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  1. They waited too long to put "From the director of GOTG" in their trailers. The GA doesn't know who Gunn is or his "horribly beautiful mind".
  2. I thought the teaser for this looked decent but the more they show off of it, I've lost all interest. Rooting for Simu Liu though, loved Kim's Convenience.
  3. I agree with you that banking on GB as some epic nostalgia mythology is bad and bizarre (the original is mostly SNL guys riffing) but it looks significantly better than the 2016 one.
  4. I totally get the divided and negative responses from audiences but I loved it. It's this cross between a Twilight Zone/B movie vibe and this existential rumination on life and death that's breaking convention film rules as it goes along. One of the most creative and ambitiously shot films I've seen in a while, I wanna see it again just to study and focus on the framing and shot composition more closely. Some clunky dialogue and stilted performances but genuinely very thrilling and moving. I've only seen Sixth Sense and the Unbreakable trilogy so I really do need to go through the rest of M Ni
  5. All these reactions could've been written by the same person. Same PR buzzwords every time.
  6. "Hey guys, wanna see the new Jordan Peele movie with me?" "Nope?" "Ok, fine I'll go myself"
  7. I'm excited for the movie because of the book and Denis directing but the trailers haven't wowed me. I just find the visuals to be very washed out and dull to look at.
  8. It’d be nice to have everyone back for the finale but I’m not upset if Hobbs doesn’t come back either. He’s great in 5-7 but by the 8th film and especially in Hobbs & Shaw he was just playing himself. Bringing that same The Rock™️ energy that clashes hard with the sincerity of the series.
  9. Did it get bad responses at the test screening because its a faithful giallo (which would be divisive/not play well to general audiences) or is it just bad?
  10. Not exactly what I was expecting but it looks like a fun time. Wan's funhouse of horrors is usually solid.
  11. I'm always more down for a director's original vision and I adored "Ghost Story" so I'm really excited for this. I wonder how it would have been if A24 did release the 90 minute cut though, the auteur filmmaker driven indie studio cutting down a director's vision. The reaction from them doing it, would've been interesting.
  12. I know it's an out of context clip but I really hope the bad delivery is intentional, maybe the film itself is silly on purpose but wow that was rough.
  13. Movie would've been better if they actually went to space at the end. The finale was typical big CGI action stuff and already jarring with the first 2/3s, so why not go full tilt over the top crazy with it and commit to the absurdity instead of the lame half step. Aside from that, I found it surprisingly decent, first MCU film I've had fun with in a while.
  14. Rewatched Superman (1978). The effects have dated sure, but the film itself has aged tremendously well. So honest, sincere and heroic in a way that's so rare in comic book cinema now. Reeves really was terrific and I love the screwball style comedy with him and the Daily Planet gang. Top 3 superhero movie for me alongside, Spider-Man 2 and Batman Returns. 10/10
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