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  1. Sony is really dropping tv spots every day and none of them are in their official channels in HD? Do they still think it's 2007?
  2. Cinephiles, because Ang Lee got to make a weird superhero movie before it was cool and comicbook fans love it for that crazy Hulk sequences.
  3. I bet by the time MCU F4 nears its release, the internet will start claiming Tim Story F4 movies were some misunderstood masterpieces. 🤣
  4. Shang-Chi might be the real crowd pleaser, but I've thought more about Eternals since I watched it exactly one week ago than I've thought of Shang in the last two months. Think it will be appreciated more down the line like Hulk(2003).
  5. I like Iron Man 3. 🤷‍♀️ All I meant to say in my original post was Eternals was nowhere close to Thor TDW in terms of quality, which is widely considered the weakest movie of the franchise.
  6. Watched this, don't get the hate at all. Sure it's different than most CBMs and highly ambitious at times. The cinematography is excellent, Zhao bought her own vibe to the movie. It's nowhere near Thor TDW/The Incredible Hulk levels lol.
  7. Watts' previous movies are a hit with critics(I know, I know the internet doesn't like him). Even with all the fan service and stuff it'll probably land in the mid 80s like Infinity War.
  8. I said it might go on PVOD after a month and someone here was like no it's grossing well enough so it will take months.
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