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  1. This was shot during heavy COVID restrictions in the UK last year. Maybe that has something to do with the reshoots, not sure why people are acting like reshoots are a bad thing when almost every studio does this with their big CBMs. At least they aren't rushing it for a release in March.
  2. Arrival is still the best sci-fi movie by DV. Also, the only one where I cared about the characters.
  3. It sure was. The marketing was horrendous, no one expected it to do as well as it did both critically and box-office wise.
  4. FFH looked good. Whoever "okayed" the second pic for an exclusive look needs to be fired lol. It's like a bad screenshot while the characters are in motion.
  5. I hope RPK is wrong and it's really 25th. Makes no sense to keep on delaying the second trailer till mid November, but then again it's Sony/Marvel.
  6. Thought it was decent but nothing more than that. It could have used more world building and character moments. The visuals are good, albeit sometimes way too drab. Made me appreciate David Lynch's Dune more, kind of crazy how he got that made in the early 80s with much lesser of a budget than this one.
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