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  1. People complaining about the Aliens made me laugh. Reincarnation and ghost spirits in a box is fine but aliens is where people drew the line? It got the most stick for that despite being more realistic than the others
  2. But Spielberg got so much shit by a bunch of idiots after that last movie that he probably thinks he's too old to deal with all the toxic fanboys when the movie doesn't live up to their unrealistic expectations. I wouldn't bother either if i was him
  3. People don't seem fussed in the UK. Thomas Cook going down had a bigger impact on holidays than this little virus
  4. But acting frightened is just one of the basics. It seems everyone is jumping the gun because they like this actress, everyone seemed to be praising her before the film was released. Personally i was more impressed with the horror in Tom Hanks' face at the end of Captain Phillips than I was with the main actress in films like US or Hereditary. You can say it's not true but it's just my opinion and I'm not seeing many oscar nominations for these movies so I'm clearly not alone here.
  5. Performances in a horror are not subtle so really not as impressive or impactful as an actor nailing a drama.
  6. Maybe governments don't want to do everything in their power to contain a virus as it may go against some people's human rights.
  7. Yeah Spielberg hasn't made a great crowd pleasing blockbuster in years. I like Mangold as a choice. Spielberg should make more movies like Bridge of Spies
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