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  1. This. 2014 was a completely different time yet GOTG exceeded everyone's expectations that year. After IW and Endgame, the fanbase is way bigger.
  2. While social media reactions are positive for almost every CBM, even JL got a lot of praise in these. I predict a 80+ RT score.
  3. "The best DC movie since TDK" has been said for pretty much every DC movie after that. I think it can still do around $700M, it's a dumb movie and reviews won't matter I guess. The lack of any real competition till Bond in April helps too.
  4. The trailer views/likes are still slightly concerning for a sequel. And this is after WB hyping up the trailer days before its release.
  5. It is weirdly edited. I just watched trailers for Joker, Aquaman and BvS again, those were so good!
  6. Trailer views and likes are surprisingly low for a hyped up sequel. With WB's marketing it can up but right now I'd say $850M-$900M Worldwide.
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