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  1. She did a good job. I was worried going into the movie but you guys are sooo extremelly overcritical when it comes to her. Quit trolling.
  2. Beyoncé did what Kendrick failed to do with Black Panther. Putting african sounds to the front! The album is incredible. She was the right choice for this movie! Her mind when it comes to music is inspiring. A legend to a legendary movie.
  3. You do realize that saying the movie is great, worth seeing, praising the cast, the visuals, the directing, the feels, the fun and then giving it a lower score because "it was not necessary" is really atrocious.
  4. I mean... can you be more stupid then this critic. If you liked the movie and think it's worthy, then keep the unnecessary comment to yourself because that's YOUR own little feeling about it. It's not up for your judgement. The Lion King is extremely gorgeous and worthy of being seen on the biggest screen possible, but like the last few Disney features to come down the pipe it can’t help but feel completely unnecessary. https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-lion-king-is-a-gorgeous-but-completely-unnecessary-1836244494
  5. Here we go... judging a movie because THEY thought it shouldn't exist. It's the most stupid form of judgment for a movie critic. I cringe everytime I read it;
  6. Maybe you never liked her in the first place. Each to their own opinion... but calling her talentless and just a race token is beyond pathetic and it just invalidates your hatred for the sake of hatred opinion.
  7. “The director Jon Favreau who cast us, he cast us for a reason. He wanted us to sound like ourselves, so I don’t think this was a job where the goal was to come up with a whole new voice that doesn’t sound like me, he cast me because he wanted it to sound like me.” - billy Eichner
  8. Beyoncé sounds completely fine. Some people are doing waaaaay to much on her. John have said multiple times (and Billy just confirmed on an interview he gave today) that he wanted the actors to be "themselves". He didn't hire Beyoncé for her acting skills, he hire her power. The powerful person that she is that will bring that same aspect to Nala. She doesn't have to change her voice or anything since she's voicing a freaking lion who doesn't have a real voice that she had the need to replicate. Her main contribution to the movie is the music and people won't have a single thing to complain about that aspect once she opens her mouth. So get off her d*ck and let's move on...
  9. The music is a huuuge part of the TLK success unlike the the majority of these other Disney classics such as Aladdin. I think they are holding to it for more hype. At least until the China release but nothing will be heard until then.
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