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  1. Isn't "itsjat32" @Charlie Jatinder himself? Atleast his reddit account says so.
  2. Asking a Slave, who has been completely obliterated and eaten up from inside by Brits- to chose between them and its Enemy? What obvious answer would be? Loot is the Indian word which means- Spoils . How do you think it became part of MMO and RPG game? Yeah Brits not only took our wealth but they even took the word itself, lmao. Number of Indians killed by brits account for more than few millions. The whole Bengal famine, 3 million deaths ere induced. The most of Army which died fighting for British Army were Indian Sepoys in World War. But have you ever seen any Hollywood World war movie where Indians were shown with in ranks of Allies? You know Indians to Brits number was 1:100 in war? For each British officer there were 100 Indian Sepoys? In Both World-Wars. You think Germany would have been worst and we care? But now that we have already been killed, oppressed and already looted and its already done and dusted few decades ago, we are people of patience- We let it go. We walk in peace now.
  3. Not really, they held the OS grosses of Last two week and also Updated the numbers for few under-reported Countries like India that should go to Week 3 and Week 4 of OS total, as @Charlie Jatinder has in his spreadsheet.
  4. Nobody cares about, neither BOM nor Wiki, will say it was drag. Come to your sense. There is only one record here, 2.788b, that number is going down in mid-August.
  5. one will say this chart was optimistic if it remains the same. Dang. Week 10----> 8.5+ 6.5 Week 11-----> 3.75 +3 (-55%) Week 12 -----> 2 + 1.5 (-50%) Rest --------> 3 + 3 Total: 852 + 629 + 1302 = 2.782B
  6. Well, I have only watched 8 films out of 22. Iron Man 3 on TV. Avengers in Theatres. GotG 2 Thor Ragnorok. Captain America Civil War. Ultron on TV. IW and EG in Theatres. Trust me, Those were enough to let me get the gist of whatever EG wanted to tell me. It's hard for young people to not have watched any single of them. They have been on TV so many times. It's another story if you just hate superhero movies or MCU specifically. I am thinking of watching Homecoming before I go for FFH in theatres. And yes, I was a GA just two months ago, now I can be called an MCU fan, though my brother disagrees I am a fan as I haven't watched all the films.
  7. Well, Global BO especially some countries in Asia have had a major boost over a decade and not much point in denying that. India in 2009 was capable of 2000M LC top and In the last decade, it has increased multiple times. Problem is, He isn't wrong when he says Global Market increased by 40% and when you try to argue over it, you automatically lose. You keep arguing on wrong points. Yes, The Asian markets have expanded tremendously. But, Asian markets have only embraced Super Hero movies and most of the other movies don't even gross 1/4th of CBM's in almost every Asian market except South Korea and Japan. So, Whatever Most MCU movies gross in the Asian market, it is for CBM's and equally true for few good DC movies if they are done right.
  8. Yes, China completely balanced out the whole of Avatar's Europe's & Australian ticket gain alone! Europe Avatar Tickets: 100m - Europe EG Tickets: 60m = 40m Lead by Avatar. China Avatar Ticket: 40m (highest possible taken, though the real number is ~27m) - China EG Tickets: 86m ----> Lead Balanced out. India balanced out Japan's gain, even if the lowest ticket prices of 75Rs. are taken. Avatar Gross in India: 1100M Rupees. Highest TP--> 300Rs. -----> 3.66m admissions. Average TP----> 135 Rs. ------> 8m admissions. Lowest TP ----> 75 Rs. --------> 16m admissions. Tickets Sold in India by EG= 23M Now Asia still has 22 other Countries where Avatar is not even present in the top 20 movies whereas EG leads the way at the top. I searched, asked and looked at articles in 2009 and have even linked the sources in my previous posts. I even took the lowest ticket prices for that year in 2009 for those 22 Countries to give the maximum number of footfalls for Avatar but even then, Avatar was behind EG by a whopping 31M in Asia alone. In 22 Countries --> 31m behind, taking in the lowest ticket price. How is that not possible? [Sources, search my previous posts] In Latin America, you have an Admission count. I took the lowest ticket prices in favour of Avatar and Avatar lost by around 40-45m. Charlie must be taking normal ATP would give a larger boost from LA and ASIA. So, Charlie is about right. Prove him wrong otherwise. Yes, you can guesstimate average ticket price wrongly, but you can't fake the lowest ticket price and total gross. All Cinema Chains had fixed lowest TPs in 2009, you won't find cheaper tickets than that. Take them for that year and you will come disappointed by how less Avatar had grossed in Asia.
