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  1. I’m very late to the party, but I watched Room for the first time. 10/10. Don’t think I’ve ever cried that much during a movie. I was not prepared for that lol. I came across one of Brie Larson’s YouTube videos and decided to watch it. So glad I did.
  2. Right now it’s 290 in the hospital, and 96 in the ICU. And we’re not quite in crisis mode yet, but well along the way. There are about 600 ICU beds statewide, which means we still have about 150 open, but at the same time health care personnel shortages are becoming a problem. There are plans in place to increase that capacity if needed. We’ve got a site for a temporary hospital that can be built in less than a day, and can convert regular beds into ICU beds. And the Utah National Guard is on standby. I really have no idea how many ICU beds per capita a state should have. But just quickly googling around, we are below average in the US. Even then, I’ll be more upset at Utah as a whole not doing enough to contain the spread than I will at our healthcare system starting to feel the strain.
  3. (Crosspost to a more appropriate thread) This is exactly what has been happening in Utah. If we don’t turn it around quick, we will be in the same situation. Record high cases and hospitalizations today.
  4. Another record high in Utah. Almost 1200 new cases. Thankfully no deaths, but that will not be the case soon. We’ve gone from 120 currently hospitalized to 188 in one week. It took over two weeks for hospitalizations to rise that fast during our spike in June. It’s not looking good.
  5. Already hitting Utah. Huge spikes this past week, far and away record highs. Largely due to college and high school students socializing irresponsibly outside of school.
  6. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nearly-onethird-of-us-households-purchased-mulan-on-disney-for-30-fee-data-221410961.html It is just one estimate, so take it as you will. But I agree with SpiderByte. Even if this estimate is off by a big chunk, that still should make Disney+ Black Widow more and more likely.
  7. There are estimates saying Mulan made $261M in the US through Sept 12th. If that’s pretty accurate, it makes sense to throw them to Disney+ instead of continually delaying
  8. Gonna watch this with a closed caption device my second time Not Nolan’s best, but I enjoyed what I understood about the film lol. We’ll see how it goes the second time
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