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  1. Yeah sure, actors have to follow social media accounts to be informed. Thats totally how the real world works.
  2. Meh, not a fan of this choice, he seems to sanitized, he will most likely try just making an mcu movie.
  3. Lol what, since when are 60% drops normal? Nether aladdin, toy story 4, secret life of pets 2 or beauty and the beast had them. 60%+ second weekend drop from this year: dumbo, godzilla 2019, dark phoenix and mib international, and i dont remember people calling them great runs.
  4. Disney does abuse its powers if it thinks its better for them otherwise mickey mouse would be public domain now for example. Its just that Disney creates popular or just non-important media so its just not an issue. But if a oil company would have the same market share as disney does in its business the opinions would be not not so divisive.
  5. So which decade did you compared it to, then you thought that Avatar is the weakling of the record holders? Because number 15 with adjusted domestic seems still really good after 80 years of cinema. Even ignoring the ww adjusted numbers because of market expansion, exchange rate and impossibilty of a right inflation adjustment.
  6. Its still a forum, charlies argumentation is really weak and especially annoying that he became a celebrity in box office and his comments are echoed through other websites and communities. Also did you visit any of the avatar threads lately? Because thats some unrelated bullshit in them.
  7. Okay, now you also mentioning inflation adjusted nice. From imdb in the top 10 inflation adjusted 2000-2010 is only Avatar. 2010- 2019 there are endgame and star wars force awakens. In the top 20 there are still only 1 for 2000-2010 and now 5 from 2010-2019. Domestic asjusted Avatar is the only one from 2000-2010 until place 33 with tdk. Above dark knight are 5 movies from 2010-2019. Yeah the movies from before 2000 dominate that list, but 2010 +seems to be better positioned than 2000s. @justvision i am not trying to take anything away from endgame.
  8. So lets summarize the argumentation: Avatar is an weak records holder, no movie until 2019 came close to Avatar, so that means the movies which came out after avatar were just weak. This only makes sense if you ignore how dominated the highest grossing movies list from movie of the last decade and you already agree with the sentiement that avatar is a weak movie. Thats just stupid. Its just insane that Endgames number is used as an argument that the last decade was so weak box office wise just so people can avoid giving Avatar props for holding the title so long.
  9. 3 movies from 2015-2019 reached over 2b and 2 movies from 1997-2009, so how does that proves charlies point that the last decade was so weak? Lion king getting another spot in the top 10 or top 15, is again an argument against charlies try to dismiss avatar "with the last decade was so weak".
  10. Geez what an shitty post from you charlie. You are trying with the yadas childishly dismissing a nearly 10x multiplier after an 77m opening from a movie prople thought could became a giant bomn, because it didnt open high, you have to be kidding me. Your argument that films in the last decade were weak is just unfounded. In the highest grossing movie list are Avatar and Titanic the only ones from before 2010 in the top 10. In the top 50 - 4 are from 1990 - 2000, 6 are from 2000-2010 and 40 of them are from 2010-2019.
  11. This isnt an opinion, small budget movies even with oscar winners arent floop proof, oscars are degrading in viewer numbers and at some point it isnt even mentioned that the actor was an oscar nominee or even winner. Mentioning that Selma hayek was nominated for an oscar 16 years ago, is completely unrelevant and even counterproductive.
  12. The news is wrong, the yahoo article in the source fucked up basic math.
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