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  1. Jumanji remained at the top despite not having a good drop, with R$9.3m (R$36.1m total). Minha mãe é uma Peça 3 in second with R$9.1m (R$156.1m total). 1917 debuted in third place with R$5.5m ( bad, but expected). Frozen 2 in fourth place with R$5,3m (R$114m total) https://www.exibidor.com.br/rankings/top-10-brasil/1459
  2. Jumanji debuted at 1 place with R$17.1m. Minha Mãe é Uma Peça 3 made R$13.7m in the 4 weekend and has R$138m in total. Frozen 2 made R$9.9m in the 3 weekend, total is R$101.3m. https://www.exibidor.com.br/rankings/top-10-brasil/1457
  3. $300m (With out China).
  4. Minha Mãe É uma Peça 3 Success is probably bad for Jumanji (who will debut this week, january 16), because both are comedies, will compete for the same audience.
  5. Minha Mãe é Uma peça 3 overtook Frozen and took first place with R$21.9m weekend (on third weeked, total is R$110m), Frozen 2 made R$18,9m on weekend and has R$78m total (around $19m in dollar). Source: Portal Exibidor. https://www.exibidor.com.br/rankings/top-10-brasil/1455
  6. Joker message is complete, s#ck it (some) American (woke culture) critics.
  7. In other news, Minha mãe é uma peça 3 second weekend = R$28.4m (made $31m on OW), pretty good, already R$70.1m total.
  8. R$37,9m OW (with previews, and R$35,7m with out previews), according to Portal Exibidor. https://www.exibidor.com.br/rankings/top-10-brasil/1453 1 dollar is R$4.05 reais (today), so it would be $9,35m.
  9. These numbers are incorrect for many films (Ticket Sales seems correct), the top 10 in Brazil in 2019 is . 1 Avengers - Endgame R$338.6m 2 Lion King R$265.8m 3 Joker R$158.1m 4 Captain Marvel R$146.7m 5 Toy Story 4 R$124.5m 6 Spider man-FFH R$106.3m 7 Maleficent 2 R$91.2m 8 Aladdin R$80.1m 9 Minha vida em Marte R$67.6m 10 WiFi Ralph R$64.8m Source: Filme B http://www.filmeb.com.br
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