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  1. I'm doubting he'll come back for a third though. It's more likely he'll do a fifth series of Blackadder, which is about as likely to happen as Bond tanking here. Expecting a pretty lackluster weekend coming up. Immortals may flop, same for The Rum Diary. Arthur Christmas should be able to top £2m though for number 1.Things kick off when Twilight hits next week. Expecting £12m+, staying in line with the previous installment.
  2. The family up 54. Catching fire down 25. Saving mr banks down 26. Philomena down 27. john must die at the end (99p rental film of the week) New8. Gravity down 29. THOR: the dark world Re-Entry10. Escape plan nmOther new entriesDom Hemingway- 12Carrie- 17 (this is bombing so hard its funny)Oldboy
  3. this movie came out 25 years ago last month. It was a huge hit. Making 117 milloin (which would be 250m adjusted) from a 15m opening (which would be 32m adjusted). And it made a whopping 232m overseas for a 352m worldwide total.
  4. 1) Tombstone2) Jurassic Park3) The Fugitive4) Gettysburg5) Mrs. Doubtfire6) In the Line of Fire7) Geronimo8) Falling Down9) The Three Musketeers10) Demolition Man
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