  9. Cringeworthy is the common sense of people not accepting a simple fact that Avatar's Admission has been passed. If you are not one of them, this line isn't for you. Throwing accusation all day is what makes this thread garbage, but even if you are here to just throw shit around, someone is doing hard work in proving his point. This thread would never have existed if somebody had casually accepted @Charlie Jatinder Approx. Admission numbers during May, they were approximate for a reason. The said person demanded the know-how of how Charlie reached those numbers questioning his integrity or calling it all dubious. That's all this thread is here for. Earth has a radius of 6400 Km approx, you don't go around asking people to show you the scale by which it was measured, Do you? Anyway, Avatar was/is/will remain a great 3D film that had a fantastic and arguably a run, I would have loved IW or EG to have as MCU fan. But, be honest as an Avatar fan, Don't you wish for Avatar 2 have the same OD and OW as EG did? Avatar changed the decade of cinema and there is no denying that. Me shouting against it doesn't change that fact. But, When you are about to shoot down another movie in favour of it, be ready to be shot down. I can be honest and accept that but Can you do the same for IW & EG?
  10. Source 1: In addition to the 800 US screenings in the US, Avatar: Special Edition will open on more than 1,000 screens in 14 countries, including the UK, Russia and Taiwan this week, and Japan in October. It should add millions to the all-time biggest $2.74 billion worldwide blockbuster. Source: Source 2: With moviegoers paying a record $2.74 billion worldwide over the winter to see "Avatar," filmmaker James Cameron believes there are those who just aren't satisfied by the original two-hour, 40-minute runtime of the original release. I checked Deadline too but it just said 2.7B These articles were written during the week of 22-24th before 27th Aug, 2010- when Avatar SE released. Avatar was making only a few thousand in theatres during these weeks, no way it would reach 2.755B before Avatar SE would release. Worldwide, 2010: Aug. 6–8 $24,056 4 Aug. 13–15 $47,735 5 Aug. 20–22 $66,821 7
  11. Please let me know if you think any countries number may be wrong: TICKET UPDATE: Region EndGame Australia 5.72 Europe 53.6* USA 85 South Korea 13.9 China 86.61 Philipines 5.2 Japan 4.01 Thailand 5.1 India 22.3 Vietnam 3.65 Taiwan 3.45 Malaysia 2.8 Hong Kong 1.28 Indonesia 11.1 Latin America 69.5~* 373.42 I still need ATP sources for South Africa, UAE, Namibia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Israel & a dozen other countries which account for around 8% gross of Endgame. New ATP Sources: India: Avatar should be around 8m and EG 22-23m. Japan --------> Checked out records forum in WoKj. Indonesia-----> 11M for Endgame Admission was reported on the news. Also, I checked the top 40 movies for Indonesia and Avatar was not in that list, the movie on 40th had 2.7M admission and I gave it to Avatar. Australia Admission --> In 2009, In a total of 90.7M admission accounted for AU$ 1085m. Average Ticket prices were AU$ 11.99 in 2009 to AU$13.86 in 2018. So, Avatar which had earned AU$115M ----> 9.6M tickets. Now, EG has earned AUD 80M, so with 14 AUD average price this year-----> 5.72M tickets. Hong Kong:> You can find EG's price list for 2D & 3D. Just average them. Malaysia: for EG TAIWAN: for EG Vietnam:> Around 70,000VND for CGV Cinemas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City & 50,000VND for CGV Cinemas in other provinces. Europe: Credit to FireKnight_750 from Reddit. UK: 10.7 M France: 6.7M Germany: 5 M Italy: 4 M Spain: 4.4 M Russia: 10.3M Poland: 1.9 M Sweden: 550 K Iceland: 75 K Norway: 460 K Belgium: 840 K Switzerland: 500 K Czech Republic: 870 K Finland: 340 K Denmark: 800 K Austria: 400 K Hungary: 800 K Ukraine: 1.4 M Portugal: 650 K Bulgaria: 210 K Greece: 540 K Latin America: credit to AgentCooper315 from Reddit. Mexico: 24.5M Brazil: 19.3M Argentina: 3.8M [] Chile: 3M [] Columbia: 5.9M [] Peru: 3.8M [] Venezuela: 1.4M+ [] Updated: A total of at least 62.65M from these 7 major LA markets. These major markets usually represent around 90% of the total admission data in LA. So this would be around 69.5M admissions.
  12. Endgame Rerelease- Confirmed Countries: US UK Germany Australia & NZ Brazil Malaysia Russia - Only IMAX theatres. Belgian Sweden Spain Israel Chile Anymore?
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