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  1. WB will obviously move this, they won't take any chances.
  2. Nah Disney being ballsy with this. Very slight chance that it gets delayed.
  3. I wonder if this being the only big movie might help it a bit. Bond moved and FF9 is definitely getting delayed since its heavily dependent on China.
  4. No one knows how things will be in May. Trailer 2 is supposed to release this month.
  5. Eternals may not movie since it was 6th November anyways and probably few days earlier in some OS markets. But if it moves, December would be the best month for it.
  6. Yeah OS markets love action thrillers like this and the Marvel brand is big enough around the world which will definitely help. The first trailer is over 40M views already!
  7. The fact that this will be the only MCU movie in 10 months will help it. Interest seems to be higher based on trailer views and likes.
  8. This. 2014 was a completely different time yet GOTG exceeded everyone's expectations that year. After IW and Endgame, the fanbase is way bigger.
  9. This will be the first major CBM for 2020. The trailer views are higher than any other 2020 releases so far. I see it doing well.
  10. Loving the trailers and spots so far. Those posters look great too.
  11. While social media reactions are positive for almost every CBM, even JL got a lot of praise in these. I predict a 80+ RT score.
  12. "The best DC movie since TDK" has been said for pretty much every DC movie after that. I think it can still do around $700M, it's a dumb movie and reviews won't matter I guess. The lack of any real competition till Bond in April helps too.
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