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  1. They should wait a bit. June is still 3 months away.
  2. Nah Dune or something else should test with that date. I meant either November, December or February, it will be fine.
  3. Doubt they want to risk shooting there for weeks/months. No studio should do that to their cast and crew.
  4. Spidey 3 is definitely making that date. 1. It's Sony. 2. They start production in late July.
  5. Batman may shut down production any day now as they are shooting in UK. So who knows which summer movie will keep their dates...
  6. LMAO no way they will choose any date earlier than late July/August. At the current stage, the virus may last till June.
  7. So F9 moved to next year. Disney should movie Black Widow to July-August.
  8. Or they're waiting to see if Mulan completely bombs lol. Even if they delay it, they will probably announce it sometime in April.
  9. Didn't No Time to Die have a premiere date too? A lot can happen over a month they can still delay it.
  10. Lol don't think Dune will be that huge. It would be another one of those movies that get hyped on the internet a lot but the GA doesn't care much.
  11. Have you forgotten those little indie movies, Force Awakens and Last Jedi?
  12. They can easily move Eternals to December. An MCU movie with that date would make a killing at the box office. But right now, it would be really stupid to not delay BW. Theaters around the world are closing.
  13. I heard the stream, they just announced the release date of all movies. It didn't seem "assured" like that tweet is saying.
  14. Did you check the same Twitter that most people use? Because it is already "trending."
  15. Lol obviously it will advance the plot forward. Florence will be the next BW and there are some spoiler-y stuff.
  16. You really want this movie to flop for some reason, don't you.
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