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  1. Oct 7th, 14th, or 21st. Like TFA and TLJ, the final trailer will most likely premiere at Monday Night Football, and tickets will go on sale.
  2. Doing your research is a bad thing? And it’s not like she was boasting about why she picked Keah Brown. She was asked by Brown. She said she had someone put together a study to confirm it, and also spoke to women of color, and said it sounded like across the board they weren’t getting the same opportunities as others. So she made an effort to change that. Funny how you bring up “neckbeards” when Brie didn’t even say that... But yeah what she said could’ve been said A LOT better. However she followed up by saying “What I’m looking for it to bring more seats up to the table. No one is getting their chair taken away.” PoTC and LoTR were definitely not headlined by their female characters. Sorry, but most people didn’t go out to watch Elizabeth, Eowyn, Arwen, or Galadriel. Not to discredit their characters, they were awesome. Hermione is probably the best example you have here. And I echo what Avatree said about your other examples. Is this what the GA is saying though? I don’t care what some critics or people on Twitter are saying. It’s not a representation of the GA. 99.999% of people are not doing the Bechdel test when watching movies. 99.999% of the audience aren’t talking about how Joker is “appealing to bros” What is even meant by the “Yes slay queen” cliche? That having an awesome action scene for a woman is cliche? What are all the action scenes for men then? I really don’t understand. I agree, lines like this are forced. But does it really ruin anything? Ignore it, who cares? It’s such a small moment like the Endgame teamup scene. Yeah, but the anti-SJW blows most things about “SJWs” out of proportion. Even to the point where they’re straight up spewing false information. The anti-SJW agenda is so much worse imo. What has the “SJW” agenda done that is so bad? Make Ghostbusters 2016?
  3. Why is it such a bad thing for her to pick an underrepresented person to interview her? It’s not like she looked up some YouTube videos about how disabled PoC are underrepresented, she said she noticed that in her press conferences. When is credit taken for something that always existed? I’m pretty sure Brie Larson mentioned Wonder Woman multiple times. It’s not like she was saying she was the first female superhero. Umm what was so bad about her in Endgame? That they decided to do some off-screen character growth for her? This is the first I’ve heard of it. Any examples? And who are “they”? People writing opinion articles or actually making the movie? Oh no my bro-a-thon had a cheesy moment of a women teamup, it’s ruined! Seriously, who cares? Do you really think they were watching for this one moment nobody knew about? Is it so bad to love that moment and to talk about it? I’m sure plenty of women and girls loved it, and that scene didn’t inject your brain with horrible sjw agendas, did it? I mean, I rolled my eyes at that scene but ultimately I don’t care. Is that really what you see every time there’s a female character on screen? People cry about the SJW politics in movies, but I just don’t see it. So many quotes have been taken out of context to “prove” that there’s a SJW agenda in Marvel and Star Wars. Frankly, I think the anti-SJW agenda is much bigger than the “SJW agenda” in Marvel and Star Wars.
  4. Wouldn’t Marvel fans be poor since they actually have good movies to watch in theaters?
  5. Just watched The Dark Knight. Haven’t watched it since before IW. Still holds up as the GOAT CBM
  6. Thanks for that. Opinions about Disney Star Wars aside, it’s a really good insight into how toxic some fans are. Especially YouTube Star Wars and how “sjws are ruining Star Wars”
  7. IT: Chapter 2 Thursday Night Showings Denver AMC Westminster Promenade 24: IMAX: 7 PM – 20/411 10:45 PM – 0/411 Prime: 7 PM – 28/187(+4) 10:45 PM – 7/187 Dolby: 7 PM – 97/217(+4) 10:45 PM – 5/217 2D: 5 PM – 4/56 5:15 PM – 0/38 5:30 PM – 1/38 5:45 PM – 0/48 6 PM – 14/48 6:15 PM – 0/44 6:30 PM – 0/44 7 PM – 2/158 7 PM – 2/92 7:15 PM – 2/92 7:30 PM – 0/94 7:45 PM – 0/94 8 PM – 0/48 8:15 PM – 0/48 8:30 PM – 0/44 8:45 PM – 0/56 9 PM – 0/38 9:15 PM – 0/38 9:30 PM – 0/48 9:45 PM – 0/48 10 PM – 0/44 10:15 PM – 0/44 10:30 PM – 0/44 10:45 PM – 0/158 10:45 PM – 0/92 11 PM – 0/92 11:15 PM – 0/94 11:30 PM – 0/94 AMC Highlands Ranch 24: IMAX: 7 PM – 10/384 10:45 PM – 5/384 Dolby: 7 PM – 92/210(+3) 10:45 PM – 7/210 2D: 5 PM – 2/85(+2) 5:30 PM – 2/52 6 PM – 0/52 6:30 PM – 2/52 7 PM – 19/159(+10) 7:30 PM – 0/85 7:45 PM – 0/85 8:45 PM – 0/85 9:15 PM – 2/52 9:45 PM – 0/52 10:15 PM – 3/52 Total from 9 theaters(97 showings): 665(+46)/14474 (4.6%)
  8. I’m not really sure, but right now I’m leaning towards no. Sony is obviously trying to get an Endgame type of expansion, but they can’t really do that. Even with the new director’s cut, I don’t know if they can convince enough people. It should still give a better boost than the typical Labor Day expansion. But it’s not Endgame and probably won’t be as sustainable. Especially with IT 2 coming out, it will eat up a bunch of regular and PLF screens. Homecoming was able to survive the IT release because it was the 7th best performing movie up throughout the first week of IT. This weekend, FFH is estimated to be 12th. Another result of Homecoming still performing at number 7 was that it was able to retain theaters with needing a new incentive. FFH hasn’t been able to do that. FFH is in 800 less theaters than Homecoming the same weekend.
  9. No. It would need way better mid-late legs than Aladdin and Toy Story 4 to even have hopes of 600M. We’ll see how these upcoming weekdays perform, but they will probably start performing worse because of school, with weekends picking up the weight.
  10. That’s the first sub 40% week to week drop. First sub 43% if we wanna get more specific. I wonder how these weekdays will hold with school back in full swing(for the most part I assume)
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