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  1. Exactly, finally someone said it! The Rock has just been a franchise jumper, he jumped to Fast Five back when the franchise was getting big. I like how no one wants to remember his movies like Snitch, Faster, Empire State, Baywatch and the likes. Scarlett has been a bonafide star since 2000s and has been in many critically acclaimed movies, worked with some of the biggest directors of this generation. I'd say Perlmutter and Co. were really dumb to not offer her BW's solo movie after how successful even the R-rated Lucy was in 2014.
  2. Doesn't that happen in every movie industry though. Bollywood stars charge obscene amounts even if their previous movies weren't big successes, SRK for example.
  3. Yeah they could cut through that in future promos and stuff. But those leaked images give a better idea of the massive scale, Disney's marketing has been kind of underselling the movie.
  4. Exactly, those are damn good! Marvel/Disney seriously needs better marketing team lol.
  5. I wasn't a fan of the first teaser mostly because of the way it was edited, but everything after has piqued my interest!
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