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  1. 70M trailer views is huge! So much for people saying delays have reduced the anticipation lol.
  2. Could have done so much better if it was theatrical only. Reactions are very positive from the newest trailer.
  3. Missed opportunity to not release it on Hotstar, iTunes or Bookmyshow for digital purchase. It will get pirated easily in most Asian countries if Disney is not giving an option to buy it on digital.
  4. I wish Gunn didn't overhype it the way he did all these years, comparing it to 80s action movies and calling The Dirty Dozen a huge inspiration for it. Most people were expecting something exceptional from the trailer due to that.
  5. Could have done something like Paramount is doing. At least 2 month theater exclusivity. Hopefully, they do a late June international release.
  6. They could have just delayed it to July 9th and keep it theaters only for the time being. Depending on circumstances, maybe announced a simultaneous D+ release later.
  7. Eh, the gap between the two is not going to be huge. Avatar is on its 4th re-release, Endgame should at least get one more.
  8. Disney will keep on re-releasing Avatar whenever it loses it's crown I guess. There's an interview from 2019 where Cameron sounded a bit bitter, so maybe he pushed for a re-release again. It will also help with Avatar 2 box office in China, so why not.
  9. Maybe Feige will have to promote the movie there lol. He made an announcement video for the Chinese new year thing last year.
  10. Exactly, Soul was mostly dependent on WOM. Tom and Jerry ads were everywhere in the last few weeks, even if it's a popular IP.
  11. After Oscars. I hope Marvel markets this properly instead of acting like the movie doesn't exist like they are now.
  12. Studios Hold Out Hope for Theaters’ Return to Normalcy
  13. I think studios even Warner themselves took the wrong lessons from Tenet. Not releasing it on streaming on the same day of its release, definitely helped the box office total. But then again, if things are really bad in US they will have to go with the so called "hybrid release" thing.
  14. This is probably the most secretive MCU project so far. Even IW/Endgame had some set pics and stuff. None of the actors or Raimi have social media either lol.
  15. Lol comparing other movies to Endgame's performance be it just pre-sales is hilarious at this point.
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