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  1. Honestly thought Dolittle would be the biggest bomb of the year.
  2. Last week international were nearly flat, now an 65% drop. 1,2m week ww - should get to Joker after the this week but then Joker gets the international release money it seems not to reachable anymore.
  3. I personally remember a bugs life pretty good, it rerun on tv pretty often in germany and for the fun fact that pixar and i think dreamworks made a movie about an ant at nearly the same time.
  4. I would say monster university. Cars 3 is atleast remembered as being the better sequel than Cars 2. Monster university is not remembered for being bad or good, most of its strong points were better in its predecessor and with the setting of an university, its not like there is something remarkable about it. With it also being a prequel, it doesnt really matter anyway, a good sequel could elevate a franchise, a bad sequel kill it, a prequel does mostly just nothing.
  5. Call of the wild winning this weekend would definitely be unexpecting.
  6. Good chance reaching both, until Joker gets it rerelease. It made 4m last week, an 43% drop, keeping that pace it should get to 1,074b+. Though worse drops like 50% from this point on would miss Toy Story 4.
  7. Oh nice, TS4 is done, though Skywalker should still reach it. Assuming Joker wont make much money from the rereleases international.
  8. Well, they dont look bad ether. I honetly cant see how it will perform.
  9. i think previews from last week were counted to for that. Looks like a poor hold, understandable with Sonic releasing. I think all important markets opened, except china, but should get to 210m or so.
  10. a 30% drop for BoP on Sunday, seems big for an holiday weekend
  11. its still a few millions off, its at 433m, while Warcraft is at 439m.
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