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  1. Why not just get Richard Kind to play Penguin, I love Farrel but it’s like Jared Leto in House of Gucci, just get an actor that looks the part lol. Movie looks solid, I think it’ll do BIG business.
  2. I get the feeling this more "adult" Batman animated show is gonna end up being more juvenile than the 90s one.
  3. Maybe if Blue Beetle does well, we can get the Booster Gold/BB film as a theatrical sequel.
  4. Hearing the Elfman music was great but I don't care about any aspect of this film outside of Keaton. I thought the Snyder Cut was great but I still don't like Ezra Miller as Flash.
  5. I love how Aquaman 1 was more epic than most superhero team up/conclusion movies and yet they're going even bigger and crazier somehow. I hope WB doesn't restrain Wan at all after Malignant's soft box office. I wanna see him go all out cranked to 11 with this being his last Aquaman film.
  6. I wonder if the hierarchy of power in the DC universe is going to change or not...🤔
  7. David Gordon Green is a massive liar and hypocrite. He retcons all the sequels to bring Halloween back to it's roots more (which he mostly succeeded at in 2018)...only to do all the same shit again from the later films. Mob violence against Michael (done in 4) and Michael is Jason-lite again. They even used footage from Halloween II as a flashback for one of the characters because it's convenient now. It had some fun kills, the Carpenter score was good and Michael looked bad ass but this was so sloppily made and written, it's bizarre that this was the same team. The townsfolk share exactly one
  8. "It was really fun to watch him see how technology has advanced," Holland adds. "When he was making these films, the arms were puppets, and when we did it, they're all imaginary and CG. It was quite cool to see him relive it, but also relearn it." That's not a good thing Tom.
  9. That sounds absolutely miserable and I hate that they changed their trilogy over one night plan. Will anyone want more pandemic movies by late 2022? I don't think people even want them now. Also how's a time skip gonna be when most of these reviews say Kills feels like a part 1 movie (and probably ends on a cliffhanger).
  10. https://uproxx.com/movies/david-gordon-green-interview-halloween-kills-halloween-ends/ So the third movie one, is it still going to jump ahead a little bit? Is this true? I think I read that. Yeah. It jumps into a contemporary timeline. So we go from two episodes that are the same night in 2018. And then we’ll get up to speed with … It’ll take place the time of its release. So do you incorporate things that have happened in the real world since then, like what we’re going through now? Would that be part of it? Yeah. I guess there are going to be more masks around.
  11. If we're recasting the MI6 crew, I'd love to see a former Bond like Dalton take over for M. Also would be down to see a former Bond play a villain.
  12. I think cellphones have negatively affected horror films in general but the killer unlocking doors with an app is so lame.
  13. I think its because the other day, one notable film twitter person (forgetting their name) had a negative tweet about the film and got bombarded by thousands of MCU fans sending death threats, transphobic shit, sending twitter suicide notices, etc. When the hardcore fanboys reacted as such, all the anti marvel shitposters like this account came about to rile them up (since it's so easy to do so).
  14. I with the filmmakers rewatched the original film before making this. Mythologizing the movie where Dan Aykroyd gets a blowjob from a ghost is silly.
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