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  1. I’m hoping the show is like the x files for kaiju. Just following Monarch on different adventures, a literal monster of the week format. But the synopsis claims it’s about a family discovering the monsters or something lame like that. Glad to hear the next theatrical entry is still in development (presumably Son of Kong with Wingard directing). Hopefully we get some more movie announcements, fingers crossed for a Godzilla 3 or Mothra film.
  2. I'm thinking Toho is looking to restart their own movie series for Godzilla and don't want competing films. Does this mean no more Monsterverse films theatrically then? Or just Godzilla films? Because Wingard signed on for the next Kong film I'm pretty sure.
  3. It was good, I mean it's Macbeth. Didn't blow me away but it was a decent adaptation. Looked absolutely gorgeous and sound design was terrific!
  4. An extension to the extended cut? That's interesting and a decent way to make seeing it an event again. Hope we get our first 4k/3d discs for this version (and the sequels).
  5. Almost all the dev teams at Activision have just become COD support studios (including the great devs behind Crash 4). Hopefully under Xbox they can go back to making those smaller titles again.
  6. Based on the description sounds like WB bribed the MPA to get by on a PG13 lol.
  7. Great to see some Quo Vadis, Aida love! One of the best and most powerful films of 2021 for sure.
  8. I honestly think it may be Marty's best film and the best of his gangster epics for me (it being thematically similar to Once Upon a Time in America helps). The CGI is distracting at first but I honestly forgot about it after the first few scenes, I got used to it. Him beating up the guy at the grocery store is still really bad though ha.
  9. Dragged is his best imo, I think his producer/the production company he was with went under when one of the main guys got metoo'd which delayed things. He has a few projects and scripts of his in development but nothing concrete. https://councilofzoom.co.uk/2021/03/s-craig-zahler-announces-new-film-projects-and-a-western-miniseries/
  10. Going back to Man of Steel (a film that came out 9 years ago) and retconning the ending this late in the game seems futile. It wasn't all that well liked by the GA but it's been so long now, do they even remember it or care enough that it's "in the way" of a fresh slate so to speak?
  11. Made a special trip downtown to see this in 70mm but 15 minutes before the show, the projector broke so they had to show it digital instead. Quite unfortunate but the film was wonderful, absolutely loved it and one of the best of 2021.
  12. Ushered in the new year with two of my favourite films. Soylent Green which takes place in the far future of 2022 and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  13. At least we got one proper JL movie out of this but what a shitshow. Keaton is my guy, best Batman, best Batman movies but why wasn't he brought back for a Beyond film instead? And having him as a mentor figure with Batgirl as the lead Bat hero in the DC universe is just bizarre, seeing the Bat family on screen would've been much cooler. I get Affleck didn't wanna come back but just recast/soft reboot it. The continuity between these is already non existent so what's the harm.
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