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  1. This month sure was crammed with movies. No one really won except Disney.
  2. They needed more recognizable actors I Imagine. Skull Island had John Goodman, Samuel Jackson, Brie Larson and Tom Hiddleson and John C Riley's character elevated that movie. The most important thing is making a good movie though and I think Legendary constantly giving their monster verse films to indie style tier directors and writers is hurting them. You need a strong script and an engaging story line for these kind of movies. I like Trick R Treat and Krampus, but they are completely different films than a big styled Hollywood blockbuster. This film needed more payoff as well. Why are we focusing on the truck while Ghidorah and Godzilla are beating the piss outta of each other? It just feels like these indie directors are making stupid mistakes that ultimately hurts their film. If Legendary or whoever next pick ups the Godzilla rights are going to have to wait a while to make another Godzilla film and look pretty close at what went wrong with KOTM and Godzilla 2014.
  3. I loved the movie. Wish it didn't cut away so much in the final battle though. It really needed a Skull Island final fight to make it perfect for me which it didn't deliver. Dougherty wasn't as strong of a director as Gareth. As a Godzilla fan though loved the story it's very much in the same vein as the classic ones and all the "pointless exposition" set up the universe the 2014 film should have done. I'm ready for Godzilla vs. Kong now.
  4. People were already on the fence and the reviews killed any enthusiasm. The film should have been better unfortunately.
  5. I suggest you read all parts of this to see the amount of bullshit that went through that film. It really is a good read. http://www.scifijapan.com/articles/2015/05/10/godzilla-unmade-the-history-of-jan-de-bonts-unproduced-tristar-film-part-1/
  6. He'd be a dream come true, but I doubt that this franchise will ever be able to get someone that high up in the director's sphere. It's why they mostly stuck with lower scale indie directer like Edwards, Dougherty and Wingard for the Monsterverse. Even back in the 90's Sony couldn't ever get someone high profile to take it after fishing around the likes of Burton, Joe Dante, Ridley Scott, Robert Zemeckis and eventually settled with Jan De Bont before Sony mucked it up.
  7. You can dislike this film, but don't you dare disrespect the first Pacific Rim. Del Torro nailed the action and scale for that film. Whoever gets this franchise next needs to hire him for the next Godzilla film.
  8. Anyone else remember Godzilla 1998 where that version could out run helicopters and missiles, but by the end of the movie it can't catch a Taxi cab for 15 whole minutes? Good times.
  9. Yea, but if the quality starts slipping I'm okay with them stopping. Maybe a break is all the series needs for it's future.
  10. Honestly I think it would have been fine if the movie was better. Pretty much everyone I knew who was on the fence of seeing it stopped because of the reviews. Aladdin had the benefit of years of nostalgia from a good movie to get butts in the seats while all this one had was Godzilla 2014 which most of the casual audience already hated.
  11. Honestly it's more likely these reviews are killing it than Disney. Legendary needs to stop handing out their biggest franchise to indie directors and get someone with a solid vision and name to get butts in seats. No offense to Doughtry, but Trick N Treat and Krampus are both pretty low scale movies. After this and Kong they're more than likely going to have to give the Godzilla franchise another long break and reboot it again with a smaller budget like Bumblebee. It kind of annoys me that none of the American Godzilla movies have ever tried to tackle any themes like Climate Change, Nuclear power, or had anything to say. I just want to see what that first Comic Con trailer promised me back in 2012. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVp3rV5ZrTI
  12. Darn, good catch though. I just saw this tweet and took it as it was written. https://twitter.com/Variety/status/1134067183942868992
  13. So has that Godzilla doing 70 mil Variety article been posted here already?
  14. It's probably market saturation honestly. These have been coming out pretty steadily in the past 5 years and the quality (no offense) hasn't really increased that much like the Super Hero Genre.
  15. That's fine with me honestly. We're lucky to get this many movies as it is. I still want to see a serious take on the 1954 film one day that the 2014 film never really scratched. Can't really do that without a break when people of the general audience are tired of the franchise. Hopefully these films bring back back more awareness to the franchise and we get another good animated series again.
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