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  1. My question to Scar Jo: How many Transgender has she cast in Black Widow in prominent role considering she is one of the producer? If zero then she doesn't have the right to play trans gender when she can't cast them in her movie. This is called 'White Privilege'
  2. 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣Scar Jo doesn't learn anything from GITS and people call Brie problematic.
  3. Lol, I am 100% sure BW over 400m+ Domestic. Scar Jo is going to get lots of support from the same group that supported Alita and thrashed Captain Marvel 😜😜😜 You all remember Brie lost Disney 100m videos all over the Internet.
  4. BOP looks amazing. This movie is going to be controversial to nth degree. Wish this type of movies doesn't encourage bad things and slurs. I
  5. Just wait for movie to release. You will hate Todd Phillips for this execution and Idea. He is literally making a movie for incels, racist and sexist popularly known as gamers.
  6. Only delusional will be disappointed. Ultron was actually a disappointment domestically but Avengers 5 will be new phase with new Avengers.
  7. I am no expert but you have to start from scratch. For a while there will no comp, you just have to be dedicated like @Porthos @CoolEric258 @captainwondyful and many others to collect data from your theatre. After some movies you yourself will find some reasonable comps and then you will become the box office master 😁😁
  8. I am not a big fan of Disney but if not for them this summer would have been absolute worst for theatre owners. Aladdin, TS4 and FFH( produced by MS) are only movie above 200m+ And which is next 200m+ TLK. Credit where credit is due. They are keeping the old hollywood alive otherwise everything will go to streaming these days (looking at you WB)
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