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  1. If this wasn’t tied down by all of the Disney stuff, I’d totally be interested in a psycho fashion designer movie. But as is, meh.
  2. Godzilla vs Kong was really fun but probably my third favourite in the series so far. I loved how silly and science fiction-y it got. The fights and visuals were excellent and the Team Kong humans were solid. The humans on the Godzilla side were pretty bad. I liked the conspiracy guy but the kids were annoying as hell. They should’ve focused more on the villains considering the [redacted] pilot was a Serizawa, Ken Watanabe’s characters son. You can tell a lot of the human stuff was cut for time. The Junkie XL score was predictably generic and bland. He didn’t use any themes from the past films and I barely noticed when the music played in the movie. The sound mixing in general was also really flat, it could just be compression from the stream but it lacked any strong bass or ‘oomph’ like the other films have. Overall though it was still a 7.5-8/10 for me. I can see why this one is clicking with people more, the story is very streamlined and to the point and it’s just dumb fun spectacle.
  3. I’m biased because I’m a big Godzilla fanboy but I loved KOTM as well. I really enjoyed GvK as well but it lacked a lot of the little things that I appreciated in the last film.
  4. The only major thing that bothered me with 2014 (aside from Cranston) is the cut away at the airport reveal. Up until that point I feel the film has done an excellent job building the tension and dread. Godzilla makes a truly epic appearance, the crowd inside the airport go silent as his foot hits the ground and we get a slow pan up as he roars. Then we cut away and don't get anything substantial until the ending, too little too late for me. I don't mind the teasing later but I think they should've given us something at the first reveal (small, short fight) and then save the big guns for the finale. The film always loses me as a viewer at that point.
  5. James Gunn’s pre Guardians R rated stuff was decidedly not mainstream friendly in the slightest. With an r rating and full creative freedom, I wonder if he’ll go back to his old ways or make his bad taste style more accessible. Movie looks really fun though!
  6. Sounds like critical response will be tepid at best but reviews weren't strong for KOTM either and I loved that film.
  7. God I miss Bear McCreary. This new theme gets close to sounding like the Godzilla theme then changes it. Very generic sounding overall.
  8. I’m sure Cry Macho is good but I think that tweet is making fun of this:
  9. I think this is the only time on a big release I’ve seen the Top Critics score be much higher.
  10. She would be perfect for Superman but it’s okay. We’ll get a snarky, formulaic JJ Abrams version that everyone is gonna LOVE.
  11. This looks nothing like the MCU? It looks like genuine camp not ironic sarcastic goofiness.
  12. As long as the trailer sells the tonal change from the first then audiences should be fine with it. Test audiences went in blind and would’ve been in for a shock ha.
  13. “Did you say cheesy? Cheesy is one of the words banned in my world. I’m tired of sincerity being something we have to be afraid of doing. It’s been like that for 20 years, that the entertainment and art world has shied away from sincerity, real sincerity, because they feel they have to wink at the audience because that’s what the kids like. We have to do the real stories now. The world is in crisis. I wanted to tell a story about a hero who believes in love, who is filled with love, who believes in change and the betterment of mankind. I believe in it. It’s terrible when it makes so many artists afraid to be sincere and truthful and emotional, and relegates them to the too-cool-for-school department. Art is supposed to bring beauty to the world.“ -Patty Jenkins
  14. Raimi’s films in general are campy but there’s great writing and directing behind it so it works. Like Spiderman, I think a character like WW can work with some campiness, it all depends on execution.
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