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  1. If iirc, Rey was the one first who said their parents were nobodies, Kylo says then "you are right and they also sold you out", but Rey remember her parents in TROS didnt she, she should know what Kylo was bullshitting her. Doesnt matter if this was the intent or not, just how the dialogue is written and what the flashbacks show in TLJ and TROS is just not compatible. Ronin Kylo would been a cool idea, but it has to be set up in the second movie. There is a reason why so many bad guys turn good just sacrifice themself at the next best opportunity in movies. If you want that the audience is gonna accept the change you kinda have to give them time and a lot more screentime like in Avatar the last airbender. Show them remorse, trying to correct their action, apologising to the ones he wronged etc, not really something, you can do in the epilog of a trilogy. Also why i think Finn was so wasted in the movies, because they had the time with him, but he was never a bad guy anyway.
  2. Only italy left, but with Japan being a leggy market, it should get to 75m final.
  3. Rape is not something, that gives me "complicated feelings" you know, the revelation about Cosby or Weinstein didnt give me "complicated feelings" about them.
  4. I thought the 4-day holiday weekend deflates the 3-days weekend itself because now the demand is distributed between 4-days. Cinemas arent necessarily a "more time=more visits" thing, at some point the demand is satisfied. With the increase on a Monday for family movies like Frozen 2 and the relatively weak increases on friday and saturday, it shows that some people choosed the Monday for their cinema demand over the regualr F-S-S weekend.
  5. They really are, B+ (like IT or quiet place) is like A+ for Horror movies, Family movies are the most forgiving ones, i assume the parents have a "didnt make my kid cry, so its okay" attitude.
  6. Killing off Reylo without an redemption would have been a bold choice, but it was clear that it wouldnt survive in disney.
  7. LMAO, people cant be serious, complaining that movies with black cast have "only" an boxoffice ration of like 50/50 while foreing movies need to be ether already gigantic crowd pleasures like Ne Zha or seen as cinematic masterpieces to even get a small limited release. And only if the americans cant get away with remaking the movie with an american cast - looking at you the upside.
  8. What number did you expect for india? There is still China and Japan left, but it seems like Asia wont help Dolittle to save face. It had like an 70% second weekend drop in SK.
  9. 2021 seems to be a year of box office drama
  10. You cant act like the actors of a movie are seperated from the reviews of a movie. Also reviews are just the nail to the coffin there - despite the focus on RDJ in every single bit of marketing of this movie the presales are atrocious. Trailer views are good (most comments are about RDJ) and social media runs pretty nice, but seems like not even a fraction of his fans wants to see him in this movie. I predict in lik one week he is gonna start shittalk the movie to distance himself from it.
  11. Scarlett Johansson and Chris Pratt are also outside the mcu succesfull, but they were also big before the MCU got off. Chris Hemsworth didnt had any hits before the mcu and also has no right now. Chris Evans has a good start, but i am not optimistic how a movie with him as the selling point would go. Dr Dolittle had RDJ as its biggest marketing point like 21 bridges had with Chadwick Boseman or bad times at el royale had with chris hemsworth and they all flopped. Tom Holland has its own big movie soon (ignoring Spies in disguise), so we will see how that will go. At 17% after 35 reviews. Cats should win this fight.
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