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  1. Pretty good i would say. Its over same monday from the first Annabelle and a bit lower than Annabelle Creations monday.
  2. I am not the only one as you can see here even one said i hope the other studios do not throw in the towel like FOX. Which is definitely a ridiculous statement.
  3. These are the movies i watched in the theater this year so far. Alita 3D Cold Pursuit Captain Marvel 3D Greta Shazam 3D Endgame 3D Curse of La Llorona JW 3 Pokemon 3D Godzilla 3D Annabelle 3 Midsommar Spidey Far From Home planning to see Crawl this week
  4. Are you serious no movies from other studios like Shazam, John Wick, Annabelle, IT, Joker, Hobbs, Godzilla, Rocketman, Once upon a time, Crawl, Midsommar ect.
  5. Not really i am just so tired of seeing so much cheering for a monopoly like Disney. It is bad for the movie business as a whole. People should cheer for other studios to be successful as well.
  6. Yep that is solid indeed since it opened in the summer with more competition than the other 2 movies which opened in October and August.
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