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  1. https://ica-ip.pt/fotos/downloads/ranking_fds_6_a_9_fevereiro_2020_316705e41450bf3384.pdf BoP opened to a little bit over €300k. For comparison, Wonder Woman opened to 247k, Aquaman to 442k, Shazam to 215k and Joker to 800k.
  2. Sorry for the double post. Didn't think I'd have time to check the numbers but I did! Here are yesterday's numbers vs today's. They were both counted between 11am and 12pm. This is from the 2 biggest cinemas/theater chain in the capital, all screens, all screenings, for today (07/02). ATMOS (3 screens; 15 screenings) - 31 vs 129 total sold (0.08% vs 0.34% of total) IMAX (1 screen; 5 screenings) - 18 vs 41 total sold (1.16% vs 2.65%)
  3. Little update: yesterday morning it had sold 20 tickets total for the entire day at one cinema. Today it's at 55. It's obviously not a lot in total (it's still 11am here so, not surprised), but it does mean it's selling at over 2x the pace today, I guess. Last night the bigger screen didn't sell out BUT that is due to there being 2 9pm screenings - one at 9:20 and one at 9:50. Usually, there's more competition so movies only have 1 screen. Can't even remember a movie having 2 screens at the same cinema during its 1st week. I didn't count the totals but I did look at them and the smaller screen (136 seats) had 5 or 6 random seats left and the bigger screen (363 seats) was around 60% full (I checked around 9pm, could have some good walk up business and do better). Which does look like if it was just 1 screen it would have almost sold-out around 9pm. It really doesn't look as bad as it's sounding around the rest of Europe. So, there's 3 options: 1) I'm overestimating the performance here (like I said, haven't been following BO for a while, so it's the most likely option); 2) Portugal is over performing compared to other countries for some reason; 3) The other European countries that we have numbers from have confirmed cases of the Corona virus and we don't. Maybe it's affecting the West more than we think? Seems very unlikely but no clue. I'm gonna try to keep track of sales for the rest of the week and give updates 😊
  4. Alright, I'm from a smaller country and haven't been following box office for a while so this doesn't mean much but I thought I'd still share. It's actually not doing THAT bad here, at least not where I'm checking. It's doing better than Shazam so far, which isn't saying much but it is what it is. It comes out today so I only have the ~1pm and ~3pm and 4pm sessions to compare/look at, but it's not very common to see movies with more than 20/30 seats sold before 7pm during weekdays, which this is doing (including a 3:50pm session that only had the front rows left), because everyone's at work, which makes me think this is very teenage group heavy, especially because it seems it's mostly walk ups and the seat pattern clearly indicates it's a bunch of 5-7 people groups. It's also selling well at a cinema near a university that is empty 90% of the time. Literally where I go to when I want to watch movies in peace. That being said, it's doing usual CBM business after 8pm and the bigger screens are half full, which, 99% of the time, means this is gonna end up at at least 80% capacity. Just as an example - the 3:50pm session that almost sold-out had exactly 2 tickets sold this morning (this one is very anecdotal - it's a smaller screen, with around 140 seats, but I think it sold more in comparison to the bigger one because it's Dolby ATMOS). Also feel the need to add that marketing has been awful (I have gotten 1 single Instagram ad) here and they finally did the bare minimum - put up posters on the subway - yesterday. Now, if this doesn't sell out the afternoon session on Saturday, at the cinema the teenage groups all flock to, then it better have some amazing Joker-type legs or it's DOA. It's almost tradition for that to happen - even Shazam sold that one out and it was the worst performing CBM in a while. Sorry for the long text guys, just wanted to share 😊
  5. First post so hi everyone! I was checking to see if the retail store I usually buy movies at had Joker on pre-sale and it does. According to them, the movie should start shipping around the 12th of February. Just wanted to say this because I remember people discussing a December release date. Sent from my SM-A505FN using Tapatalk
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