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  1. Not really a fan of most of the episodes especially the Finale. Ultron was so OP in ep 8 so the finale was disappointing. The best episodes was the Fury detective one for me. Is it just me or is Cap Carter too similar to Steve? I just don't find her character interesting b/c her story beats and character relationships are the same as Steve's.
  2. What are you talking about? That was such a small subsection of reviewers. Most reviewers have given MCU movies great reviews (too great in most cases imo).
  3. I already lowered my expectation because of how bad I found episode 8 to be but episode 9 was even more disappointing. The fight with Agnes was way too easy, the goodbye was basically meaningless since we already know about White Vision, MCU has wasted QS twice and done the multiverse fakeout twice as well. At the start of the series it seemed like MCU was doing something new to compete with how much quality superhero TV there is (Watchmen, The Boys, Doom Patrol) but by the end it seems mediocre.
  4. I know that for my younger cousins, it would be the lack of songs and good marketed comedy.
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