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  1. Where did you see these numbers? because here it said 31m peak in UK. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2021/jul/12/euro-2020-final-attracts-estimated-31-million-tv-audience-in-uk-diana-funeral In Italy. numbers (% compared to the population) are significantly smaller (less than 1/3 of the population). "In Italy, the game was broadcast on Rai, which says throughout the match an average of 18 million people tuned in, representing a 73.7% market share. The broadcast peaked during penalties with just over 18.5 million viewers watching for a 78.7% audience share. By c
  2. I'll be surprised if it doesn't open with $60m+ (even if it is free on HBO Max), and I think Squad has more audience appeal in some markets like Latin America and Europe than BW, but I don't know how much the movie being R Rated will hurt it (and off course it will depend on WOM as well).
  3. Worried about Suicide Squad after those BW (meh) numbers, let's see if the movie gets a better WOM than BW.
  4. I think WOM is not good at all, thats why numbers are below expected OS, in Brazil on Filmow (one of biggest social net about movies), the film is rated 3.6/5 (which is already below the average of MCU films ). and this in the first weekend, where people are most excited, will probably end up with a 3.2/3.3 grade, which is the lowest grade of an MCU movie as far as I know (at least among the MCU movies released from 2014 so far),
  5. Black Panther teaser had 89m views in 24 hours. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-news/black-panther-teaser-trailer-racks-up-89m-views-first-24-hours-1012811/ I personally found reception and views of Eternals below (my) expectation, I expected this film to be the biggest MCU film of the year, now I think it will only be ahead of BW (and this only because BW will have the worst pandemic conditions), maybe above Shang Chi too if Shang Chi’ reception in China is not good.
  6. I doubt it, interstellar WOM is certainly far superior to Tenet, Interstellar was much better received by the public, Tenet is much more divisive.
  7. Tenet and WW84 postponed, Tenet will now debut on October 15th and WW84 t on November 5th.
  8. Funny to see that Ragnarok had so many views but his BO is not so big at all, the trailer views are bigger than Force Awakens but TFA is 2.5x bigger at BO (Not to mention that other films that do not even appear in this top 20 trailer views in 24 hours, but have a bigger BO like Aquaman, Joker. Aladdin, Jurassic world), so trailer views can often not be a good indication of how "exactly" big a movie can be. IT also has an exaggerated number of views that did not reflect at BO, but this can be understood because it is a horror/R rated/$35m budget movie (IT is the biggest movie of ge
  9. The Batman is a ahead of Joker imo, The Batman teaser numbers on twitter are already bigger than both Joker trailers, and we can't forget that many people saw the teaser of The Batman live on the official DC Fandome website (that we don't really know how many views had,) and this may have reduced number of views a little on youtube, facebook and etc. Also Batman had almost 1m mentions on twitter, and this is the biggest number I have ever seen for a solo superhero on twitter, the reactions on social media are very big.
  10. The most recent Batman movies before Nolan trilogy. They are not dark at all ...
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