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  1. Will Aladdin be hit hard by the next week's new competitors ?
  2. How is it that the King's letters Presales look nothing special.. merely around 33k ?
  3. just for curiosity. What are the following potential strong Korean local movies in July and August?
  4. Aladdin was 109k yesterday 18:20... OH MY GOD... Perhaps it will do better than last Sunday..
  5. I am a bit curious. Will Spider man have a huge impact on Aladdin ? It seems to be released on July 2 ?
  6. The reason is that Disney held a Beauty and the Beast movie watching concert in Tokyo music hall on the second Saturday and Sunday, and the ticket sales were tallied into the BatB box office. I participated in that concert in 2017.... 👍🏻👍🏻
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