Also, Massachusetts’ data for today(at least on covidtracking) is across two days. And looks like some other small dumps here and there. So in reality, tests were probably pretty flat from yesterday.
  11. Bloodline and Lost Stars are top tier. Lost Stars might be my favorite one. Claudia Gray is amazing with Star Wars. Her books Master & Apprentice and Leia: Princess of Alderaan are great too.
  12. Yeah Aftermath wasn’t that good. But you should get back into the canon novels. There are some great ones.
  13. This should be fun. I’ve never done a cross media Star Wars ranking before. (Also you should reconsider your book stance but it’s cool if not)
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