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  1. After 5 weekends in the heat of the summer competiton this little R rated Horror gem is now over 200 milion WW and getting close to 210 million WW. Outstanding considering the other 2 Annabelle's did not face the competition the 3rd one has faced.
  2. What in the hell. The kids are there and who the hell watches for kids unless you are a pedo and no hook ? This is the definitive conclusion to those "cute kids" story.
  3. Hated Halloween 2018. It made no sense. Laurie Strode waiting on Myers out in the woods training to face him again. Ridiculous since they only met on Halloween and they are not even related anymore. So there would not even be any reason for him to go after her again. If he ever got out. Just so stupid. Then the whole thing with the new Loomis too
  4. There hasn't been a horror movie doing 700 million WW at the Boxoffice either before. This movie is an Event Horror movie and conclusion to a monster hit.
  5. Yep Annabelle is great some good chills in that one. Crawl is really good the suspense never lets up.
  6. 27 million budget. Making over 200 million WW its a huge hit. If it had opened like the others away from the competive window it could have done even more.
  7. Annabelle hitting 200 million WW tonight with US thursday numbers likely with OS it has surpassed 200 million WW unofficially
  8. Really people arguing over this is a comic book movie The movie is called JOKER and its set in GOTHAM and it has DC logo on it. I mean come on. Sure its a different movie than the other Comic Book movies but its very much to the core a Comic Book movie.
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