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  1. Now the UK reports 786 more deaths in hospitals (remains UK biggest day of deaths, but less than 854 deaths reported earlier), Much confusion of informations today...
  2. From today. "The UK has suffered its worst single day for coronavirus related deaths with 854 people losing their lives to the disease. The death toll from coronavirus stands at least 6,224 after NHS England reported a further 758 deaths in English hospitals. They were in patients aged between 23 and 102, and 29 of them had no known underlying health condition. Scotland reported a further 74 deaths and Wales 19, with three people dying in Northern Ireland. The previous highest death toll was 708, which was reported on April 4." https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/boris-johnson-in-intensive-care-k59f9nxp9
  3. I didn't find the numbers today, but until yesterday, all deaths reported in the UK were deaths in hospitals.
  4. Well, in yesterday's numbers from France, the only country that is showing deaths in nursing homes in the last 5 days, deaths in hospitals are much higher, there were 608 deaths in hospitals and 225 in nursing homes yesterday (in 24 hours).
  5. No, these deaths were only in the last 24 hours, there were 854 deaths in the UK i (hospitals ), They must have included some deaths that didn't make it yesterday (which is why yesterday's numbers were "low").
  6. That's what it seems. https://www.france24.com/en/20200406-france-records-deadliest-24-hours-as-coronavirus-death-toll-nears-9-000
  7. From what I saw there were 605 deaths in hospitals and 228 in nursing homes in 24 hours (833 total). The 605 deaths in hospitals in 24 hours were the biggest to date in France, as far as I remember.
  8. Well, that just says it's not on the NY level, but doesn't say that it's better than Florida, or are hospitals in Florida overwhelmed? My comparison is between California and Florida, and I see many people talking only about Florida, the test results have shown so far the situation seems to be worse in California, the % of test results/to positive cases is much higher in California (if the sites are correct about this informations).
  9. How will we know if this is true? they had very few tests results so far, and 60k tests pending (apparently).
  10. according to Covid tracking website, Florida's numbers are. Tests Hospitalized In ICU On Ventilator Positive Negative Pending Currently Cumulative Currently Cumulative Currently Cumulative Recovered Deaths Total test results(Positive + Negative) 10,268 84,144 1,388 N/A 1,409 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 170 94,412 Positives= 10k268 Negatives = 84k144 Total test results= 94k412 (only 1,388 pending) It looks much better than California, if the site is correct.
  11. Here it says 10,701 cases with 94,800 tests, so it could be an error on the other site, Or they’re including the pending tests in these 94k800 tests.... https://public.tableau.com/views/COVID-19PublicDashboard/Covid-19Public?:embed=y&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no
  12. I saw it on the covidtracking website, and the numbers are. Positive = 10.701 Negative= 24,599 Total test results= 35,300 Pending= 59,500 10k700 positive with only 35k tests results (numbers updated yesterday, according to the website),, this is quite high and much higher than Florida rate (almost the same number of positives as Florida with 1/3 of the number of tests), I don't think it's a mistake,
  13. California has 12k600 cases with only (around) 41k tests (and 59k pending tests), and nobody says anything about California and they always say that Florida is going to be worse ....
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