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  1. Maybe it will take the Thanksgiving weekend or sometime in December.
  2. But general audience needs to be aware that a new movies is coming out. Not everyone reads all these articles or rumors on the internet, y'know.
  3. Where's the teaser or usual Empire first look pics? It releases in 5 months. That article got me hyped again for the movie like the CCXP footage reactions from last year.
  4. Yeah this is definitely moving to Feb or May 2021, even FATWS funko pops are listed for 2021 now. No way either releases this year.
  5. Looks meh for some reason. Should have let Pine die and let this be something entirely different than the first one. I hope Cheetah and Maxwell Lord are given enough development.
  6. Look at the first trailer views of BW and Mulan. That should give you an idea about which one had way more anticipation.
  7. My first box office memory was seeing a news report on TV that Spider-Man(2002) was smashing records. I used to check Box Office Mojo every once in a while to see how movies were doing in the late 2000s. But it wasn't until The Avengers(2012), when I started following the box office closely.
  8. Lol first wait and see if it gets released this November. Mulan already had a premier and its entire marketing budget was spent, not the same for BW. A direct to Blu-Ray release is never happening lmao, a delay is more likely.
  9. This could take Eternals' Feb date if things aren't better in November.
  10. 91% on Rotten Tomatoes with 95% Audience score is not well received now?
  11. Spidey 3 seems like it could if things are better by November 2021.
  12. http://www.boxofficereport.com/trailerviews/trailerviews20200516.html
  13. Thor will have a pretty big opening weekend after his role in IW and Endgame. Not to forget how well loved Ragnarok was.
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