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  1. Honestly this trilogy makes me appreciate the PT more, and no I am not one of these people on Reddit that suddenly began to praise the PT as something kind of masterpiece. I still think that they are shitty movies with shitty writing, bad CGI and occasional bad acting. But unlike this ST they were ambitious, had VISION and tried to distinguish themselves from the OT, and to some extent they succeeded.
  2. Yes that's what I meant, they only care about making as much money as possible even if it is at the expense of story and quality. Just slap the emperor back so people run to theaters. And I am not suggesting that kylo should have been the main Villan, they shot themselves in the foot by killing snoke cause rain johnson for some reason thought it was a brilliant idea. Now this brings me to the main question, why Disney brought back the OT characters despite having no plan whatsoever for them? Ok, why didn't they make a new trilogy with compelling characters and not the wooden ones we got?
  3. they could not continue with kylo being the main Villan after killing snoke, so what should Disney do to make money? (their only language) Oh yeah, bring back the emperor without explanation just to get humiliated and killed like a dumb bitch. Not surprising as he joined the List of the "OT characters butchered by Disney" after squeezing every cent possible by promoting those characters that people loved.
  4. So this means Anakin is still the chosen one because he saved palpatine`s life🤔🤔 Seriously FU Disney
  5. He is actually not entirely cheap, some MCU movies like the 2 you mentioned look epic. Most MCU movies on the other hand look average at best with cheap CGI and the same lighting technology. SW has been consistent on how visually epic it looks (I mean look at TLJ it is the best visually looking SW movie ever)
  6. John marston for prisedent 2020 Seriously, this is really laughable, Disney and the media will push the "fans are to blame" narrative from now on to defend their bad decisions.
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