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  1. Preach. A Frozen series has great potential (assuming they can somehow bring back the main cast). Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures has some songs even better than the movie songs.
  2. Surprised how many views it has after less than a day of being uploaded. Edging close to 3 million already.
  3. Wow apparently the original song 'Desert Moon' that was cut from the movie will be included in the deleted scenes. Definitely an incentive to pick this up for me.
  4. They're usually humorous in their nods to one another. This one being so blatant is what I found funny. Both times I watched the movie the theater died laughing at that part.
  5. After watching the movie twice, I really think I prefer the scene that replaces it. More appropriate and I love it when Disney films reference each other.
  6. The movie was about what I expected. But if anything it's worth seeing because of how pretty it is. While some may think it lacks some charm due to the lack of color, I think it makes up for it in some ways due to how good the animals look. Without spoiling anything, a few scenes are clearly there specifically to show off how realistic the animals look and they really work to the movie's favor. Almost felt like a half animal documentary in a way. I think that's what they were going for, and I can see it being a sticking point that gets a lot of people to check it out.
  7. I wonder how the movie would have been perceived if the animals expressed more emotion. Of course there would be the usual complaints of "not enough color" and whatnot, but the lack of expression on the animals seems to be a big sticking point for some. It doesn't bother me personally, but it makes me wonder in terms of the GA. Of course this movie will do gangbusters regardless.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one that appreciates Frozen Heart. It's very slept on (understandably so since the movie has a lot of hits, but that one is just as good).
  9. You say "even" as if Speechless isn't a fantastic song. But I'll have to see the song in context of the movie before judging it. I thought Speechless was good from the first impression, but the implementation in the movie upped the ante.
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