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  1. There were less subscribers so if the people didnt pirate the movie, the audience for HBOmax movies was not bigger during spring/before vaccine. This isnt even starting the discussion that because fewer people were on HBOmax Godzilla/MK had to convince the people to subscribe to a new service, while Matrix just has to convince them to watch it.
  2. oh yeah and a bunch of people said that the low RT scores is because critics are just biased against marvel movies, lmao. Then it got B cinemascore and Spider-man is at 95%.
  3. Its not always driving new subscribers but also keeping the ones you have. People subscribed for Raja or Luca, but they are not keep their subscription over years for one-two movies.
  4. Warner Bros was too nice. Wachowski should have been removed from the matrix franchise after the first sequel, despite that they got a string of high-budget movies greenlit and like all of them failed.
  5. Its funny how for "global opening weekend" the weekend is from tuesday to sunday internationally, but for counting the drop the weekend becames FSS.
  6. Not buying it. The whole week wasnt great. On tuesday it was because of discounts deals hurting the numbers, friday people hoped for atleast 20m it didnt reach that and like thanksgiving weekend the movies reached high-end of tracking. I was hoping for over endgame dom, but its pretty clear that demanded is burning out fast.
  7. WB was the one still putting movies in theaters atleast to a time where Disney ether put with PVOD or just making them Disney+ exclusive. And Matrix Ressurections is not an event movie, its on the pile of unnecessary shitty legacy sequels.
  8. Basically WB should have tricked the audience that Matrix 4 isnt shit and after that it wouldnt matter anymore because it would have made enough money.
  9. With the praises the trailer got, i assumed its an new one, but thats nearly the same as the one in theaters. Its an okay trailer, dont know how people expected if they are blown away by this.
  10. If NWH would be trainwreck like eternals, we would have over hundred articles already about the death of the MCU and superhero genre.
  11. Its nearly at 400m, 4,4m ww week, so around 2m international for the whole week. So 405m ww end.
  12. Venom 2 had an 19% drop from last week on wednesday and a 72% drop from thursday to thursday, so unlikely that it gives a boost. It also lost more than half of its theaters.
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