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  1. I must say I think this thread is very out of touch with the general consensus that seems to be out there regarding TLJ. TFA seemed to have better WOM, TLJ which had a mixed reception at best going by it's legs. Then Again AOTC had a poor reception but managed a rebound.
  2. Personally I think Zack Snyder is actually very talented on a technically side, he just can't be trusted to add any narrative ideas to his films. Working with Disney would be good for him as they tend to micro-direct their movies. I'd be interest to see another Zack Snyder blockbuster with a good screenplay and him kept on a tight leash
  3. This. It baffles me how people think having Ricky is a bad thing. He made the shows funny and memorable
  4. You say that but the kamikaze destruction caused by the pink haired 'strong female' character rammed down our throats in TLJ was completely silent and probably the best action scene in the whole saga.... in my opinion of course. Though in reality an object travelling at that speed and colliding with a ship of that size will have destroyed everything in sight. Instead some of the crew walked away unscraped
  5. It would take hours to freeze in space, probably longer. The idea that a human would instantly freeze in space is just misinformation people have learned from watching too many movies. Reality is the heat would take much longer to leave your body than it would on Earth. You could likely last 60-90 seconds before dying due to the circulation in your body failing. You'd still be fairly warm though
  6. Providing Mel Gibson doesn't take it from him
  7. Is it unheard of? Avatar, Black Panther and BR were in the same boat. If they have to choose between popularity and a golden statue, popularity should win every time.
  8. I spent just as much time on this forum downplaying Endgame's performance when people claimed it was more impressive than Avatar's so that argument holds little weight. It's also fine to disagree with posts if we feel people are over exaggerating just how shocking it's success really is.
  9. But surely if you know your film features the most iconic villain in the biggest genre in cinema right now and it's going to be made for a tiny budget of 50m you'd think they would take the risk and finance the whole movie? I don't know how financing works but maybe they have to co-finance all their films to maintain a healthy relationship with other companies? If they just pick and choose every film maybe it would rub the other suppliers the wrong way knowing how much profit they are missing out on.
  10. If you were in charge of a multi billion dollar company would you let Joker stand on it own? Or maximise profits?
  11. Because IM3 came off the success and hype of the first Avengers movie where-as Civil War came out after the disappointing Age of Ultron. Civil War turning things around was a bigger shock to me than the Jokers performance today.
  12. I've done well enough in life that I don't feel the need to point out blatant auto-corrected apostrophe's on someone's post as a way to make myself feel intelligent. Nothing to add? I'll correct their grammar 😂
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