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  1. From what I gather, It will quite a meltdown when FFH do not pass CM. OW will be difficult to judge due to 6 days.
  2. This is one of the main reason I don't root for Disney much. https://twitter.com/getFANDOM/status/1128289530061234176?s=09
  3. Cinderella is the best remake so far. Acting production, costume design everything was so good.
  4. I think problem is with writer and director. Brie Larson is good actress if she is given right material she will steal the show. Watch Scott Pilgrim, Short Term 12 and Room. This is same problem as Captain America. In its first outing CA didn't connected much with audience. We should give her time. Criticising Brie will not help. Marvel writers should be criticised for not writing compelling storyline.
  5. They didn't buy Holmes and Watson. Also, Doom Patrol is lesser known brand than Titans. It didn't generate huge buzz also. Very niche imo.
  6. It's pretty bad imo. Presales will slow down considerably. Will it even reach 3M before release?
  7. Aladdin was meant to be failure. Honestly speaking Mena doesn't look a bit like Alaadin. Same goes for Jafar.
  8. Very good imo. Family movies dive in weekdays. I think it will do around 30m this weekend.
  9. Yeah, I don't understand who hired Guy Ritchie for Alaadin. All the live action movies from Disney (except Alice) atleast had something going for them. Even Dumbo has some good elements. Alaadin looks fake. I will watch it anyways because of curiosity.
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