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  1. I’m going to preface this with the fact that I have a five-year-old daughter. Disney’s princess stuff isn’t really my cup of tea. Still, I’ve seen the original cartoon dozens of times, the musical production in London, and now the live action film. The film was fairly successful if uneven. Obviously, it is the same as the original cartoon with the additions of a few characters and requisite storylines (crime and punishment manga on yomanga) added for them. There were no great departures from the original, but it isn’t a frame-by-frame live imagining of it either. In general, it was energetic without being frenetic, sporting decent special effects, and some great visuals. The acting was acceptable though not always believable. I have two criticisms. First, though Will Smith did a fairly good job in reprising Robin William’s genie, he is a surprisingly lackluster singer. He couldn’t seem to pack any power and doesn’t have much of a range. I found this odd since he started out as a musician. Second, Marwan Kenzari didn’t have as much presence in his role as Jafar as Andreas Deja did in the original. He didn’t look terribly unique to me. Beyond that, my family found it more than adequate.
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