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  1. I doubt it! Since the audience for the first movie is very different from the average CBM (older and much more female), it is very likely to have better legs than the average CBM sequel.
  2. BW died in the last movie that appeared a few months ago, thats why, WW is still alive.
  3. True, but still not a great indicator, Shazam's first trailer on YT has much more views than any Wonder Woman (2017) YT trailers and Shazam trailer 2 has similar numbers to Wonder Woman (2017) trailers, but the numbers on the BO weren't similar.
  4. Trailer views or likes a lot of times don't match BO, even in similar genre. Examples... Aquaman most viewed trailer = 60m views and 655k likes (first trailer, which is already 1 year and 5 months old), Aquaman's second most viewed trailer has 19m views , Aquaman two trailers with most views combined = 79m views (and people here said this movie has no hype in 2018). . Spider man-Far From home trailer with most views = 78m views and 1.8 million likes (in 7 months only), FFH second most viewed trailer 48m views, FFH two trailers with most views combined = 126m. If trailer views were a great indicator Far From home would easily beat Aquaman, but in the end who did the most? Doctor Strange trailers have more views than Wonder Woman (2017) and Guardians of the Galaxy movies trailers, but Wonder Woman and Guardians of the Galaxy did more at BO.
  5. I prefer DC movies , they tend to be more varied in tone, aesthetics , with all due respect to those who like MCU movies but to me they (almost) all look the same, BW looked exactly as I expected it to look, I find it hard that Eternals won't will look like a Guardians of the Galaxy+Thor Ragnarok mix (I saw someone here saying the movie will look like Lord of the Rings, sorry but I really doubt it) Let's see what will happen in the coming months / years.
  6. Chile? Elsewhere I don't see how this could happen, Solo was too small across Latin America.
  7. Exactly like mine except I didn't see Free Guy. #1 Mulan #2 WW84 #3 Bond #4 Black Widow
  8. I found it strange not to see Brazil in this list (Welcome to the Jungle made $5m on OW in Brazil), according to IMDB the movie would be released on December 5, 2019 here. But I went looking for more information and saw that IMDB has a wrong date, and Jumanji debuts only on January 16, 2020 in Brazil.
  9. Less than Solo is almost impossible (He's talking about the 5 recent SW movies, right? EP7, 8 and 9, and Rogue One and Solo).
  10. I really doubt that EP9 will make less than $600m OS as (most?) here are thinking, let's see in a few weeks, I will be shocked if this happens (unless EP9 has mediocre reviews).
  11. people comparing Wonder Woman with MCU Spider man, Spider man is an old character in theaters, already known to the public is not new as Wonder Woman, had no room to grow as Wonder Woman has (unless Spider is boosted by another movie connection as happened after Endgame). Guardians of the Galaxy is not a good comparison either because it's Space Opera, and Space Opera movies don't usually do well OS (compared to Domestic), Deadpool is the best comparison, and yet it's not really similar because Deadpool is R Rated and has a mostly different audience, WW84 will make $500m + OS easily, unless it have horrible reviews and WOM.
  12. Opening weekend of the top 10 of 2019 in Brazil (LC). 1. Avengers: Endgame = OW R$101.3m (R$ 338.63m total) 2. The Lion King = OW R$67.9m (R$ 265.76m total) 3. Joker = OW R$30,8m (R$ 155.48m total) 4. Captain Marvel = OW R$50,8m (R$ 146.75m total) 5. Toy Story 4 = OW R$34 9m (R$ 124.48m total) 6. Spider-Man: Far From Home = OW R$30.1m (R$ 106.33m total) 7. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil = OW R$18.4m (R$ 82.88m total) 8. Aladdin = OW R$18.5m (R$ 80.12m total) 9. Minha vida em Marte= R$10.4m (R$ 67.66m total) 10. Ralph Breaks the Internet= R$17.5m (R$ 64.84m total).
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