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  1. Maybe Avatar 5 can get 4B when it's released 150 years from now and with the help of it's prequels as they build bigger fanbase and attract the largest goddamn casuals way more than the first movie, but Avatar making that amount in 2021 is wishful thinking and maybe delusional TBH.
  2. Oh, I think it also includes the 3D re-release of Titanic and the special edition re-release of Avatar Did I miss anything else?
  3. Don't have an idea about the future, but hey Jimbo I opened BOM and realized that the top 10 list is different, really strange as a movie called "avengers" is no.1 Can you explain to me what Happened this past weeks with the BO? Here is the list 1 Avengers: Endgame BV $2,793.4 $856.7 30.7% $1,936.7 69.3% 2019 2 Avatar Fox $2,789.7 $760.5 27.3% $2,029.2 72.7% 2009^ 3 Titanic Par. $2,187.5 $659.4 30.1% $1,528.1 69.9% 1997^ 4 Star Wars: The Force Awakens BV $2,068.2 $936.7 45.3% $1,131.6 54.7% 2015 5 Avengers: Infinity War BV $2,048.4 $678.8 33.1% $1,369.5 66.9% 2018 6 Jurassic World Uni. $1,671.7 $652.3 39.0% $1,019.4 61.0% 2015 7 Marvel's The Avengers BV $1,518.8 $623.4 41.0% $895.5 59.0% 2012 8 Furious 7 Uni. $1,516.0 $353.0 23.3% $1,163.0 76.7% 2015 9 Avengers: Age of Ultron BV $1,405.4 $459.0 32.7% $946.4 67.3% 2015 10 Black Panther BV $1,346.9 $700.1 52.0% $646.9 48.0% 2018
  4. This, thank you very much I also read an article about the movie going experience in Germany and how it decreased drastically through the years.
  5. Oh I love Titanic too, not the best Cameron movie but very very good movie nonetheless, it's the same repetitive statements that are annoying, we all know how huge Titanic was, plus this is Avengers Endgame thread. P.S: saying that this account was an alt was sarcasm as he/she talks identically the same as you regarding Titanic and it's achievements.
  6. Yea yea yea, we get it Titanic2187 You don't need an alt to say the same thing over and over again
  7. why the fuck they didn't include it in the movie or the re-release! WTF fiege
  8. You can't just apply inflation on the movie and ignore other variables, you are now assuming that Avatar in 2019 (with increased competition and , streaming services and most importantly the less popularity of 3D) will sell same amount of admission and not only that but the 3D ticket price of Avatar will have the same price as it was in 2009 (and if you don't know Avatar ticket was more expensive than the average ticket, specially in EU)
  9. December seems a bit late, maybe we get the first teaser by November or October, considering most Marvel movie drop their teaser trailers 6 and 7 month before the movie. If I remember, CW first teaser dropped in November and it was a may release, also Ragnarok teaser dropped in march, 7 months before the movie is released.
  10. Offf, this is hard but I am gonna say OUT If it's OS I would be in, but I think TROS will have 150-200M lead in the USA with frozen having 150M lead OS I think it's going to be very tight race, like less than 50M difference.
  11. Yes seems right, I am expecting it to be flat or drops less than 5%
  12. So new alt accounts are coming in, great! Now we can fill the remaining pages
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