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  1. Here's your answer: Coming to digital tonight, Disney+ in April 3rd. They don't know when box office will reopen and by then it will be too late. So might as well get some new content on Disney+ from it.
  2. Loved the trailer, have a good feeling about this one. Looking like it could be Warner's 5th $1+ billion DC movie (TDK, TDKR, Aquadude and of course Joker being the previous three). Once they stopped trying to fit them all together the DC universe thingy has become a lot better which in turn greatly improved their box office. With this they'll have 3 of their last 4 DC movies over $1 billion, which is getting into Marvel territory of box office consistency. Nope, wait, forgot about Birds of Prey, that definitely won't do $1 billion (although I'd like to be proven wrong), so it will be 3 of the last 5. Sure it's not as good as 3 out of 4 but still a major improvement over the start of this whole thing where they barely got the frigging Justice League to $650 million worldwide.
  3. That's good for Spider-Man, even with Homecoming, and if it can stay level from here on out it could still crack $400 million (if it does exactly like Homecoming from this point on it will finish with $400.7 million, so seriously cutting it close there). It all comes down to next weekend and how much of an impact H&S will have on it. But seriously, it needs to stay at least even from now on, and if it doesn't the $400 million dream is over.
  4. Before this decade you could count the 1 billion earners on one hand (Titanic made it there in 1998, Return of the King, Dead Man's Chest, The Dark Knight and Avatar got there in 2003, 2006, 2008 and 2009). Now we don't have anywhere near enough extremities to get up to the 41 we currently have, and that number will grow to at least 45 by the end of the year.
  5. This is very important to keep in mind, as they can't really charge in India what they can charge in most other countries. So what do you think they'll charge in India when it gets there in 2020? Netflix are doing the $3 a month mobile only plan specifically for India, will Disney try to match that? With the cricket matches I think they could potentially ask for more, but also that would likely cut into the total number of subscribers they can get. So it ends up being a question of volume and do they want to serve a bigger audience but get less from them, or do they think they can charge a premium and get away with it without losing too many million potential subscribers.
  6. So basically Disney will end up with over $10 billion worldwide in 2019 from just 10 releases (one of which was a documentary, by the way, and we're also not counting the Fox stuff). It will be a long time before another studio (even Disney) ever match this year.
  7. It's another metric for viewer satisfaction, which can then lead to good or not so good word of mouth. The higher that score, the more likely that person is to recommend the movie to his friends, thus better legs for the film in question.
  8. This right here, they've only committed to 2 seasons so only about half a billion would go down the drain if they pulled the plug early because maybe it sucks or something. Sure, it wouldn't be a 1 billion flop, but it's not like half a billion is pocket change, even for Amazon.
  9. Well close to a third of the money goes to the Tolkien estate, so that's that, and the rest would be the budget for at least 4-5 seasons, which all things considered isn't THAT unrealistic when you think about what they're creating. And if it's a hit and they make even more seasons, oh it will go way past $1 billion. The $1 billion was a given since the start, when reports came that they'd spend over half a billion for the first two seasons alone (about 300 million went to the Tolkien estate for the rights). It will probably take at least 4 or 5 seasons (if not more) and who knows how many years for Amazon to even consider this a profitable endeavor. And that's only if it's actually good. The pressure on J. A. Bayona is going to be insane, would certainly not want to be that guy, potentially behind one of the most expensive flops in the history of entertainment. Would certainly dwarf anything Hollywood has ever done.
  10. You're saying that like those two aren't some of the leggiest movies of the summer. Aladdin might end up with a 4 multi, despite opening on Memorial Day weekend while Toy Story 4 is looking to at least match Toy Story 3's multi. The Lion King will finish with around a 3, which is certainly nothing to cry about for a movie that opened to $191.8 million. Yes, it will be above a 50% drop, but that's what most realistically expected anyway.
  11. This should become Tarantino's highest grossing movie yet, both in North America and worldwide. I've heard 50 OW, 200 DOM and I agree.
  12. That's what I was thinking, it might already be there, either got there yesterday or today. And with Lion King and Toy Story 4 following very soon (the first obviously quite a bit sooner) that's 5 out of their 7 total 2019 releases over $1 billion worldwide. Not gonna check, but I'm pretty sure that's a record. Oh and one of the two that won't make it to $1 billion is a documentary (Penguins) while the other is Dumbo. They have THREE, yes, that's right, just 3 more movies left to release this year, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Two of those are guaranteed to also score over $1 billion worldwide, so that will be 7 out of 10 releases over $1 billion each. As for the other, well unless Maleficent 2 is some kind of masterpiece with incredible WoM you know that's doing Dumbo numbers. Mickey Mouse is pretty much DESTROYING the competition this year at the box office with just 10 things they're putting out in theaters, that's half or even less than the competition while making probably twice as much from ticket sales. How the hell did we get here?
  13. Well based on those numbers I can definitely tell you it's not going to do the numbers Deadline was pitching a couple days ago (90+). Was hoping for 85 this weekend but I was also ready for 75, it is what it is, it will make the difference with weekdays. Next week will give us a much better picture regarding Lion King's legs. Toy Story 4 still over Toy Story 3 and Far From Home still just below Homecoming (but not by much) and Endgame, no idea what that's all about but I'm pretty certain Disney are going for that sweet round 2.8er. Oh and Aladdin being Aladdin once again. Did it make it already to 1 billion or is it this weekend? It's possible it could have made it yesterday, but it could also just as well be today. I wasn't ready many trades yesterday and today, anyone have any idea if it did it? (I know Spider-Man did it, that one I got as it was everywhere)
  14. Oh he is DEFINITELY in it in some capacity, but personally I'd stick to Patton Oswalt for Remy. I know who would have been perfect as the food critic, but sadly he isn't with us anymore (Alan Rickman).
  15. You know what would actually work as a live-action remake but will never happen for obvious reasons? That dude in my user icon, of course. Why would it be perfect? Look at how popular cooking shows are right now, this is just a great story that could tap into all of that. Why it will never happen? Because who the HELL wants to see an accurately rendered RAT cooking food for people in a real kitchen. Rat and kitchen really don't go together at all. It worked as an animation because kids don't really care and it was much easier to get over the whole rat in kitchen issue because he didn't actually look like a real rat. But at some point in a couple years Disney will run out of animated classics to turn live-action, so you know they'll start looking at Pixar's library, so if we ever do get a live-action Ratatouille (like 1% chance of it happening, realistically), I would certainly want to see what that looks like (as long as they don't turn Remy into Stuart Little, of course).
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