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  1. It was only a matter of time, honestly. But fuck me if Disney didn't strike gold with Feige. They get a 20% rise in profits (compared to 5%) from last time round. All thanks to producing prowess of Kevin Feige.
  2. We knew we had a 'finite' amount of time and this wasn't going to last forever, but we still used that time to setup Spider-Man as an integral part of the MCU and potray him to take the mantle from Iron Man! Cmon Kevin, I like you but even I don't buy your bullshit. This screams to me of this:
  3. Even at first step, we completely disagree. Sony have profited from this deal sure, it's evident by the huge boost solo Spidey films have gotten but you're forgetting one thing. Disney have also profited from this endeavor, the box office gross of Civil War, both Avengers movies were boosted due to presence of Spidey in it. That's without pointing to the real ca$h cow in form of merchandising. All those T-Shirts, Toys, Collectibles they made using Spider-Man likeness from MCU, their proceeds went directly to Disney pockets. Sony didn't get any as Disney own 100% of merchandising rights. Spider-Man in merchandising alone generates over $1B in revenue for Disney every year. Now, they want an equal share in biggest franchise Sony own? How is that offer not egregious? Besides, if you read the internet its basically marvel fans melting down adducing all of the blame on Sony on this. What they fail to realize is that, it was Disneys' greed which cooked this deal.
  4. Only Sony movie? There are some fans out there who'll boycott all things Sony. No new PlayStation for them next year!
  5. The reaction of Marvel fandom to this news is utterly embarrassing, bunch of grown ups acting like entitled children without even paying heed to what has been written blaming Sony for being 'greedy' lol If there's one party who is acting greedy in this one, it's Disney. The original terms were such that Sony asked Marvel to creatively manage the character for their movies which will be fully funded by Sony, Disney would get 5% of profits from the said movie but they could use the character in ensemble movies. Now, they turn up to the negotiation table and say erm look at that $200m budget for a Spider-Man movie? We'll foot half of it... but we would also want 50% of the profit (up by 10x) from the previous deal. No wonder Sony flew the fuck away from the table, that offer is utterly ludicrous. Marvel has made bank by introducing Spider-Man to big ensemble films, I highly doubt Sony saw a single cent from the profit those movies churned out. Same applies for merchandising rights which Disney own, so the toys/hoodies etc. made using Spider-Man likeness in MCU movies, Sony never saw a single cent of it either. I've given a lot of shit to Sony for mismanaging their IPs but they don't deserve contempt for this one. Disney overplayed their hand on this one and were told to get fucked and rightly so.
  6. What have you cooked up for your celebratory thread on ERA Why would Disney do a Labor Day expansion for Avatar when the sequel is still 2.5 years away? Edit: I am stupid, I thought you were talking about them re-releasing Avatar on Labor Day.
  7. Conspiracy theorists peddled all along that Disney bribes critics when it comes to MCU films, now they have to come up with a new one to justify what's going on with TLK. Maybe cheques wouldn't cash?
  8. Cut the Avatar fans some slack, they need to be kept busy as the only significant updates they get in the Avatar thread is that the sequel has been delayed again
  9. Forbes 'contributors' have as much credibility as a random poster on BO subreddit, absolutely useless.
  10. I can already hear the rage of Jimbo fanbois slamming on their keyboards of Disney fudging up the numbers. I'm hoping EG does it because you can't get any BO discussion going on any forum without EG v Avatar dick measuring.
  11. Overall numbers are not very good. Even though its a staggered re-release it'll be a slow crawl from here on. I still think they should've taken their time and done a proper re-release with footage integrated to actual movie rather than something slapped together at the end. Reckon its gonna fall $8-10m short of the overall record.
  12. Disney making full use of them contracts, save money on CGI and ask your A-listers to tweet about the record everyday.
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