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  1. Joker has R$87m (around $21,2m Dollar), and 5.5m adm now, surpassed Aladdin and already is the 6th biggest movie of the year. Just to get an idea of how bad the exchange rate is at the moment, Logan made R$91m Reais and that was $29m dollars (in march 2017), Joker with R$87m Reais is $21m dollars.
  2. If we take data from Deadline, you can add to revenues and costs... Revenues Global TV sales, Wonder Woman made $151m in Global TV sales and Suicide Squad $156m. Global Home entertainment = Wonder Woman $135m and Suicide Squad $131m. Costs Global Home entertainment Costs = Suicide Squad $40m There are also costs wit participations/residuals and tops / interest and overhead expenses, but it varies greatly from movie to movie, in Wonder Woman their total cost was $59m, Suicide Squad $88m, Deadpool (2016) $98m, Thor Ragnarok $98m and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom was $252m ($200m in participations).
  3. Difference between them is that Shazam was well received and will be profitable (small profit, but it will be profitable), while Hellboy and especially Dark Phoenix are big commercial flops.
  4. I don't think it has any impact, because outside the US Joker has great reviews in the vast majority of countries, it's word of mouth that is great+Joaquin performance+Joker charisma.
  5. Looks like you were right and the numbers are even higher than we imagined Lol.
  6. Some countries count Thursday as a movie weekend, so Joker's $115m weekend (which RTH said) probably incl Thursday numbers from some countries.
  7. And with very different type of movies, that's what I most admire about DC/Warner movies.
  8. Perhaps the bright side is that exchange rates will improve until January... I was surprised that Frozen made only R$51.4m and was only the 13th biggest movie of 2014 (the first one was released in January 2014) in Brazil, but I think sequel will have a big increase, around Toy Story 4 (R$124m) maybe even more.
  9. Lmao Joker could beat all big solo superhero movies released in recent years like Aquaman, Black Panther, Captain Marvel (that had endgame/infinity war boost), Spiderman Far from Home (endgame boost too) Overseas-China, and can beat Thor Ragnarok and Spiderman homecoming Overseas Total with China , who expected this? I said $340m Overseas and there were people who thought I was too optimistic
  10. I think it incl Thursday estimates, or at least Thursday estimates from half of the OS countries, those pre weekend numbers that Screen Daily reveal usually include Thursday, $70m OS in just 3 days doesn't look realistic, $70m In 4 days are good enough (better than I expected).
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