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  1. Lol let them complete shooting the movie first. It will probably take the May 2022 release date, now that date is vacant and this is shaping up to be a big Marvel event movie. A teaser can be expected in December 2021, if that happens.
  2. Yeah no way Disney was going to drop this on D+ at all.
  3. Yeah also that little indie movie from last year called Avengers: Endgame had shown the possibility of multiverses.
  4. Jeez, Disney stop being so vague. Not sure why they are letting all these rumors float.
  5. Feige/Marvel were wise to get Chloe before Nomadland. I think a May release would be perfect for the epic scale of this movie.
  6. ‘Black Widow’ Pondering Release Date Move; ‘Soul’ Could Still Stay Theatrical https://deadline.com/2020/09/black-widow-soul-release-date-changes-1234577241/
  7. I just checked and Hrithik's movie War was the biggest hit there last year and that too by a huge margin. Anyways, the guy sure can dance!
  8. Umm SRK's stardom has faded quite a bit in the last decade. Hrithik is known for his dancing skills and is easily the bigger star now.
  9. Hire someone like Hrithik Roshan for at least a cameo in that song and it will be highest grossing solo MCU movie in India lol.
  10. Let me know when Villeneuve delivers critical and commercial successes consecutively like Nolan has been doing since the last decade.
  11. Maybe it will take the Thanksgiving weekend or sometime in December.
  12. But general audience needs to be aware that a new movies is coming out. Not everyone reads all these articles or rumors on the internet, y'know.
  13. Where's the teaser or usual Empire first look pics? It releases in 5 months. That article got me hyped again for the movie like the CCXP footage reactions from last year.
  14. Yeah this is definitely moving to Feb or May 2021, even FATWS funko pops are listed for 2021 now. No way either releases this year.
  15. Looks meh for some reason. Should have let Pine die and let this be something entirely different than the first one. I hope Cheetah and Maxwell Lord are given enough development.
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